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Speak, tap & drag our digital future revealed



An overview of how our future is going to look focusing on new ways to interact with ourselves and the quantity and intensity of information around us.

An overview of how our future is going to look focusing on new ways to interact with ourselves and the quantity and intensity of information around us.



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Speak, tap & drag   our digital future revealed Speak, tap & drag our digital future revealed Presentation Transcript

  • Presentation for:Business Improvement TeamSeptember 18, 2012
  •  Always Seem to Be On Bleeding Edge Developed First Personal Computer Programs at Mattel (circa 1980)
  •  Created Videogames That Talked
  •  Created an Off-road Simulator for Jeep at Auto Shows that was featured on “The Today Show:” and “Good Morning America”
  • Joey Silvian is CEO of the VirtualInteractive Agency in Farmington Hills, andas his company’s name indicates he’s allabout new ways to not actually be “there.Silvian’s latest “there” is an informationsecurity conference coming up in February.Sure, there’s the old-school “be-there”……. Oakland Business Review Janauary 2007
  • What Does The Future Look Like? Hardware/Devices Interactive Styles Speed/Content How We Might Live Even More Digitally
  • - Weather- E-mail- Message- Music- Running- Parking
  • A Happy Hologram!!• Port Authority created an innovative pilot plan that will feature virtual customer care representatives.• Computerized, hologram-like avatars will provide automated, basic information to travelers in LaGuardia’s Central Terminal Building, Newark Liberty’s Terminal B and JFK’s Terminal 5
  • Holograms are People Too!• By 2020 retail virtual avatars – on screens and in holographic projection – will start to become popular.• Their Artificial Intelligence will be powered by realtime analysis of affinity data for product recommendations and neural network enhanced sales closing strategies.• Similarly, service desks in hotels, shops, banks and other retail destinations will disappear.
  • i-phone of 2020
  •  User-centric “control revolution,”  Behavioral changes significant  Changing how people think  Disruption to traditional models for the production, delivery and reception of information“There’s too much goddamned information out therecoming at us too fast.”
  • User Generated Content – 1 billion users who can all be publishers..It used to be that Andy Warhol said everybody would have 15 minutes ofFame, Internet user don’t care about that,now everybody’s goal is 15 Megabytes of Fame
  • Sharing Frictionless SharingSpotify’s Integration• streams the tracks you’re listening to directly to Facebook’s activity tickerThe Washington Post’s Social Reader• automatically shares the stories you readFrictionless Sharing like this will surely propagate widely in 2012 and beyond
  • Sharing Intelligent Sharing
  • APPS Generate Content, ThenMovie? • 500 million users between ages of 13 and 44 • Talking Friends app • Carton animals respond to user touch and animated characters speak from users’ voice
  • Personal TV
  • • Credit Cards will be replaced by smartphone transactions systems• Auto Insurance will be forever changed through GPS-based monitoring devices that reward good driving performance• Hospitals will become virtual through the extension of bio-connectivity, involving remote medical monitoring and management.• Autonomous Cars – attach your car to a train like thing and you go to
  • The Speed of Digital Information• A 5.9 earthquake hit near Richmond, Virginia on August 23rd, 2011• Residents in New York City read about the quake on Twitter feeds 30 seconds before they experienced the quake themselves
  • Buy on the Fly
  • Based on what you share with a store (viamobile device, tagged clothes you haveon, etc.), the shop will be able to: further tailor offers for you highlight products related to your tags intrigue you with ads that trigger your curiosityImagine the millions spent today onadvertising for TV and online, also movinginto the front of stores in new and engagingways.
  • This $9 Cardboard Bike Can SupportRiders Up To 485lbsInnovation By DesignIt’s 100% recycled and verylightweight, with a frame that’s strongerthan carbon fiber.
  • An Artificial Memory System that allowsthoughts, memories and learned behaviorto be transferred from one brain to anothercreated by Scientists working at Universityof Southern California for Department ofHomeland Security for “terrorism analysis”
  • Forget Multiple Passwords for all of your logins—Just walk up to an ATM machine to securely withdrawmoney by simply speaking your name or looking intoa tiny sensor that can recognize unique patterns inyour retina.Each person has a unique biological identity andbehind all that is Biometric data–software cancomposite all of this so you have a Unique DNAPassword.
  • Isn’t this archaic?No Bank Visit Necessary With iPhoneCheck Cashing