Marketing Yourself To Boost Your Career


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Billions of dollars are spent on marketing each year. Celebrities of all sorts enjoy fame and fortune that isn't necessarily related to theirs skills. Why? Because marketing works and like it or not, if you want move beyond a basic career and really open up opportunities for yourself, you've got to learn how to market yourself as a software developer. In this session, I'll teach you some quick and easy things you can do to enhance the marketability of your skills and personal brand immediately and talk about some long term plans you can put into action so that everyone will know your name.

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Marketing Yourself To Boost Your Career

  1. 1. Marketing Yourself To Boost Your Career John Sonmez
  2. 2. Why Listen To Me? I actively managed my personal brand to go from relative obscurity to a pretty big following in just a 3-4 years 2009 • No blog • Relatively unknown 2013 • Blog gets 100k views a month • 55 Pluralsight courses • Podcasts • 3x Hanselminutes • Windows Developer Show • 2x Tablet Show • Dot Net Rocks • Yet Another Podcast • Several Hacker News front page appearances • Big social network presence It doesn’t take a long time to build a big personal brand
  3. 3. Why Marketing Yourself Is Important “I’m not a businessman, I’m a business, man!” - Jay Z How come this guy gets Paid so much to speak? You need style and substance
  4. 4. The Game Plan • • • • Building a personal brand Building brand recognition Creating social proof Creating the right connections “Be everywhere” – Pat Flynn
  5. 5. Getting Started Your blog is the best place to control your image and message
  6. 6. Your Blog Social media Resume Your home base Branding Books, Articles, Podcasts, etc Everything you do you should lead back to your home base
  7. 7. Creating a Blog • Options – Free service:, tumblr, blogger, etc – Paid hosting: Bluehost, Hostgator, etc – Virtual Private Server: Digital Ocean, Linode, etc
  8. 8. What I Suggest + This is a good balance of simple and powerful
  9. 9. Branding Branding is more than just a logo
  10. 10. Creating a Brand • Overall message – What is your mission statement? • Logo – • Consistency – Use the same message, same images Don’t be the guy who works for company X
  11. 11. Cheap And Easy Branding • Fiverr – • oDesk – It is amazing how cheap talent is
  12. 12. Social Networks
  13. 13. Twitter
  14. 14. Facebook
  15. 15. Google+
  16. 16. LinkedIn • • • • Add your complete resume Make lots of connections Ask for recommendations Join groups LinkedIn can be one of the most important networks
  17. 17. Managing It All I use buffer ( to do frequent posts
  18. 18. Resume If you get this wrong, it could hurt you real bad…
  19. 19. My Resume Advice A resume is like an ad for yourself
  20. 20. Getting Your Name Out It’s all about creating value
  21. 21. Blogs • Write good content that gets linked to • Guest post • Syndication – DZone ( – InfoQ (
  22. 22. Articles Developer publications are always looking for good submissions
  23. 23. YouTube Great way to deliver a personal message, or tutorial
  24. 24. Books • Self-publish – Leanpub – Kindle Direct Publishing • Traditional publisher Writing a book is hard, but publishing is surprisingly easy
  25. 25. Online Courses • Create your own • Pluralsight • Udemy
  26. 26. Speaking • User groups • Code camps • Conferences
  27. 27. Podcasts • Be a guest on someone else’s • Start your own
  28. 28. Open Source • Contribute to projects • Start your own project
  29. 29. Don’t Forget To Search The first thing a potential employer or customer will do is Google your name
  30. 30. Networking • • • • Join user groups Talk about famous people Comment on blogs Reach out and help someone
  31. 31. Wrapping It Up Try to view yourself how others view you