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A WebQuest on Electoral College Arithmetic.
This is aimed at middle school students. The students will get information from websites and use it to solve a simple math problem using the software Excel, thus combining digital learning, social studies, math software, and math knowledge they have learned in school.

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Web quest assignment - john

  1. 1. A WebQuest on Electoral College Arithmetic by John SmithIntroduction The Electoral College has been a part ofTask American history since U.S. Constitution was established. This process has chosenProcess most of Americas Presidents and willEvaluation continue to do so until Amendments areConclusion passed, if any, to change the process. While the Electoral College has played important parts in history, not many people understand the importance of this process and why it was chosen for making the most important decisions for our country: TheCredits decision of electing a President!
  2. 2. A WebQuest on Electoral College ArithmeticIntroductionTaskProcessEvaluationConclusion The purpose of this assignment will be to take a closer look at the Electoral College using Arithmetic. There are many applications of math in the realCredits world. The Electoral College is just one of them.
  3. 3. A WebQuest on Electoral College ArithmeticIntroductionTaskProcessEvaluationConclusion Your task is to use basic mathematical assessment to determine your original view on the Electoral College. I expect all of your opinions to be based purely on the math involved and not on your current political views. We will useCredits social studies in order to learn more about math.
  4. 4. A WebQuest on Electoral College ArithmeticIntroduction You will have two weeks to completeTask this assignment. It is best to do thisProcess assignment in little segments instead of all at once because it is a lot of work,Evaluation but if you take your time and follow allConclusion of the steps accurately, you should be successful. The due date for this assignment will be given in class. No late assignments will be accepted.Credits
  5. 5. A WebQuest on Electoral College ArithmeticIntroduction • Websites you need to use in order toTask complete this assignment:Process • Electoral College Information IEvaluation • Electoral College Information IIConclusion • Electoral College Information III • Electoral Chart (Only use the 2001- 2010 column)Credits
  6. 6. A WebQuest on Electoral College ArithmeticIntroduction ProcessTask Step 1:Process Research the Electoral College. SearchEvaluation through each of the websites. Write aConclusion 1-2 paragraph summary of the Electoral College in your own words. This summary must be typed and double spaced.Credits
  7. 7. A WebQuest on Electoral College ArithmeticIntroduction Step 2:Task Find how many electoral votes areProcess assigned to each state (Be sure toEvaluation include the District of Columbia) as well as the population of each state.Conclusion Create a table listing the states in alphabetical order and include the number of electoral votes for eachCredits state and their respective population.
  8. 8. A WebQuest on Electoral College ArithmeticIntroduction Step 3:Task Calculate x for each state, where x isProcess the Number of people in the stateEvaluation divided by the number of electoral votes of the state. Round theConclusion decimals. Determine the range of the values of x.Credits
  9. 9. A WebQuest on Electoral College ArithmeticIntroduction Step 4:Task Calculate X for the entire U.S.Process (Population of U.S. divided by theEvaluation total number of electoral vote.)Conclusion Compare the least x and highest x with X.Credits
  10. 10. A WebQuest on Electoral College ArithmeticIntroduction Explain how this assignment hasTask helped your understanding of theProcess Electoral college. Has math helped or hindered your opinion?Evaluation Your essay must be typed andConclusion double-spaced.Credits
  11. 11. A WebQuest on Electoral College Arithmetic Beginning Developing Accomplished Exemplary Score 1 2 3 4Research Student did not show Student showed little Student showed Student understoodcompleted and any understanding of understanding of the promise in the the Electoralbasic the Electoral College. Electoral College. understanding of the College and spentunderstanding of Information given Information given Electoral College. ample timeElectoral College showed no research showed minimal Research was done, researching was done. research was done. but not fully. Electoral College for this assignmentCompletion of allparts Student did not achieve Student understood what Student completed Student completed all what was expected and was expected, but failed most parts of the parts of the failed to complete most to complete some parts assignment, but left a assignment parts. two or more parts out.MathematicalComputations Student completed most Student did not complete Student completed all Student completed all math computations, but most or any of the math math computations math computations most not correctly. computations. with a few errors. with little to no errors.Essay Question Student did not fully Student did not complete Student almost complete both essay Student completed most of the essay completed both essay questions. Major parts both essay questions questions. Most parts questions fully. Some were left out. fully. were left out. parts were left out.
  12. 12. A WebQuest on Electoral College ArithmeticIntroduction ConclusionTask This project should have showed youProcess just how important the Electoral CollegeEvaluation is in American History and how math can be used in analyzing real lifeConclusion processes. I hope by browsing the websites given that you have learned the basis of the Electoral College process.Credits
  13. 13. A WebQuest on Electoral College Arithmetic Credits:Introduction Thank you to these websites for giving great information on the Electoral College. All ofTask these websites are a great place to do researchProcess on finding out more about the ElectoralEvaluation process.Conclusion Websites for Resources: www.howstuffworks.com www.archives.govCredits www.historycentral.com www.fec.gov
  14. 14. A WebQuest on Electoral College Arithmetic Picture Credits:Introduction Electoral College Picture fromTask www.katu.comProcess Math Analysis Picture fromEvaluation www.pgcps.orgConclusion American Flag Picture from www.greatestcities.com Based on a WebQuest by Alyson Pilawski, Purdue University CalumetCredits http://questgarden.com/73/58/1/081118 131802/credits.htm