"Anana" Presentation Template ~ Free


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"Anana" Free Powerpoint Template inspired by the arctic blast that hit Chicago forcing the polar bear at Lincoln Park Zoo to head inside for a couple of days. Designed by Joann Sondy, Creative Aces. January 2014

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"Anana" Presentation Template ~ Free

  1. 1. PRESENTATION TEMPLATE “Anana” January 2014 Joann Sondy | Creative Aces www.creativeaces.com
  2. 2. Bullet Slide  Line 1  Line 2  Line 2b
  3. 3. TEXT & GRAPHIC LAYOUT  Introductory text here.
  4. 4. Table slide COL1 Row1 Row2 Row2 Row4 COL2 COL3 COL4 ## ## ## ##
  5. 5. Bar Chart
  6. 6. Simple org chart
  7. 7. Universal Pitch Deck: Title Keep it simple: Company Name, Logo, Tagline and Website REPLACE THIS TEXT WITH YOUR LOGO! Free Powerpoint Template (January 2014) designed by Joann Sondy | Creative Aces www.creativeaces.com
  8. 8. Overview Slide  Do this last, it is the “attention grabber.”  Write concise and strong copy. Reverse copy goes here. Keep it brief and don’t reduce the font size.
  9. 9. The Problem  What is the problem that your services/product will solve?  If more than one, keep it clear and simple.  Why have customers contacted you in the past?  What situation is causing a problem for your niche market? Reverse copy goes here. Keep it brief and don’t reduce the font size.
  10. 10. The Solution  Describe your business, be concise.  Include compelling benefits, accompany with a defining graphic that illustrates your product or service. This is a critical point, you either have your audience hooked by now or you’ve lost ‘em.
  11. 11. The Opportunity  Quick synopsis of market.  Include size and growth of market for the next several years; focusing on niche or segments of your market and percentage you’ll dominate. Graphs can provide visual interest and convey the message without copy blocks.
  12. 12. Technology  HOW you/your company will deliver products and services to the client?  This is your value proposition. Before and after diagrams from case studies, partners essential to the process, etc.
  13. 13. Unique Competitive Advantage  Team, relationships, new insights, expertise.  What makes these special?  Why should your potential customers care? This is also called your “unique selling proposition” or USP.
  14. 14. Competitive Landscape  Who are your direct competitors?  What differentiates you/your company? Everyone has competitor, so ask yourself, again, “why do my customers work with me?”
  15. 15. “Go To” Market Strategy  This is your ideal customer profile and how you’ve crafted your marketing plan to address those key problems. How and what do my customers buy?
  16. 16. Financial Roadmap  No doubt this is the most critical slide in any investor pitch deck!  For those not seeking investment funding, this slide can be used as an exercise to establish projections for revenue and expenses; key to pricing your product/services. This slide is best implemented for those seeking funding. A deep understanding of the business model and financial projections for ~ 5 years out. Revenue and expense analysis, capital investments, more. Be prepared for questions.
  17. 17. Current Status  What have you already accomplished?  Next steps? Reverse copy block for awards, certifications, target achievements, etc.
  18. 18. The Team  Emphasize what YOU bring to the table; relevant accomplishments, etc.  Who’s on the team, strategic partners?  How do all team members contribute? Reverse copy block for awards, certifications, target achievements, client testimonials, etc.
  19. 19. Now, go back and rewrite the Overview slide/page. Summary Summarize your THREE strongest points; distilled down to memorable sound bites. Solicit feedback and interaction, “Q&A”. What is your CALL TO ACTION? How obtain more information?