Marcos R. Mzeru: Overview of mHealth in Tanzania, Mobile Monday Dar es Salaam, April 2nd


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Marcos Mzeru from Ministry of Health and Social Welfare / mHealth Tanzania gave an overview of what is happening in the mHealth field in Tanzania.

Presentation available in YouTube:

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  • Slide to support your welcome wordPurpose of this presentation: "Overview of mHealth in Tanzania".Estimated presentation time it takes 20 minutesQuestions may be asked… (Dr Mwendwa: at any time or do you prefer after the presentation, I would encourage at any time to make it interactive, but it is up to you)
  • Slide to state the reason why health care in Tanzania is an important sector to focus on:Tanzania covers an area of approximately 945 000 square kilometers. A population of approximately 40 million people. A median age of approximately 18 years. (Important in view of maternal health)3rd fastest growing in population in AfricaRoughly 6500 health care facilities for 40 million people (and growing)Slide final statement: We need to maximize the capacity of the health care facilities. The telecommunication has taken big strides and is ready to support these efforts today!
  • Talk about the Ministry’s focus and To explain why the ministry should take the leadSector reviews and reforms: alsofocus on developing and retaining qualified and well-motivated human resources. Final statement: mHealth initiatives can play a crucial role to this process!
  • Slide to clarify the backbone of the ministry’s focus to strengthen the existing health care sector: The DHISAn essential component of the DHIS is the incorporation of mHealth core indicator reporting.Slide final statement: It will easily and cost-effectively assist the Ministry!Key indicators to aid in quick evidenced-based decision-making
  • Slide to clarify the leadership of the Ministry to strengthen the existing health care systemMoHSW improves access for all Tanzanians to quality health care and social welfare services: Policy formulation,Program implementation and monitoring and evaluation of existing initiatives.
  • Slide to introduce the mHealth Community of PracticeSlide statement: The ministry is taking the lead in the coordination and functioning of the mHealth Community of Practice
  • Slide to explain the functioning of the COPLed by the MOHSWCo-chaired by D-tree Over 90 members from over 30 organizations MembersacrossGovernment, Non governmental sectorprivate sectorRegularmeetings Purposeto Share information Work together to address challenges facing mHealth in Tanzania …and formed thematic working groups to address these challenges!InteroperabilityStrategic PlanningMoving from pilots to Scale upCommunications
  • Slide to clarify what mHealth mobile technology entailsUse of mobile communications technology, such as mobile phones and PDAs, to assist in the provisioning of health care services and informationAdvantages:Real time dataKey core indicatorsquick evidenced-based decision-makingHuman resource efficiency (no longer leave station to deposit paper report)
  • Slide to show the different kinds of mHealth projectsDisease surveillanceLogisticsTelemedicineHealth messagingAnd more..
  • Slide to show again of who is involved in mHealth in Tanzania(people forget and now it is in context) Final slide statement:The number of mHealth programs and organisations involved is growing
  • Slide to show the total amount of programs and/or projects An overview of programs and/or projects IDSRSMS for lifeSMS printers for EIDNIH / Swiss Tropical Institute / IHI IMCIJSI / ILS GatewayMEDA ITN Distribution (Nationwide)D-Tree/UNICEF Community MNCH X2D-tree/CDC Facility HIV Triage toolPhones for Health IDSR (integrated Disease Reporting)D-Tree/UNICEF Community MNCH D-tree/CDC Facility HIV Triage toolD-tree/Pathfinder HBCP for PLWHAHBCP’sMEDA ITN Distribution (Nationwide)And more..(go to next slide!!!)
  • Continued slide to show the total amount of programs and/or projects And more…IDD-tree/MOH Emergency TransportD-tree/UNICEF Facility based treatment for malnourished children (SAM)ITIDOIHI Community Health AgentsPMI - Malaria SurveillanceWired MothersTanzanian Telemedicine iPath, IICD and Cordaid and ELCT (Tanzania)The Schistosomiasis Consortium for Operational Research and Evaluation (SCORE)And more..Final booth statement: This is an impressive list and it is growing..
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  • The Public Private PartnershipIt sets up COP members and non COP members with the private sectorWorking to support sustainable and scalable public health programs Combining expertise and resourcesMaking extreme good use of the booming mobile phone infrastructure in TanzaniaFinal slide statement A good example is the intended support from the private sector is the adoption of an IDSR district where the private sector employees. Another example is the intended human resource support of the private sector (nurses) used to assist the health care facilities for the registration of safe motherhood SMS messages.
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  • Real-time SMS & email alerts are generated by the system for follow-up and actionFollowing a Ministry of Health review, the IDSR system is being scaled nationally after demonstrating tangible impact on communities’ health during the pilot stageHealth facility workers report disease surveillance data by making a free call from the field using any mobile phoneDiseases reported follow WHO standards: Diseases of Public Health ImportanceEpidemic-prone DiseasesDiseases Targeted for Eradication / EliminationPilot resultsSteady increase in timeliness of weekly IDSR report submissions to 65 – 70%, and completeness of reporting to 80 - 85%District Medical Officers, and public health officials at regional and national levels learn more quickly of immediately notifiable diseases and public health disease trendsManagement and end-users in pilot district have advocated for scaling the system geographically, as well to cover more reporting elements
  • Marcos R. Mzeru: Overview of mHealth in Tanzania, Mobile Monday Dar es Salaam, April 2nd

    1. 1. mHealth in Tanzania
    2. 2. Mount Meru Regional HospitalPhoto: ALAMY
    3. 3. MOHSW is taking the lead to improve the responsiveness and reach with a focus on ‘at risk’ and ‘marginalized’ populationsPicture credits: Credits Photo (c) DavidSnyder CDC Foundation
    4. 4. A key initiative : national roll-out of the District HealthInformation System (DHIS), the official Tanzanian HealthManagement Information System (HMIS).The Tanzanian DHIS plays a critical role in monitoring andevaluation of health sector reform performance in thecountry.
    5. 5. The MoHSW often works in partnership with othergovernmental institutions, NGOs and private sectororganizations to achieve its objectives.
    6. 6. Introduction to themHealth Community of Practice
    7. 7. mHealth Community of PracticeWorkshops in Dar es Salaam and Bagamoyo
    8. 8. mHealth DefinitionMobile technology Health Care
    9. 9. mHealth projects in Tanzania• Disease surveillance• Logistics• Telemedicine• Clinical decision support• Health messaging• Community Health workers• Mobile money• More!
    10. 10. A handful of those involved in mHealth in Tanzania
    11. 11. mHealth projects in Tanzania D-Tree/UNICEF JSI / ILS Gateway Community MNCH X2 D-Tree/UNICEF MEDA ITN Phones for Health Community MNCH X2 Distribution NIH / Swiss Tropical D-tree/Pathfinder (Nationwide) D-tree/Pathfinder SMS printers for EID D-tree/CDCInstitute / IHI IMCI Facility HBCP for PLWHA SMS printers for EID HIV Triage tool xfor PLHA hospitals HBCP D-tree/CDC19 HBCPs Facility SMS for LifeSMS printers for EID All district hospitals SMS printers for EID HIV Triage tool (Nationwide)All district hospitals All district hospitals SMS printers for EID All districts hospitals SMS printers for EID Hospitals SMS printers for EID SMS printers for EID All district hospitals SMS printers for EID All district hospitals JSI / ILShospitals all districts hospitals JSI / ILS GatewayGateway JSI / ILS Gateway JSI / ILS Gateway
    12. 12. The Schistosomiasis The Schistosomiasis Consortium for Consortium for Operational Research EID SMS printers for Operational Research mHealth projects in Tanzania and Evaluation (SCORE) All district hospitals and Evaluation (SCORE)SMS printers for EID SMS printers for EIDAll district hospitals All district hospitals SMS printers for EID AllSMS printers for EID district hospitals All district hospitals D-tree/MOH D-tree/MOHSMS printers Emergency D-tree / / CRS D-tree CRS Emergency for EID Transport PMI - Transport All district Tanzanian Telemedicine Malaria hospitals iPath, IICD and Cordaid Wired Surveillance D-tree/UNICEF Facility Mothers and ELCT (Tanzania) based treatment for malnourished children PMI - (SAM) Mothers Malaria Wired Surveillance IHI Community Health Agents ITIDO NIH / Swiss Tropical Institute
    13. 13. Introduction to Public Private Partnership
    14. 14. Managed by the CDC Foundation Wednesday, April 04, 2012 Introduction to mHealth Tanzania Partnership
    15. 15. Current MoHSW mHealth Programs & ActivitiesPrograms:• Integrated Disease Surveillance and Response (IDSR) System• Core Indicator Reporting SystemActivities:• National mHealth Strategy Framework development with Community of Practice• Private sector partnership cultivation• ‘Community of Practice’ participation
    16. 16. Example of mHealth initiatives
    17. 17. Integrated Disease Surveillance Reporting Health Facility worker – Swahili voice recording free call to system from asks report questions & any mobile phone provides pre-defined responses the caller selects using numeric keypad Responses are repeated; Report Predefined alerts and ID # provided verbally and via notifications are SMS to caller automatically sent to health management officials for response Data is immediately Weekly reports and case available for notifications are analysis & automatically aggregated action
    18. 18. Thank you!