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Agile Plus UX? Madness!
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Agile Plus UX? Madness!



As Agile teams struggle with how to address the user experience, they often look to models that tack UX activities on to their process. UX architects & designers spend time begging for a place at the ...

As Agile teams struggle with how to address the user experience, they often look to models that tack UX activities on to their process. UX architects & designers spend time begging for a place at the Agile table, while developers & PMs & product owners scratch their heads, wondering what these weird folks are doing on their teams.

Yet rather than asking, "How do we tack UX onto Agile?" let's let’s ask, “Do we want to define projects with users in mind? If we do, then who should be responsible for that task?” This session looks at how user experience is taken into account in projects, why user requirements should lead project development, and how addressing UX provides key business value.



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Agile Plus UX? Madness! Agile Plus UX? Madness! Presentation Transcript

  • Agile  Plus  UX?  Madness! April  20,  2010 Regular  Joe  Consul.ng       RegularJoeConsul;ng.com AgileCharlo2esville agilecville.org Joe  Sokohl joe@regularjoeconsul.ng.com @mojoguzzi
  • Agile  Plus  UX?  Madness!   AgileCharlo2esville  –  April  20,  2010 Agile/Scrum   iterative software engineering process culture of close collaboration   face-to-face communication (less documentation) deliver well-crafted, working code in short cycles challenging environment for traditional UX
  • Agile  Plus  UX?  Madness!   AgileCharlo2esville  –  April  20,  2010 Agile Manifesto Tenets Individuals and interactions over processes and tools   Working software over comprehensive documentation   Customer collaboration over contract negotiation Responding to change over following a plan
  • Agile  Plus  UX?  Madness!   AgileCharlo2esville  –  April  20,  2010     Manifesto: agilemanifesto.org 12 principles: agilemanifesto.org/principles.html Global organization: agilealliance.org Yahoo! Agile UX group: tinyurl.com/4vrwpd Scrum: www.controlchaos.com
  • Agile Plus UX? Madness! AgileCharlottesville – April 20, 2010 “   Design  is  not  just  what  it  looks  like and  feels  like.  Design  is  how  it  works.   ”   Steve Jobs
  • Agile  Plus  UX?  Madness!   AgileCharlo2esville  –  April  20,  2010     hHp://seman;cstudios.com/publica;ons/seman;cs/000029.php
  • Agile  Plus  UX?  Madness!   AgileCharlo2esville  –  April  20,  2010     hHp://seman;cstudios.com/publica;ons/seman;cs/000029.php
  • So what’s the problem? 8
  • Agile  Plus  UX?  Madness!   AgileCharlo2esville  –  April  20,  2010 Theory User Centered Design     Business Process & Agility Focus Services-Oriented Architectures/ Web Services Enterprise Data Integration
  • Agile  Plus  UX?  Madness!   AgileCharlo2esville  –  April  20,  2010 Theory   Agile  Project   UXers Coaches PMs Developers Stakeholders
  • Agile  Plus  UX?  Madness!   AgileCharlo2esville  –  April  20,  2010 Practice UXers   Agile  Project  
  • Agile  Plus  UX?  Madness!   AgileCharlo2esville  –  April  20,  2010   No DBC *   * Design by committee
  • Agile  Plus  UX?  Madness!   AgileCharlo2esville  –  April  20,  2010 No DBD * * Design by developer    
  • Agile  Plus  UX?  Madness!   AgileCharlo2esville  –  April  20,  2010     Everyone has a rice bowl--they worry about their place in a team hHp://www.flickr.com/photos/kalleboo/3346341189/
  • So how do we x it? 15
  • Agile Plus UX? Madness! AgileCharlottesville – April 20, 2010 • Make agile about “appropriate alacrity” • Avoid arti ciality of time boxes • Each iteration lives by itself • The team makes the decision • User stories ≠ user-centered design • Base stories on research & real people • Research ≠ slow, ponderous process • Ongoing: look around for sources • Speci c: research interactions for the current sprint
  • Agile  Plus  UX?  Madness!   AgileCharlo2esville  –  April  20,  2010 David Farkas’ Strategy-to-Tactical     hHp://johnnyholland.org/2009/12/14/how-­‐ucd-­‐and-­‐agile-­‐can-­‐live-­‐together/
  • Agile  Plus  UX?  Madness!   AgileCharlo2esville  –  April  20,  2010 Anthony Cofelt’s Mix     hHp://www.boxesandarrows.com/view/bringing-­‐user
  • Agile  Plus  UX?  Madness!   AgileCharlo2esville  –  April  20,  2010 Desiree Sy’s Staggered Cycles     Adapting Usability Investigations for Agile User-centered Design, Desirée Sy, Journal of Usability Studies, Vol. 2, Issue 3, May 2007, pp. 112-132
  • Agile  User  Experience:  Two  Tales  and  a  Conversa;on                                                                                                                                                            RUX  +  AgileRichmond  –  January  10,  2010 Guerilla Research
  • Agile  User  Experience:  Two  Tales  and  a  Conversa;on                                                                                                                                                            RUX  +  AgileRichmond  –  January  10,  2010 Crafting Better Research Questions
  • Agile  User  Experience:  Two  Tales  and  a  Conversa;on                                                                                                                                                            RUX  +  AgileRichmond  –  January  10,  2010 Interviewing Research Participants
  • Agile  User  Experience:  Two  Tales  and  a  Conversa;on                                                                                                                                                            RUX  +  AgileRichmond  –  January  10,  2010 Personas
  • Agile  User  Experience:  Two  Tales  and  a  Conversa;on                                                                                                                                                            RUX  +  AgileRichmond  –  January  10,  2010 Tell us about Alice...
  • Agile  User  Experience:  Two  Tales  and  a  Conversa;on                                                                                                                                                            RUX  +  AgileRichmond  –  January  10,  2010 Task Analysis
  • Agile  User  Experience:  Two  Tales  and  a  Conversa;on                                                                                                                                                            RUX  +  AgileRichmond  –  January  10,  2010 Sketching and Rapid Design
  • Agile  User  Experience:  Two  Tales  and  a  Conversa;on                                                                                                                                                            RUX  +  AgileRichmond  –  January  10,  2010 Teaching the Design Studio Method
  • Agile  User  Experience:  Two  Tales  and  a  Conversa;on                                                                                                                                                            RUX  +  AgileRichmond  –  January  10,  2010 Presenting Sketches
  • Agile  User  Experience:  Two  Tales  and  a  Conversa;on                                                                                                                                                            RUX  +  AgileRichmond  –  January  10,  2010 Design Review
  • Agile  User  Experience:  Two  Tales  and  a  Conversa;on                                                                                                                                                            RUX  +  AgileRichmond  –  January  10,  2010 Critiquing the Design
  • Agile  User  Experience:  Two  Tales  and  a  Conversa;on                                                                                                                                                            RUX  +  AgileRichmond  –  January  10,  2010 Critiquing the Design
  • Agile  User  Experience:  Two  Tales  and  a  Conversa;on                                                                                                                                                            RUX  +  AgileRichmond  –  January  10,  2010 Paired Programming
  • Agile  User  Experience:  Two  Tales  and  a  Conversa;on                                                                                                                                                            RUX  +  AgileRichmond  –  January  10,  2010 Paired Programming
  • Agile  User  Experience:  Two  Tales  and  a  Conversa;on                                                                                                                                                            RUX  +  AgileRichmond  –  January  10,  2010 From Prototype to Production
  • Agile  User  Experience:  Two  Tales  and  a  Conversa;on                                                                                                                                                            RUX  +  AgileRichmond  –  January  10,  2010 Collaborative Work
  • Agile Plus UX? Madness! AgileCharlottesville – April 20, 2010 What makes Agile agile • Real user information • Don’t guess, don’t postulate: observe • Realistic timelines • No “iteration -1” or “iteration 0” • Design provides business value • Optimal ration: 2-3 • Focus on competencies, not roles or tools • UX people do user requirements, because UX people focus on users • Listening and assigning responsibilites work best while avoiding dogma • Don’t covet tools; value thought
  • Agile  Plus  UX?  Madness!   AgileCharlo2esville  –  April  20,  2010 Agile  Manifesto User-­‐experience  Design Research-based Individuals & interactions   requirements Working software Prototypes & IxD   Customer collaboration Knowing your users Usability testing to inform Responding to change design
  • Agile  Plus  UX?  Madness!   AgileCharlo2esville  –  April  20,  2010 Communities of practice Agile Experience Design: www.agileexperiencedesign.org/ Boxes and Arrows: boxesandarrows.com UX Matters: uxmatters.com   Usability Professionals Association: upassoc.org Information Architecture Institute: iainstitute.org Interaction Design Association: ixda.org Johnny Holland: johnnyholland.org Konigi: konigi.com   People Don Norman: www.jnd.org Anders Ramsay: andersramsay.com Jared Spool: www.uie.com Luke Wroblewski: functioningform.com Lou Rosenfeld: louisrosenfeld.com
  • Agile  Plus  UX?  Madness!   AgileCharlo2esville  –  April  20,  2010   What’s  your  story?