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    ADGA OpenLab ePortfolios ADGA OpenLab ePortfolios Presentation Transcript

    • ADGA Boot Camp : January 2014 OpenLab ePortfolios Student Learning & Assessment Jenna Spevack! Tanya Goetz
    • ePortfolios : Student Learning & Assessment ❖ OpenLab & ePortfolio Overview! ❖ Benefits:! ❖ Student Research & Documentation! ❖ Student Self/Peer Assessment ! ❖ Student Advisement Tool! ❖ Senior Portfolio Preparation! ❖ Examples! ❖ Proposal / Experiment: ! ❖ ❖ Implement ePortfolio in key ADGA courses! Discussion / Feedback
    • openlab.citytech.cuny.edu OpenLab Overview Courses! Projects! Clubs! ePortfolios
    • What is an OpenLab ePortfolio? ❖ ePortfolios are a digital representation of a students’ academic work, interests, and achievements over time. ! ❖ Students on the OpenLab create a single ePortfolio and add to it throughout their career at City Tech. By their final semester, students will have a comprehensive academic ePortfolio, including their professional goals, resume, and examples of their best academic work.! ❖ A student’s ePortfolio (a WordPress Site) is easily accessible via their personal Profile or faculty Course site.
    • Student Benefits ❖ Link academic learning with future career goals! ❖ Cultivate and document their "creative design process”! ❖ Practice thoughtful written self and peer critique ! ❖ Examine a range of their own work collected over time! ❖ Analyze, assess and take ownership of their academic progress! ❖ Integrate experiences in and out of the classroom! ❖ Make decisions about future goals based on evidence
    • ADGA Department Benefits ❖ Student Advisement Tool: Advising faculty assess a student's work and overall strengths/weaknesses, prior to the senior year. ! ❖ Senior Portfolio Documentation / Preparation: Student documents their best work from each course and it is reviewed prior to ADV 4800.! ❖ Curriculum Assessment: Department reviews student work to determine strengths/weaknesses in curriculum.
    • OpenLab ePortfolios : First Year Courses Examples ADV1100! GRA1111
    • openlab.citytech.cuny.edu ePortfolios in ADV1100 Student Learning Blog! ❖ Cultivate a "creative design process”! ❖ Document project research, sketches, experiments, iterations, and final work.! ❖ Practice thoughtful self and peer critique via posts/comments.! Coursework Documentation! ❖ Assess learning experience! ❖ Document successful projects
    • 1st Year Student Learning Blogs ❖ S.O’Mahony | Demonstrating Creative Process! ❖ S.Fontanet | Project Iteration Assessment! ❖ M.Zhu | Final Project Assessment! ❖ S.O’Mahony | Field Trip Documentation! ❖ A.Lulu | Peer Comments
    • Coursework Documentation
    • openlab.citytech.cuny.edu/portfolios ePortfolios in GRA1111 Student Learning Blog! ❖ Articulate design process through draft/revision and low-stakes writing! ❖ Document academic journey/growth! Coursework Documentation! ❖ Develop the mindset for keeping an online presence/portfolio! ❖ Use as an advisement tool ❖ B.Tepoz! ❖ V.Yepes! ❖ C.Gordon! ❖ J.Cordero
    • Implement ePortfolio Practice in Key ADGA Courses Experiment: A structured implementation of ePortfolios in ADGA could improve: ! Semesters 1 - 4! 2. documentation for senior portfolio preparation ! 3. student advisement! 4. curriculum assessment ADV1100! ❖ GRA1111! ❖ ADV2300/GRA?! ❖ 1. student self-assessment and creative process ! ❖ ADV2400/GRA?
 (Associate-Level Review)
    • References ❖ www.educause.edu/ero/article/using-e-portfolios-support-undergraduatelearning-career-experiment-academic-advising! ❖ www.uwstout.edu/soe/profdev/resources/upload/LearningPortfolio_000.pdf! ❖ blogs.mtroyal.ca/adc/files/2009/11/eportfolio_article_new_directions.pdf! ❖ www.theideacenter.org/sites/default/files/IDEA_Paper_44.pdf! ❖ plpnetwork.com/2013/05/30/digital-porfolios-thinking-assessment/! ❖ blsciblogs.baruch.cuny.edu/support/weblogs-in-the-classroom/! ❖ www.gallaudet.edu/clerc_center/information_and_resources/info_to_go/ transition_to_adulthood/portfolios_for_student_growth.html! ❖ www.columbiasc.edu/academics/resources/faculty-development/learningportfolio
    • ADGA Boot Camp : January 2014 Thanks + Discussion Jenna & Tanya