Women on the verge of wellness - ssw at m2w-hc 2009

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Trends on women and wellness, and how these affect marketers, based on SSW's first annual survey on wellness and the economy. Presented at the Marketing Healthcare to Women Conference (M2W-HC), in …

Trends on women and wellness, and how these affect marketers, based on SSW's first annual survey on wellness and the economy. Presented at the Marketing Healthcare to Women Conference (M2W-HC), in Washington DC, Oct. 2009.

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  • 1. Women On the Verge of Health & Wellness Johanna Skilling Chief Strategy Officer Saatchi & Saatchi Wellness
  • 2. Our Mission: Inspire Wellness
  • 3. “Wellness is not a fad or trend. It's infused into the way we eat, exercise, sleep, work, save, age and almost every other aspect of our lives” Economist Paul Zane Pilzer, 2009
  • 4. It’s a cultural shift and big business opportunity
  • 5. Wellness is constantly shifting priorities Read anews? Online now? Spend book? HourTarget? Donut? Connect? at the gym? Old-school paper? CatchSpendMarcus? up on later? Neiman Blackberry? Fat-free yogurt? Extra Cocoon? hour of sleep?
  • 6. “Wellness is an active, lifelong process … involving choices about our lives and our priorities.” Arizona State University, 2009
  • 7. We’re having a moment
  • 8. 9/11
  • 9. Women’s earnings fell 2% in 2008, twice as much as men’s. Women, on average, bring home 78 cents on the male dollar •Almost 40% of women are the primary breadwinner in their household •Women’s unemployment is at a 26- year high (7.8%) * Sources: RockefellerTime Magazine 2009 Study, Center for American Progress
  • 10. 1 in 84 homes foreclosed in 2009 Women are 32% more likely than men to have subprime mortgages High Low * Sources: RockefellerTime Magazine 2009 Stud, RealtyTrac, US News
  • 11. And just as our lives are no longer the same, neither is our idea of Wellness. Findings from SSW 2009 Survey on Wellness
  • 12. What does wellness mean to you?
  • 15. Before, wellness meant eating right and exercising. Now it means being sane in a desperate world. Source: SSW Survey “Wellness & The Economy”
  • 16. Wellness used to mean feeling comfortable within my own skin. Now it’s the peace of mind that comes with knowing I can pay the rent. Source: SSW Survey “Wellness & The Economy”
  • 17. I used to believe in taking care of myself proactively. Now I’m trying to maintain my mental heath and stress levels so I can function daily. Source: SSW Survey “Wellness & The Economy”
  • 18. We’re actually becoming more UNwell
  • 19. I eat less, go out Losing weight is less, and buy less. harder - which The food I do buy is doesn't help the not the best either, whole self-esteem since cheaper food aspect. I have no tends to be less money and extra healthful. pounds. Great.
  • 20. I've been working more and working out less – I feel more pressure to perform from a work perspective.
  • 21. I run 6 miles every Saturday morning but lately I "need" to do it as a stress reliever, not just as exercise.
  • 22. But something deeper is happening
  • 23. We’re learning to face reality Goodbye, magical thinking If it seems too good to be true… you’re right.
  • 24. • A sense of shared pain • Banding together • Strength in community Source: DYG
  • 25. #1 Stress Reliever? Talking With Friends Source: SSW Wellness Survey
  • 26. Renewed emphasis on personal values % who say __ describes them very well/perfectly Hard-Working 85 Ethical 79 Smart 59 Self-Reliant 56 Resourceful 53 Confident in myself 52 Source: DYG Scan
  • 27. A dramatic shift in “Trust in a person like me” +53 73% 20% 2003 2008 Source: Edelman Trust Barometer
  • 28. The New Definition of Wellness: Re-invention. Responsibility. Respect.
  • 29. But there’s a little disconnect with us marketers
  • 30. 1923
  • 31. “ I – It “
  • 32. I - Thou
  • 33. Marketing has been I-It
  • 34. We use the language of war
  • 35. Officers lead us
  • 36. Our consumers are targets
  • 37. We launch campaigns
  • 38. We capture their attention
  • 39. So how can we align better with the new wellness zeitgeist? How can we support women in their quest for wellness?
  • 40. A few guiding principles Don’t think of her as a patient (aka “victim””) She’s the hero of her own story Look at her problem realistically We may think it’s dire… She doesn’t Figure out where we fit in her life Not the other way around Don’t try to capture Try to connect
  • 41. How did we put this into action…
  • 42. For An Allergy Reliever? What’s her story? In a busy life, she plans for everything… Except allergy relief But she happens to like our product ..when she remembers to buy it So we weren’t worried about convincing her the product works We just needed to remind her that she already knows what to do It’s a no-brainer.
  • 43. A Sleep Aid … What’s her story? She knows what it feels like to have a bad night’s sleep But when she’s watching TV, what she’s thinking about is how wiped out she is… and all the bad choices she makes when she’s tired So we didn’t have to talk about a bad night … We did need to show her that her life is more in her control with a good night’s sleep. It’s not about quality of sleep, it’s about quality of life
  • 44. An Anti-Aging Product What’s her story? She’s no dummy… she knows the years are passing But the truth is, she doesn’t feel as old as she thought she might have at this age She’s not necessarily ashamed of being 40+…or 50+ … or 60+… or more! She just wants to look as young as she feels
  • 45. There’s One More Thing …
  • 46. Illness
  • 47. Illness Wellness
  • 48. Illness Wellness
  • 49. Illness Wellness
  • 50. Wellness
  • 51. We-ness
  • 52. Thank you! Follow us at SaatchiWellness on Facebook & Twitter!