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Messaging Presentation 2008 Staff Development Day

Messaging Presentation 2008 Staff Development Day

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  • 1.  
  • 2. The language of IM-text messaging and beyond Jay Staker Vicki Speake
  • 3. Agenda
    • Instant Messaging
      • AIM, Windows Live Messenger, Skype, Google…
    • Texting Language Tools
    • Costs
  • 4. Instant Messaging
    • Computer based
    • Programs
      • AIM
      • iChat
      • Google Talk
      • Skype
      • Windows Messanger
  • 5. Instant Messaging
    • Can be used for text based real-time communication
    • Advantages:
      • Free
      • Quick
      • “private”
      • Can cross platforms (Windows to Mac)
  • 6. Instant Messaging
    • Disadvantages
      • Keyboard input required
      • “ public”
      • Computer based
      • Not secure
        • Wireshark
        • Airsnort
      • Many program options
  • 7. Instant Messaging
    • Can be bundled
      • Adium
      • Pidgin
  • 8. Texting Language Tools
    • Texting dictionaries
      • Netlingo
      • Lingo2word
      • Urban Dictionary
    • Leetspeak
      • N00b
      • User replaces letters with other keyboard symbols
      • Takes 5x1ll
  • 9. Text messaging
    • Text messaging, or texting is the common term for the sending of "short" (160 characters or fewer) text messages from mobile phones using the Short Message Service (SMS).
    • SMS gateways exist to connect mobile SMS services with instant message (IM) services, the world wide web, desktop computers, and even landline telephones (through speech synthesis). Devices which can connect to mobile phones and PDAs through protocols such as Bluetooth can also sometimes use that link to send SMS messages over the wireless network. SMS arose as part of the widely deployed GSM protocol, but is now also available with non-GSM systems.
    • The most common application of the service is person-to-person messaging, but text messages are also often used to interact with automated systems, ISU Emergency Text
  • 10. Phone Text messaging
    • Text based communication that uses cell phones to send text messages.
    • Can be done on per message basis (beware)
    • Can be included in plan
  • 11. My provider
    • TXT Messages can be send from a mobile phone, email client, instant messaging service, two-way pager, or the website.
    • The TXT Messaging service is automatically included with all ********cell phones, and costs $0.10 for each non-international message sent or received. For the frequent user, there are several plans available that can reduce the cost to as little as $19.95 for 2500 messages
  • 12. Ways to send text messages:
      • Text to another mobile phone - using any 10 digit phone number that can receive a text message.
      • Text to a mobile phone from your PC.
      • Text to mobile phone from E-mail, send and receive text messages from any email address in by addressing the email to a 10 digit mobile number
  • 13. How fast?
    • DENVER - A Utah teen with fingers of fury is once again the speed text-messaging king of the world. Ben Cook, 18, of Provo, Utah, returned to the top of the cell-phone text-messaging heap Friday at a Denver text-off at a water park, blazing through a 160-character standardized message in 42.22 seconds.
  • 14. How Many?
    • Deepak Sharma went on record with the Guinness Book for having sent the most SMS messages in a single month: 182,689. That's about 6,100 messages a day, 253 an hour, 4.2 a minute, or a new one every 14 seconds or so. A 1,411 page bill
    • Billions per month
  • 15. Technique
  • 16. Let’s have a go
    • Demo
    • Try on your own.