Online Community Management - SMM102 Course


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The presentation during my class on online community management, with specific focus on social media community management.

Topics covered:
Introduction to online communities.
Essentials of online communities.
Creating content for online communities.

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Online Community Management - SMM102 Course

  1. 1. Online Community Management May 2014 Jason Cruz
  2. 2. Course Overview • Introduction to Online Community Management – Evolution of Online Communities – Brands, Businesses, and Online Communities • Online Community Management Essentials – Objectives – Social Media Platforms – Community Management • Creating Content for Online Communities – Brand Content – Community Content @jsncruz
  3. 3. INTRODUCTION Online Communities and Online Community Management
  4. 4. Evolution of Online Communities Website Comment Forms Forums Social Platforms @jsncruz
  5. 5. Brands and Online Communities Why does the online community member interact with brands and businesses? Show affinity or closeness. Find like-minded people Ask, inquire, or give feedback @jsncruz
  6. 6. Elements of an Online Community Online Virtual; hosted on the Internet or the web Has no physical borders Community Has specific and tailored content and tonality Has two-way interaction between members, and with administrator @jsncruz
  7. 7. ESSENTIALS Create and Set-up an Online Community
  8. 8. The Online Community Objective • A controlled environment for expressing the brand’s message, values, and ideas. Create a Center of Communication • A communication platform where the online consumer and fan are already present at: social media. Converse with both Consumers and Brand Fans • A method for a brand or business to collect and compile brand-related, community-sourced content. Curate Community-Sourced Content @jsncruz
  9. 9. Online Community Platforms There are four major social platforms for community-building in the Philippines. @jsncruz
  10. 10. Online Community Platforms • Over 34 million users in the Philippines • Around 22 million access it through mobile • Offers most extensive data Facebook The dominant social media platform in the Philippines • One of the fastest-growing social platforms globally • Used extensively for community- and consumer-support • Great for publicly-sourced data Twitter The best social listening and – monitoring platform @jsncruz
  11. 11. Online Community Platforms • Roughly 90% of Filipinos share pictures of food on IG • Great for brand discovery (through hashtags) • Exclusive to mobile devices Instagram The most popular photo-sharing platform in the country • Important for search relevance • Can leverage on niche audiences and/or communities • Great for influencing sentiments Blogs and Websites Stay relevant through and with content @jsncruz
  12. 12. The Community Manager Personality fits the brand’s desired social media persona Tonality and language match the community members’ Deep understanding of the community and the offline consumers Deep understanding of anecdotal stories and community sentiments The Ideal Community Manager Example Guide: Product: Hip and trendy shoes Market: Teens Buying Habit: Twice a year; thrifty Community: Chatty, loves memes and puns The Community Manager would ideally be: Young adult (or can talk like one), has a strong knowledge base on fashion and style, knows how to speak with non-income earning teens/youth, and has a witty sense of humor. @jsncruz
  13. 13. CONTENT CREATION Create Content for Online Communities
  14. 14. Value There are generally two kinds of benefits. Directly benefits me. Indirectly benefits me. Rewards. Peer group. Promos. Giveaways. Savings. Long-term reward. Family/relatives. Belongings. @jsncruz
  15. 15. Value Example: Jollibee’s Family Bee Day This content sample shows clear community benefits. The content is aligned with the brand tonality (family-friendly) and community interests (Filipino talents). @jsncruz
  16. 16. Empowerment An online community must be able to communicate with each other, and its moderator must be able to understand them. Person to Person Allows personal communication. Allows connection-building. Allows relationship building. Person to Brand Brand to Person @jsncruz
  17. 17. Empowerment Example: San Miguel Pale Pilsen These content samples shows community empowerment through relevance. The content is easy to relate with, and instantly allows conversation and engagement; c2c, c2b, and b2c. @jsncruz
  18. 18. Membership An online community is united by a common reason – and it’s rarely the product or service. The reason is an idea. Membership in an idea. IndividualsProducts Ideas Culture Habits Legacy @jsncruz
  19. 19. Membership Example: Apple, Inc. These content samples shows strong and unified community membership. The content is based on a singular anchor- or passion point. Passion points-based content work best for an opinionated and idealistic community. @jsncruz
  20. 20. Vision An online community is united by a vision – and it must involve them. User-Generated Content Digital PR Member accomplishments Influential members Member stories Niche or same-interest groups @jsncruz
  21. 21. Vision Example: Coca-Cola Philippines These content samples shows how a vision involving community members can pay off. The content is purely user-generated, and gives the brand an authentic, credible, and very personal feel in the social story. @jsncruz
  22. 22. PUTTING IT TOGETHER Summary
  23. 23. Online Communities @jsncruz Generally good for a brand or business Conversation and engagement channel Specific and unique to the brand and community Needs to be managed or focused
  24. 24. Community Content @jsncruz Must provide value to community members Must empower community members to be involved Must promote membership in an ideal or value Must have a vision to involve community members
  25. 25. Questions and Inquiries @jsncruz Jason Cruz