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Critiques guidelines for the newspaper/ newsmagazine links listed in the ReDesign slideshow.

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ReDesign Critiques

  1. 1. Advanced ReDesign NewspaperFlint Hills Publication Workshop 2013 Instructor- Jackie Scott For each section, look through the entire newspaper/ newsmagazine and answer the questions as thoroughly as possible. When you present out you will be expected to show specific examples from the publication that explain your thoughts. Keep in mind that when critiquing no answers are wrong, however, some are more thorough and educated than others. Simply saying “we don’t like the way the cover looks” is not a thorough or educated answer. You MUST explain why you have that opinion and what you would change about the design to improve your opinion. ReDesign Critique Cover 1.Does the cover make you want to read the paper? Why or why not? What could be done differently? 2.Are basic rules of design followed (dominance, alignment, eye lines, white space, contrast, etc.) and is the overall cover design successful? Content 1.Is the content presented in multiple formats to help attract reader interest? 2.Do the layouts enhance the content and make it easier to find or do they detract from the content? How could this be corrected or, if is successful, what design techniques are used that you would like to incorporate in your own publica- tions? 3.Are there numerous examples of content packaging, info graphics, short stories and other non-traditional forms of content being utilized in the publication? If so, are they successful? Why or why not? If not, how could more be incorporated? Design 3.Are basic rules of design followed (dominance, align- ment, eye lines, white space, contrast, etc.) and is the overall design of the publication successful? What specific design elements are strengths for this publication? (Ex. The designs do an excellent job of conveying dominance and creating eye lines on the page). 4.What, if any, pages/ sections in this publication really stand out to you as being well designed? Why? Branding/ Consistency in Design 1.As you turn through the pages of the publication, is it evident that all pages are a part of the same publication (in other words is there a consistent design theme)? What are the design themes you notice in the publication? Are they successful? Why/ why not?
  2. 2. Advanced ReDesign NewspaperFlint Hills Publication Workshop 2013 Instructor- Jackie Scott 2.Does the publication have a consistent logo, flag, folio text, etc. that helps further the branding (design theme) of the publication? What are they? Are they successful? If yes, why? If not, what would make them more successful? Packaging 1.Does the publication package content successfully? Why or why not? Please list examples. 2.What is the most successful packaging design in this publication? How could you incorporate this technique into your publication? Use of Photos and Graphics 1.Do all photos and graphics in the publication further the content and help tell the story? Why/ why not? 2.Are the photos and graphics used in the publication interesting, well-designed and informative or are they just thrown in to take up space? Why/ why not? Typography 1.What fonts are used in the publication (you don’t have to be specific- just serif, sans serif, decorative, etc. would be fine)? 2.Do these fonts work well together or are they distracting to the content? 3.Is the use of fonts consistent throughout the publica- tion? If yes- how? If no- what could be done to correct the problem? Overall 1.What could be done to make the publication more reader friendly? 2.If you had to name ONE thing that could be changed to improve this publication what would it be and how would you go about changing it as a part of your redesign?