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Cio social media_25october2011_final


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Webinar presentation to CIO Executive Council: Case Study in Building and Effective Social Media Program. …

Webinar presentation to CIO Executive Council: Case Study in Building and Effective Social Media Program.

October 25, 2011

Published in: Technology, Business

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  • 1. CIO Case Study: Developing an Effective Social Media Program Richard Thomas, CIOJodi Snare, Sr Dir, Digital Strategy October 25, 2011
  • 2. Agenda 1. Timeline of Social Media at Quintiles 2. Social Media Goals and Strategies 3. Social Media Program Management • Building a foundation • Social integration • Social engagement 4. Social Media Campaign in Action
  • 3. Social Media at Quintiles– 2007: Observation Social media definitions and guidelines were developed.– 2008: Reputation Management and Experimentation Manual monitoring the environment for conversations about our brands.– 2009: Deliberate Conservative Use Internally, discussion boards, polling and blogs are used more widely. Externally, programs extend to include content distribution and aggregation sites on credible sources. HR begins to use social networks for recruiting.– 2010: Engagement and Opportunistic Use Unified brand prompts formalized social media program. 3
  • 4. Social Media Goals and StrategiesGoal: Enhance and protect Quintiles’ reputation and • Drive business, increase revenue • Expand awareness and reach • Establish thought leadershipStrategies • Centralize Quintiles voice across social channels to extend reach • Guide social media use among Quintiles employee base • Monitor social channels for reputation risks and opportunities 4
  • 5. Foundation 5
  • 6. Foundation Build Your Foundation – Form your team Ours includes core publishers from marketing, communication and HR as well as those providing counsel, Global IT security, privacy and legal – Determine your goals and strategies Quintiles sells services so reputation is critical – Reserve your brand name on key channels In doing so, you may discover you already have many, many pages and groups – Create your guidelines and communicate them to employees – Monitor and report activity 6
  • 7. Foundation Quintiles Social Media Management and Guidelines Employees are encouraged to: 1. Familiarize themselves with Quintiles social channels Employees learn about the 2. Connect with professional (and personal) contacts social media program through 3. Extend the reach of approved content internal communications and 4. Socialize on Quintiles intranet policy dissemination (inclusion 5. Speak “about” Quintiles in their network in privacy awareness training, employee guidelines and onboarding programs) Employees are discouraged from: 1. Creating their own communities 2. Posting reputation damaging content 3. Discussing confidential or proprietary information 4. Discussing colleagues, competitors, vendors, or sponsors 5. Interject in news stories 7
  • 8. Foundation Monitoring and Response Protocol What we Monitor How we Monitor How we Respond • Brand • Daily aggregators • Categorize type of mention • Key executives/influencers • Automated alerts and respond accordingly • Key topics • Enterprise social media • No action • Inventory and watch • Competitors management software • Notify manager • Reporting • Notify HR, Legal Real-Time Monitoring 8
  • 9. Foundation Reporting – Monthly and Quarterly • Engagement (likes, shares, comments, conversation) • Campaign Analysis • Visits/Downloads/Referrals • Mentions w/ Sentiment instead of Share of Voice • Competition • Ad hoc reporting such as conversation audits on request 9
  • 10. Social Integration 10
  • 11. SocialIntegration Integrate Social Media into the Mix – Take an inventory of your assets Look for rich media (videos, slide presentations, podcasts, etc.) that can add depth to your online presence and be repurposed – Use your social channels to support existing campaigns Social channels can amplify messages and extend reach – be sure to use your backgrounds and new functionality! – Segment to be more relevant to your audience We segment channels by interest, business and audience and use regionalization and geo-targeting where possible 11
  • 12. SocialIntegration Social Channel Functionality – Facebook Dynamic applets and geo-targeted messaging – LinkedIn Customized company profile and premium careers tab – Twitter Rich media layout – YouTube Playlist segmentation
  • 13. Social Facebook before June 2011Integration 13
  • 14. Social Facebook after custom campaigns and segmentation Integration– Campaign support– Segmentation by interest, audie nce and 14 business pillar
  • 15. Social Facebook Regionalization in ProgressIntegration 15
  • 16. Social Engagement 16
  • 17. SocialEngagement Suggestions for Engagement What to say? What not to say? Promote Original Content Proprietary Information – White papers, press releases, podcasts – Financials, strategy, etc. Media Placement – Link to external articles featuring our experts Specific Projects – Compounds, customers, etc. – Links/reminders/comments regarding trial participation Customer Bashing Conference Attendance – Failed trials, crises, lawsuits, safety, etc. – Speaking engagements, presenters, Q- hosted symposia Global Public Health Issues Political Issues – Promote safety, ethics, stewardship – Drug pricing, proposed legislation, hot- Retweet Posts from Industry Allies button issues
  • 18. SocialEngagement Frequency & Voice To be effective, presence needs to be consistent – Dedicated resource – Daily monitoring – Respond to @ replies (unless erroneous) Voice – Professional, yet not PR speak – Non-promotional – Non-confrontational – Optimistic – Genuine 18
  • 19. SocialEngagement Engagement – Actually Getting Social– Optimize the online presence of your influencers We selected ten internal thought leaders for online optimization– Enable your influencer to engage Training Select your topic Find the discussion Participate in the conversation– Enterprise participation While MarComm, HR and the influencers are focused externally, be sure to activate your internal advocates – don’t underestimate your employees 19
  • 20. SocialEngagement Enterprise Participation – Engage with their colleagues in a safe place • iQ Intranet promotes a networked enterprise – Subscriptions to the content they want to receive – MySites with rich profiles, updates, Wall, blog, etc. – Knowledge Connection – Contribute content to the social media team for external posts – Share Quintiles posts with their networks 20
  • 21. Social Media Campaign in Action
  • 22. Social Media at Quintiles Social • Form team • Brand Footprint Integration • Influencer Optimization • Influencer Engagement • Centralization • Enterprise participation • Policy • Inventory assets • Campaign Support • Social Aggregation • Monitoring • Community Development • Reporting • Segmentation (Volunteers) • Regionalization • Campaigns • Geo-targeting Foundation Social Engagement 22
  • 23. The Team– Digital Strategy executes the corporate social media program • Strategy development; scheduling, workflow • Content preparation, publication • Training for Core Team and employees • Monitoring • Reporting– Core Team (CorpComm, Mktg, HR representation) • In-depth training • Content development • Executes campaigns in conjunction with Digital Strategy • May manage channels/tabs– Thought Leaders and Core Team Reps • Trained and authorized to contribute content 23
  • 24. Example Enterprise Campaign - Infosario – Focus of major conference was the launch of Infosario – Through Social Media we were able to share the excitement of the launch with people who could not attend the event – Campaign activity included • Photos • Video interviews • Tweets and Facebook updates about sessions • microsite
  • 25. Example Total Reach • Quintiles achieved a reach of 256,505 (this figure includes activities on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, as well as “re-tweets” on Twitter and “shares” on Facebook from other users) • Reach was higher on Twitter at the beginning of the conference, and higher on Facebook at the end Total Social Media Reach During DIA Reach Trends on Twitter and Facebook90000 4500080000 40000 3500070000 3000060000 2500050000 20000 Facebook40000 15000 10000 Twitter30000 500020000 010000 0 2011-06-20 2011-06-21 2011-06-22 2011-06-23 2011-06-24
  • 26. Example Engagement on Twitter Retweets During the DIA Campaign 12 10 10 Quintiles’ retweets were highest on the first day 8 of the conference. Many of our tweets on that 6 day referred to our lineup of 4 4 3 speakers, suggesting that people who attended 2 the conference were looking to our Twitter page 2 to hear about our activity. 0 2011-06-20 2011-06-21 2011-06-22 2011-06-23 @Mentions of Quintiles during DIA 12 10 8 Most of the early @mentions for Quintiles at 6 DIA referred to our speaker lineup and the 4 introduction of Infosario. 2 0 2011-06-20 2011-06-21 2011-06-22 2011-06-23
  • 27. Example Engagement on Facebook Facebook Page views during DIA 2000 1765 1800 1600 1518 There was a 237% increase in visits to Quintiles 1400 Facebook page during the conference. 1164 1200 1000 853 There were more visits on the second day of 800 600 the conference, after videos and images of the 400 event were posted. 200 0 2011-06-20 2011-06-21 2011-06-22 2011-06-23 Facebook "Likes" of Content 80 75 70 60 People “liked” more content on second day of 50 the conference. There were also comments 40 from attendees regarding our speakers and 30 asking for videos/transcripts of the material that 30 17 20 we presented. 20 10 0 2011-06-20 2011-06-21 2011-06-22 2011-06-23
  • 28. Example Facebook: Unique Visitors vs. Repeat Visitors Our ratio between unique visits and repeat visits increased during the conference, indicating that people were returning to the page to stay up to date with the event.12001000 Of the 6,000 visits to the 800 Quintiles Facebook page during the week of 600 DIA, 4,300 were repeat visits. 400 200 0 2011-06-19 2011-06-20 2011-06-21 2011-06-22 2011-06-23 2011-06-24 2011-06-25 2011-06-26 Facebook Page Logged in Page Views Facebook Page Logged in Page Views (Unique)
  • 29. What’s Next?– Social aggregation Our 2012 update of our website will include social functionality and aggregate the activity on our channels– Community development– Rapid response system As the Quintiles conversations increase, a real-time response system will be activated
  • 30. Questions?