Back to Basics - Fundamentals of Community Management


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Presentation deck on social media community management for the 2014 Unilab Social Media Summit.

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Back to Basics - Fundamentals of Community Management

  1. 1. Back to Basics How to Build the Best Social Community for Your Brand Jason Cruz
  2. 2. Today is about… How to Create Authentic Conversations in an Online Community How to Create a Consistent Voice and Persona on Social Media How to Fit Great Content to a Great Story’s Online Context @jsncruz |
  3. 3. Today is not about… How to Magically Grow Your Social Media Assets’ Audience How to Find Your Community’s Secret Needs and Wants How to Create Content for Daily and Real-Time Use @jsncruz |
  4. 4. THE SOCIAL MEDIA CAPITAL Philippines and Social Media @jsncruz |
  5. 5. Rich Opportunities Everywhere Massive demand from brands and businesses, but little supply. @jsncruz |
  6. 6. Rich Conversations Everywhere @jsncruz |
  7. 7. A brand’s online community determines how it is perceived, understood, and heard on social space. @jsncruz |
  8. 8. BACK TO BASICS The Fundamentals of Managing Social Media Communities @jsncruz |
  9. 9. Conversations “The simplest way to stand out is to respond to people and help them out. Most people are too lazy to respond to a tweet… by doing simple things like this, you will stand out.” Neil Patel Source (quote): @jsncruz |
  10. 10. Application of Conversations Most of Coca-Cola Philippines’ tweets are replies or direct tweets to both followers and non-followers. @jsncruz |
  11. 11. Consistency “[Standing out on a crowded web on social ...] What it requires … persistence and continuous promotion.” Jeff Bullas Source (quote): @jsncruz |
  12. 12. Application of Consistency Jollibee’s food-specific content are consistently optimized for Instagram and often user-generated. @jsncruz |
  13. 13. Context “You can only increase your chances of jumping onto moment-marketing opportunities by having a dedicated, alert, and on-point social media management team with the liberty to produce and execute content as events unfold. .” Jason Cruz Source (quote): @jsncruz |
  14. 14. Application of Context KITKAT Philippines took advantage of a critical moment and used the right story at the right time. @jsncruz |
  15. 15. SUMMARY The Three Elements of an Effective Social Media Community @jsncruz |
  16. 16. Conversations Drives social traffic and generates sentiments Consistency Strengthens identity and differentiates Context Creates entertaining or educational relevance @jsncruz |
  17. 17. FINAL WORD Social Media Communities in a Nutshell @jsncruz |
  18. 18. Social media works by being social. A brand must live and breathe being social to build authority, credibility, and loyalty. @jsncruz |
  19. 19. TRYING IT OUT A Short Workshop on Elements Application @jsncruz |
  20. 20. Objectives Create realistic and applicable response reaction skews. Create checklist for social content guidelines and trigger events. A Community Management response framework/system Social media content entry points Task Output @jsncruz |
  21. 21. Response Framework/System Positive Neutral Negative Creates social value for the brand/business Creates social reach for the brand/business Creates negative social reach for the brand/business Creates emotional value for the brand/business Creates negative sentiments towards the brand/business Creates financial value for the brand/business Creates detractors and online hate Instruction Fill out each box with at least one (1) sample reaction post. @jsncruz |
  22. 22. Social Media Content Entry Points Instruction Create combinations (blue-red, four max) of content themes. Brand Community Educational Entertaining Relevance Context Content Theme @jsncruz |
  23. 23. The community members’ interests comes first – but not at the expense of brand integrity. @jsncruz |
  24. 24. Thank you! Connect with me: @jsncruz