Drawing the Line with Browser Compatibility
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Drawing the Line with Browser Compatibility






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Drawing the Line with Browser Compatibility Drawing the Line with Browser Compatibility Presentation Transcript

  • DRAWING THE LINE WITH BROWSER COMPATIBILITY Jake Smith ConFoo - March 10, 2010 http://joind.in/1285
  • Who are you and who is your audience? http://joind.in/1285
  • Demographics • Is your potential user “tech savvy”? • Users with disabilities? • Color blindness or other motor skill deficiencies http://joind.in/1285
  • Technology Driving Browser Support http://joind.in/1285
  • Netbook Revolution • 2009 Year of the netbook • Nvidia ION makes video playback amazing • Flash Player 10.1 provides better netbook support • Modern OS (Windows 7 and Linux) = less IE6/WIN XP http://joind.in/1285
  • Enter the Chrome • Brand Recognition • Chrome will be pre-installed on Sony PCs • Everyone knows google, so they trust Google • Chrome already taken more market share than Safari http://joind.in/1285
  • IE 6, Why can’t I quit you? http://joind.in/1285
  • IE 6 in the wild • School Networks • Large Companies • Older Demographic • Windows XP http://joind.in/1285
  • Common issues • Double Margin • Float Container • Hover Buttons http://joind.in/1285
  • Double Margin • Any margin applied to floated elements • Solution - display: inline; http://joind.in/1285
  • Float Container • Element breaks containment, overflow: hidden/ auto is not enough • Solution - float: left the containing element http://joind.in/1285
  • Float Container (before) http://joind.in/1285
  • Float Container (HTML/CSS) http://joind.in/1285
  • Float Container (After) http://joind.in/1285
  • Hover Buttons • When an “<a>” is in the hover state, and set to display: block; and the containing “<li>” is floated you have to hover over the link and not the entire block element. • Solution: set containing <li> to position: relative; or display: inline-block; http://joind.in/1285
  • IE 6 Techniques and Tips http://joind.in/1285
  • Proper Doctype • Proper Doctype keeps you from Quirks mode • Quirks mode can wreak havoc on layouts • Element width http://joind.in/1285
  • Quirks Mode Diagram Quirks Mode Doctype: http://css.maxdesign.com.au/listamatic/about-boxmodel.htm http://joind.in/1285
  • CSS Framework http://joind.in/1285
  • Reset • Many available CSS Resets: • Eric Meyer Reset (Most Popular) • YUI CSS Reset • Many more... http://joind.in/1285
  • Helpers http://joind.in/1285
  • Slice View http://joind.in/1285
  • IE Conditionals vs. CSS hacks http://joind.in/1285
  • CSS Hacks • _ hack for IE 6 and below • * hack for IE 7 and below • !important for modern browsers • Most common hack reset * {} Browser Render Hacks: http://centricle.com/ref/css/filters/ http://joind.in/1285
  • IE Conditionals • Specifically target version of Internet Explorer • Extra HTTP Request http://joind.in/1285
  • IE Conditionals (Example) http://joind.in/1285
  • Browser tools • IE7.js, by Dean Edwards • DD_Belated • IE Tester (IE 5.5 - IE 8) • Developer Window (Webkit) & Firebug (Firefox) • Expression Web SuperPreview IE7.js: http://code.google.com/p/ie7-js/ DD_Belated: http://www.dillerdesign.com/experiment/DD_belatedPNG/ IE Tester: http://www.my-debugbar.com/wiki/IETester/HomePage Expression Web SuperPreview: http://expression.microsoft.com/en-us/dd565874.aspx http://joind.in/1285
  • Additional Browser Tool http://joind.in/1285
  • Build a strategy, not an after thought http://joind.in/1285
  • Cost Benefit • Analyze current view trends • Define aspects of site that must function identical regardless of browser • Present/Prepare estimate on Browser Testing/ Development separate from “Development/ Production” time. • Navigation should always be accessible NO MATTER WHAT (Mobile, IE, etc) http://joind.in/1285
  • Lies, Damn Lies and Statistics • Statistics are skewed/manipulated • IE 6 is as low as 6% and as high as 20% • Research your product/client current stats and/or target market • Initial research will be paid off by further reach to clients http://joind.in/1285
  • Client Awareness http://joind.in/1285
  • Inform early and often • Consult the client on current browser trends • Inform them of possible inconsistencies in antiquated browsers • Set/Manage Expectations http://joind.in/1285
  • Have Tech Specification in contracts • Browsers Supported • Surcharge and/or possible timeline increases http://joind.in/1285
  • CSS 3 and HTML 5 http://joind.in/1285
  • HTML 5 Video http://joind.in/1285
  • HTML 5 Video vs Flash • CPU Usage • Who does it effect? Mobile, Netbook and Nettop • No full screen support for HTML 5 • Zero support for Internet Explorer • Supported in Mobile Browsers http://joind.in/1285
  • HTML 5 Video Detection Dive Into HTML 5 - Detect: http://diveintohtml5.org/detect.html Modernizr: http://www.modernizr.com/ http://joind.in/1285
  • Vimeo Flash 10 (Macbook Pro in Safari) http://joind.in/1285
  • Vimeo Flash 10 (Netbook in Safari) http://joind.in/1285
  • Vimeo HTML 5 (Macbook Pro in Safari) http://joind.in/1285
  • Vimeo HTML 5 (Netbook in Safari) http://joind.in/1285
  • @font-face (CSS3) • Renders perfect in all measurements • EOT, OTF, SVG fonts • Legal issues • You may use this font for Font-Face embedding, but only if you put a link to www.exljbris.nl on your page and/or put this notice /* A font by Jos Buivenga (exljbris) -> www.exljbris.com */ in your CSS file as near as possible to the piece of code that declares the Font-Face embedding of this font. Delicious Font EULA: http://www.josbuivenga.demon.nl/eula.html http://joind.in/1285
  • Font Stacks • Quicker production turnaround • Example: font-family: "Lucida Grande", "Lucida Sans Unicode", "Lucida Sans", Verdana, Tahoma, sans- serif; Popular Font Stacks: http://www.awayback.com/revised-font-stack/ Installed Font Matrix: http://media.24ways.org/2007/17/fontmatrix.html http://joind.in/1285
  • Graceful Degradation/Progressive Enhancement • RGBA • Background vs background-color • Border Radius http://joind.in/1285
  • RGBA Example http://joind.in/1285
  • CSS3 - Media Queries • [max/min]-[width/height] • Media Types: screen, print, handheld, projection, braille, speech • Three ways to implement: import, link and CSS • Handheld interpreted by older mobile phones • Current smart phones (iPhone/Android) utilize “screen” W3C Media Queries: http://www.w3.org/TR/css3-mediaqueries/ http://joind.in/1285
  • CSS Queries Example (CSS) http://joind.in/1285
  • CSS Queries (HTML) http://joind.in/1285
  • Mobile Browsers http://joind.in/1285
  • The grass is greener in mobile land http://joind.in/1285
  • Driving browsers Webkit • iPhone, Android and soon Blackberry phones utilize Webkit browsers http://joind.in/1285
  • Google Voice mobile/web application • Google vs. Apple APP store • HTML 5/CSS3 mobile “Google Voice” Google Voice: http://m.google.com/voice http://joind.in/1285
  • Google Voice (HTML5/CSS3) http://joind.in/1285
  • Mobile Apps give you more control • Less environment concerns • Objective C (iPhone), Java (Android) and WebOS (Pre) • Titanium (Appcelerator), build apps with web technology Titanium Appcelerator: http://www.appcelerator.com/ http://joind.in/1285
  • HTML 5 Geolocation • Not quite to a browser near you, Firefox 3.5+ only • Not officially HTML 5, governed by “Geolocation Working Group” • iPhone and Android 2.0 only supported mobile devices http://joind.in/1285
  • HTML 5 Geolocation - Firefox 3.6 HTML 5 Geolocation Demo: http://html5demos.com/geo http://joind.in/1285
  • HTML 5 Geolocation - Firefox 3.6 HTML 5 Geolocation Demo: http://html5demos.com/geo http://joind.in/1285
  • HTML 5 Geolocation - iPhone (Safari) HTML 5 Geolocation Demo: http://html5demos.com/geo http://joind.in/1285
  • Questions? Concerns? Confusion? http://joind.in/1285
  • Thanks For Listening Contact Information Email: jsmith@clickhere.com Twitter: @jakefolio IRC: #phpc & #dallasphp Please Post Feedback http://joind.in/1285 http://joind.in/1285