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Spanish empire jamessmithiii
Spanish empire jamessmithiii
Spanish empire jamessmithiii
Spanish empire jamessmithiii
Spanish empire jamessmithiii
Spanish empire jamessmithiii
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Spanish empire jamessmithiii


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  • 1. James Smith III
    Spanish Empire
  • 2. The stone of the God Sorimama was entrusted to him and the prayers he learned he recited to indian natives.
    Was 90 years old when he had to appear in front of Father de Prado for charges of heresy.
    He did not want to accept Cathlocism
    He was constantly charged with heresy for his acts.
    Diego Vasicuio
  • 3. Was a master shoemaker and organizer
    Entered trade as a apprentice at age 12
    Helped found one of the first guilds in Spanish America
    Accepted a 1789 provision that kept slaves from becoming members of guild because it allowed nonwhites, which benifitted him
    The guild he helped create would be gone by the 1800s
    Francisco Baquero
  • 4. After the death of her father, she became the suitor of Fernando Cortes.
    Had five different husbands, her first died of smallpox; she was later awarded his money
    She Gave birth to seven children
    She was seen as an example of how to integrate into the new society
    Isabel Moctezuma
  • 5.
    • She was accused of killing with magic and driving men crazy with magic
    • 6. Never married but had four children; two boys and two girls
    • 7. It was believed she had killed Priest Diego Ortiz, by making him go crazy then slowly poisoing him until he died, even though he had found so much love in her.
    • 8. When Diego Ortiz died she was the first accused, some even stated that she had burried him alive
    • 9. It was later discovered that Catalina la Garay has poisoned the Priest
    Beatriz de Padilla
  • 10.
    • Miguel Hernandez was a free muleteer who lived during the 1700s
    • 11. Chose the town of Queretaro as his new home, where he believed he could make a name for himself
    • 12. Since he was highly skilled he did not have to live like other mulattos who were often of the edge of the law
    • 13. He was able for some time to overcome his skin color; which is shown by the fact that he accumulated massive amounts of debt
    • 14. He lived his life as a Spaniard and many forgot that he was a mulatto
    Miguel Hernandez