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Beginner's Guide: Earned Media (Social Media)
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Beginner's Guide: Earned Media (Social Media)


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An introduction-level learning module on earned media, focusing on social media marketing. …

An introduction-level learning module on earned media, focusing on social media marketing.
Please share on Twitter, LinkedIn, and/or Facebook if you found it useful! Free to use, with attribution for non-commercial purposes, no derivatives permitted.

Published in: Education

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  • 2. OVERVIEW —  Overview of the Social Landscape —  Philippines and Social Media —  Understand the Platforms —  Opportunities —  Challenges @JSNCRUZ
  • 4. EARNED MEDIA The Unsolicited Marketing of a Product or Service “Earned media is essentially online word of mouth, usually seen in… …mentions, shares, reposts, reviews, recommendations, or content picked up by 3rd party sites.” - Erica Machin, Titan SEO @JSNCRUZ Source:
  • 5. SOCIAL MEDIA The Social Tool COMMUNICATION TOOL NETWORKING TOOL Social media removes communication barriers between users at a relatively small cost. Different methods of communication are catered to through different methods – i.e. the unique features of a particular social platform. It’s called “social” for a reason – it connects users through commonalities: mutual friends or relatives, interests, activities, and/or even products and services. The heart of social media is this human-to-human interaction. Social media is foremost, for users. @JSNCRUZ
  • 6. SOCIAL MEDIA The Marketing Tool AWARENESS & AMPLIFICATION ENGAGEMENT & COMMUNITY-BUILDING Brands can tap into the massive online user-bases of social platforms to communicate a message. On social media, brands and businesses can tap into existing and plentiful conversations, created by individuals & communities already present on these media channels. The nature of social is conversation, and brands and business which take the time to create genuine conversations benefit from two-way engagement. This positive engagement leads to the creation of a loyal and active online community. It’s also a powerful marketing tool. @JSNCRUZ
  • 8. SOCIAL MEDIA CAPITAL Heavy Usage from Filipinos CRAZY ABOUT SOCIAL The Philippines is the 8th largest Facebook country in the world, and has more than 50% Internet penetration nationwide. We are also deemed as “the selfie capital” of the world, underlining the pervasiveness of social usage in the country and among the population. The PH is an active online population. @JSNCRUZ
  • 9. MEDIA CONSUMPTION Filipinos Love Enjoying Media through Social ONLINE CONTENT CONSUMPTION Content consumption is one of the favorite activities of online Filipinos, especially when it comes to visual- and video media. Filipino social media users seem to prefer witty/funny and emotional social content in particular. Content consumption is heavy in the PH. @JSNCRUZ
  • 11. FACEBOOK The Most Popular in the Country LIKE & SHARE Among the top social platforms used in the PH, Facebook has the most features, the deepest and most informative insights/data, and the largest user-base. Accounts come in two major types, a personal account and a business page. For brands and businesses, a business page has more useful features and functionalities than a personal account. PH’s dominant social platform. @JSNCRUZ
  • 12. TWITTER Where Public Conversations Happen IN 140 CHARACTERS Twitter is one of the fastest-growing social platforms in the country, with approximately 10M Filipino users. It is arguably the easiest to use, especially to those familiar with the text messaging system. Twitter accounts are public by nature; social conversations can be listened to (with or without hashtags, which curate content) and joined by anyone wishing to. A favorite of the influential. @JSNCRUZ
  • 13. INSTAGRAM Content Library for All VISUAL STORY-TELLING Instagram, one of Facebook’s products, is possibly the most popular social-photo sharing platform in the country. Instagram is distinctly mobile-first in terms of usage. Hashtags are part of Instagram culture – allowing users curate their own content, and discover other content under similar thematic tagging. Create, publish, and discover visual content. @JSNCRUZ
  • 14. BLOGS Getting Heard on Online Space PERSONAL WEBSITES The Philippines has one of the most active blogging communities in the world, with bloggers managing several blogs at any given time. Blogs allow conversations to happen through the opinions or insights of their authors; online readers give feedback through social mentions or commentary. Everyone can share an opinion. @JSNCRUZ Source:
  • 15. MINOR PLAYERS Less-Popular Social (Conversation) Platforms in the Philippines YOUTUBE PINTEREST YouTube is the most popular video streaming platform in the country currently. Filipinos, on average, consume one million hours of YouTube videos daily – making us one of the most video-crazy population. Pinterest allows users to collect and share media content (images and videos) in a more organized method, through “pins” and “boards” (collections of user-curated media). Currently, Pinterest is not yet a major player in the Philippine social marketing scene. Other social media platforms. @JSNCRUZ Source:
  • 16. MINOR PLAYERS Less-Popular Social (Conversation) Platforms in the Philippines SWARM/FOURSQUARE GOOGLE+ Foursquare, the popular point- collecting social site, has split into two: Swarm is the new “networking” arm of the platform. Foursquare has rebranded itself into a virtual review space, where community members can share insights on specific interest themes and topics. Touted as one of the largest social networking sites in the world (in terms of users), Google+ has not gained the traction it wanted in the Philippines. Google+ is still an important part of the Google ecosystem for brands, alongside search, YouTube, Gmail, and Google Display Network (ads). Other social media platforms. @JSNCRUZ
  • 18. AWARENESS Launching a Social Media Campaign THE ONLINE AUDIENCE In a country like us where nearly 100% of online Filipinos access social media, pushing content on social space is an obvious way of “getting the message out there” – in front of millions of users. Marketing campaigns can be assisted well with the “extra” reach that social provides. Social media, the marketplace. @JSNCRUZ
  • 19. AMPLIFICATION Creating More Noise for Social Campaigns USING NOISE TO YOUR ADVANTAGE Social media is full of ‘noise’ – social conversations between users, or are intended as one-way expressions (ex. Updating a Facebook status). This habit of talking about something on social media, when steered and guided to a specific direction such as a marketing campaign, helps increase the overall mentions of said campaign’s key, intended message. Extending a campaign’s legs. @JSNCRUZ
  • 20. ENGAGEMENT The Favorite Achievement of Social Media Marketing ENGAGE – AND CONNECT Engagement needs two parties to work effectively – the brand/business and its consumers or online community members. Engagement occurs when a brand or business’ content on social is so compelling that it moves consumers to take physical actions, from simple clicks (Likes, retweets) to complex ones (written review, testimonial, blog article). Two-way communication. @JSNCRUZ
  • 21. COMMUNITY-BUILDING Establishing Long-term Relationships CREATING THE SUPERFAN The online community member is not necessarily always a consumer, but s/ he can always be an advocate or brand ambassador. Brands want more “superfans” – consumers and community members who love its ideals, values, culture, and icons, in addition to (possibly) liking its actual product(s) or service(s). Building an online community of advocates. @JSNCRUZ
  • 22. INFLUENCING ACTION Earned Media “…earned media is the channel most likely to stimulate the consumer to action.” - Nielsen report, 2013 @JSNCRUZ
  • 23. APPLICATION - AWARENESS Bensimon Entering a new market, the Philippines. SUMMARY Bensimon made the online consumer who is into fashion stand up and take notice of its presence on social media through expressing its brand values – the French fashion sense – on its social content. Creating awareness through content that demonstrates the “French fashion sense”. @JSNCRUZ
  • 24. APPLICATION - AMPLIFICATION SM Accessories Creating trends on social media. SUMMARY SM Accessories is one of the most consistent brands trending on social media, and for good reason. It uses its endorsers, online fans, and products in an integrated manner – strengthening the offline message through online conversations. @JSNCRUZ The brand earned a lot of mentions from users and online fans.
  • 25. APPLICATION - ENGAGEMENT Philippine Airlines Getting stories from consumers. SUMMARY Philippine Airlines regularly publishes content on flight features and what the consumer should expect – experiences supported by happy consumers who are more than willing to share their stories on the brand’s social assets directly. @JSNCRUZ Flyers just love sharing their experiences with the brand assets – and the brand features their stories in return.
  • 26. APPLICATION – COMMUNITY-BUILDING Royal Creating a meaningful hangout space. SUMMARY The Filipino teen is one of the biggest demographic on Facebook in our country. Royal provided these teens a fun place to hang out by providing funny content, comics, and even live cover photo updates featuring the fan themselves! @JSNCRUZ Royal gave teens the space they needed online to express their natural “kulit” behavior.
  • 28. PENETRATION/REACH Reaching the Other Half LIMITED REACH Before brands and businesses think that social media marketing is the answer to all their marketing problems, think again. The Philippines still has a large chunk of its population relying on “analog” or traditional methods of media consumption. Social media marketing is currently best when playing a supporting role as a channel. Internet penetration is still only half. @JSNCRUZ
  • 29. NOISE Competing for Attention and Time CROWDED SPACE As more and more users, brands, and businesses become active on social media, the content each produces adds to the “noise” we see and experience on our news feeds and streams. Social platforms are forced to somehow filter the massive amount of content (such as the infamous Edgerank algorithm) – limiting the reach and exposure for the majority of social media users. It’s getting harder and harder to be heard. @JSNCRUZ
  • 30. RELEVANCE Staying On-Topic CONTEXT IS KING Great content can be rendered useless (or even ignored) if it does not fit a specific situational context. Brands and businesses are challenged to spend more effort (i.e. time, personnel, and focus) on spotting opportunities to make themselves relevant, rather than simply churning out pretty but easily forgotten content on social media. Context is now more important than ever. @JSNCRUZ
  • 31. MEASUREMENTS What Social Media Marketing Really Brings to the Table CALCULATING ROI Social media marketing, more often than not, is hard-pressed to connect its successes to actual monetary values. This is because what it does best – influence conversations, sentiments (opinions towards a brand), and affinity (closeness/ affection towards a brand) – are subjective in nature. Unlike other, more established marketing channels, social media (as the youngest) still has a long way to go in terms of ROI-related metrics. Sentiments and affinity are subjective. @JSNCRUZ
  • 33. SUCCESS INDICATORS Popular and Meaningful Metrics for Social Campaigns OVERALL REACH & IMPRESSIONS PER POST REACH & IMPRESSIONS Importance: To measure how “far” the brand’s social assets go in terms of being visible to online consumers and community members. High reach and impressions indicate that a campaign has a large audience “watching” it – this audience represents both potential and actual offline consumers. Importance: To measure the effectiveness and popularity of specific campaign messages, from general content buckets to specific content topics. It is inevitable that some content “work” while others don’t; measuring per post effectiveness helps a brand constantly tweak its message for the better. Visibility metrics. @JSNCRUZ
  • 34. SUCCESS INDICATORS Popular and Meaningful Metrics for Social Campaigns OVERALL ENGAGEMENT PER POST ENGAGEMENT Importance: This indicates how much effort online community members are willing to exert in terms of giving feedback (positive, neutral, or even negative) to a brand or business. High engagement levels should ideally be positive/neutral, and are direct results of community management first, content second. Importance: Understanding why people interact with specific posts and not with others lets you learn what “tickles” the online community enough to interact with your brand. Low-engagement content posts should not be removed completely, but rather given a chance to gain more engagement through community management. Interaction metrics. @JSNCRUZ
  • 35. SUCCESS INDICATORS Popular and Meaningful Metrics for Social Campaigns COMMUNITY GROWTH COMMUNITY LOYALTY Importance: A well-liked brand online would naturally have consumers want to consume its content, or use it as a resource center for information or other benefits. This means that a successful social asset would likely have a large online community as well. Importance: Interested and truly-engaged consumers online will stay and continuously engage with a brand they like. A high number of new fans/ followers over a consistently low amount of “leavers” is a good indication of community loyalty. It’s easy for the typical social media user to leave (i.e. unlike, unfollow, unsubscribe) because of the sheer amount of content anyway. Fan-base metrics. @JSNCRUZ
  • 36. SUCCESS INDICATORS Popular and Meaningful Metrics for Social Campaigns CONVERSATION OWNERSHIP VOLUME OF MENTIONS Importance: To have the lion’s share of social mentions when compared to industry- or category competitors is valuable – it shows online observers that you are far more relevant and likely to have much more useful content than your competitors. Trending on Twitter or being picked up by mainstream news (for positive reasons) do not hurt and provide free marketing for your brand. However, this shouldn’t be an end goal! Importance: Owning conversations is one thing, but is ultimately meaningless if the volume of mentions are low (or competition is non-existent). To truly claim ownership of a particular social space or conversation topic, the amount of social chatter needs to be massive – ideally enough to get the attention of even non-fans and traditional media. Social chatter metrics. @JSNCRUZ
  • 37. THANK YOU! E A R N E D M E D I A – S O C I A L M E D I A BY JAS O N C R UZ @ J S N C R UZ JAS O N C R UZ 2 3 8 8 @ G M A I L . CO M