Guide to Vector Graphics Vector Vs. pixel Vector is a term used for a type of graphic made up of                          ...
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Vector design handout


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Vector design handout

  1. 1. Guide to Vector Graphics Vector Vs. pixel Vector is a term used for a type of graphic made up of photo manipulations. Illustrator is a vector based design pro- points or individual paths as opposed to pixels. It is most gram whereas Photoshop is a pixel based design program. commonly used in typography, shapes and illustrations. The Indesign is a layout program that allows you to place both OPPOSITE of a vector graphic is a pixel based design. This is vector and pixel designs together in various ways as part of made up of small squares of color known as pixels. 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For t ta t t r r st to Those paths have points along them that k t tst to or ta rt sto t s s sopp s printed materials this number s sta t sto toopp h determine where the path will go like these to s p pssh should be set at no lower than sta rtt s s soo hhe e r h o 300. h e oo sta o ee e The advantages of vector design: One of the biggest disadvantages to working in a pixel for- of points. This gives the design a clean edge as opposed to mat is that the quality of your designs decreases as the size the jagged edges pixels create. Because of this clean edge of the graphic increases. and the smooth lines created by the paths and point system of vector design, your design can be enlarged to any size--- With vector graphics this is not the case. When you are even as large as a billboard. working with vector, every part of your design is made up