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What's a Blog?






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  • Although a blog is often referred to as an online journal, the type of writing that should appear in a blog and a journal are very different.

What's a Blog? What's a Blog? Presentation Transcript

  •  http://youtu.be/NN2I1pWXjXI
  •  A blog or “web log” is “a log of thoughts and writing posted publicly on theWorldWide Web” (Sullivan).  Blog ≠ diary  Blog ≠ news article  But, sometimes a blog = news article
  •  Diary (journal)  Audience = self  Topics = private, your life  Purpose = to record, vent, contemplate, etc.  Contains personal details  No peer review  Not published, but updated whenever.
  •  News story  Audience = paying subscribers  Topics = universal  Purpose = inform, entertain, educate, evaluate, analyze, produce conversation  NO personal details  Words are supported by pictures (and videos & links if online)  Competes with other news sources (may link to other sources if online)  Peer-edited  Published by news company on deadline
  •  Blog  Audience = others  Topics = more universal  Purpose = to respond, entertain, educate, evaluate, judge, produce conversation  Includes some personal details if they serve a greater purpose  Words are supported by pictures, videos, & links  Interacts (through links, discussion) with the digital world  May be peer-reviewed  Published by author ▪ or published by news company on deadline or whenever
  •  Why would it be a bad idea for me to publish my diary on the Ning?  How is a blog similar to both a diary and a news story?  Why would it be a bad idea to rely on blogs for information for an important paper like my senior thesis or P.I.G. paper?
  •  Take your blog to the next level:  Have a goal: What are you trying to accomplish? ▪ What do you want your audience to do as a result of reading your blog?  Make it universal  Link, link, link to other relevant information that you reader might want to check out  Include visuals  Cite your sources
  •  100 =You’ve met the expectations.  85=You’ve met some of the expectations.  50 =Two days late  0 = Inappropriate/ incomplete / previously submitted assignment (e.g. PIG paper) / blog that is diary entry / blog that is more than two days late
  •  LeFever, Lee. "Plagiarism." Commoncraft.com. Common Craft.Web. 19 Jan. 2012. <http://www.commoncraft.com/video/plagiaris m>.  Sullivan, Andrew. "Why I Blog." The Atlantic – TheAtlantic.com.The Atlantic, Nov. 2008.Web. 19 Jan. 2012. <http://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/ 2008/11/why-i-blog/7060/>.  Warlick, David. Classroom Blogging: ATeacher's Guide to Blogs,Wikis, & OtherToolsThat Are Shaping a New Information Landscape. Raleigh, NC: Landmark Project, 2007. Print.