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Digital Marketing2008
Digital Marketing2008
Digital Marketing2008
Digital Marketing2008
Digital Marketing2008
Digital Marketing2008
Digital Marketing2008
Digital Marketing2008
Digital Marketing2008
Digital Marketing2008
Digital Marketing2008
Digital Marketing2008
Digital Marketing2008
Digital Marketing2008
Digital Marketing2008
Digital Marketing2008
Digital Marketing2008
Digital Marketing2008
Digital Marketing2008
Digital Marketing2008
Digital Marketing2008
Digital Marketing2008
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Digital Marketing2008


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A presentation built upon a work shop conducted for the Idaho Ski Areas Association in the spring of 2008 and adopted for resorts.

A presentation built upon a work shop conducted for the Idaho Ski Areas Association in the spring of 2008 and adopted for resorts.

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  • 1. Where to spend time, money and resources to make money in 2008
  • 2.
    • Search engine - organic, paid and internal
    • Email marketing – what constitutes email marketing? Or should we view it as email dialog/discourse? Grow email lists, increase response and conversions.
    • Social networks – blogs, videos, photos and community. What produces results and business. Immediate opportunity and related costs.
    • Distribution – RSS feed and technology, third party vendors
    • Mobile commerce and communication
    • Measuring success and ROI. Metrics?
  • 3.
    • Time – Never have enough. In season triage effect.
    • Staff – Training and turnover issues.
    • Money – Budget pressures.
    • Control – Who is in control?
    • Impact of core business – What is the impact?
    • How fast does one need to move.
    • Automation – costs vs value/ROI.
  • 4.
    • Prioritize – What comes first? Digital world role of keywords/power words.
    • Leverage existing assets – Avoid recreating content and adding extra tasks & layers.
    • Systems enabling user generated content as as a resource.
    • Know what your power value words and terms are for web based efforts. Measure in terms of visits and revenue generated.
    • Manage keywords across all content creation.
  • 5.
    • Organic first – power of words. Make these are known. Top 10, 20, 50 or maybe 100.
    • New trends – more 3, 4 and longer word precise search. Break down content and optimize accordingly. Conversions are better on longer term searches.
    • 11% of Google search traffic from page 3 listings!!!
    • Traffic related to revenue
    • What words are customers using to find you? Keywords – not too many but must be on the page.
    • Mine your own internal search words.
    • Optimize each screen.
  • 6.
    • Many web pages/screens have too much content and need to be broken down to more precise and manageable content for search engines.
    • Consider YouTube specific videos for specific packages, add descriptions and link to your product offering. On the real estate side make a video of a two bedroom condo and place it on You Tube. Do the same for rentals of properties as well.
    • Role of links for Google rankings.
  • 7.
    • What are examples? Facebook, My Space, YouTube, Blogs, Photo galleries, Twitter, Digg….
    • How many do you manage?
    • Can you use to build your own community and brand?
    • Costs? Time and Money… Avoid the blackhole
    • Impact on reaching and marketing to youth and future market. Future is now.
    • Make sure to review any one hired in PR, sales and marketing own MySpace, Facebook, web sites etc.
  • 8.
    • Start with free services – My Space, Facebook, Blogger, YouTube and place same images, content and promotions across all platforms and drive to your branded community.
    • Where to start? Google bias.
    • Make sure to use keyword rich tags.
    • Mine groups that are related to your services and market and invite them to participate in some of your contesting.
    • Look at free social network tools and applications like Ning at
  • 9.
    • Look at emails and questions you receive and respond to daily. These are great topics being driven by your guests. They are a source for FAQ’s that build and regular blog posts.
    • Press releases that are written for online posts and updates. New media and old media use search to research and find news stories.
    • Get event participants, organizers and sponsors to participate with blogs, video and photo posts. Create event specific content.
  • 10.
    • Pennsylvania, Maine, New York, Idaho, Washington all have state sites for resorts to use as a promotional vehicle.
    • Perfect laboratory – blogs, events, groups, photo and video galleries. Start now as you have resources from last winter to use for seeding purposes.
    • Each resort go and set-up groups/events, galleries and forums.
    • Use video and photos taken this winter. Invite guest submissions.
    • Mask url to match the root of your url.
    • Use to build a larger customer database.
    • Improves your search results.
    • Promote everywhere.
  • 11.
    • Visit here -
  • 12.
    • Videos – Run contests, promote, promote and promote. Engage your guests.
    • Blogs – Run contests and copy and place in several places. Which platform? Blogger, Wordpress??
    • Photo Galleries – Run contests
    • Events – Start listing events now. Get clubs and sponsors involved.
    • Groups – Every Idaho Resort should have at least one group here.
    • Forum – What are the important issues?
    • Profiles – Know who is there
  • 13.
    • Dialog or sales only? See attached worksheet on Email Message Types.
    • How much? When? Messaging? – Schedule and manage.
    • Managing the asset. Reactivation & ECOA
    • Integrating into all operations.
    • Use to create user generated content and as a feedback mechanism. Reviews & Contests.
  • 14.
    • Do they still use it?
    • Building the asset.
    • Personalization – how important?
    • Importance of testing.
    • Segmentation – different messages to different customers. How many? How to manage?
    • Automation. Where and when does it make sense? Snow reporting, add-ons for confirmed guests with weather report?
    • Thank you, invite back and surveys
  • 15.
    • Authentication – what is it and why is it becoming more important?
    • Unique email domain and its relationship to reputation and spam issues.
    • Do it yourself or ESP?
    • 70/30 content rule for email creation.
    • Video in email or links to video?
    • Build campaigns vs simple blasts.
  • 16.
    • One of most important elements for delivery and opens. Often neglected and seldom tested.
    • Test different subject lines.
    • Support the “from” – make sure they clearly know who is sending the email.
    • Increasing use of PDA’s, iphones, and handhelds.
    • Test different topics on your did not open part of file.
  • 17.
    • RSS feeds continue to be adopted and need to be part of your information distribution especially those with lodging and packages that may change frequently.
    • Expand the number of media contacts that will accept these.
    • Keeps getting easier.
  • 18.
    • Travel group – Expedia, Travelocity,, Orbitz etc.
    • Lift tickets – Liftopia, Ski Coupons, Mountain Sports Club, and more to come. Get out front and test. Use for trial and to build your database.
    • Online sales down last month, bodes poorly for overall travel sales even online.
    • Who, when and why.
  • 19.
    • Big growth opportunity long term – think of how to use to drive revenue.
    • Costs will come down. Widespread acceptance and use will grow.
    • Make sure you have critical mass and messaging to be relevant to succeed and provide ROI.
    • Start getting permission and building the database.
    • Use for emergency, weather and closure related needs.
  • 20.
    • In five months the USPS requirements for Move Update processing are changing. New requirements include NCOA for Standard Class Mail and processing within 95 days of the mail date.
    • Make sure all your customer data is clean and segmented.
  • 21.
    • Word Tracker – Tool to track frequency and results for keywords
    • Web CEO – Optimization, Keyword research, analysis, comp with different sites on traffic, search submission
    • Google Analytics – Free and a key base line
    • Google Labs – Non stop release of various tools and projects from Google. Important in a Google centric world.
    • Matt Cutts Blog – Blog from the head of Google search team. This guys leads the rule makers that make or break search results.
    • Web Pro News – Online site and free newsletter:
    • Site Pro News - Online site and free newsletter:
    • Chris Baggot – “Email Marketing by The Numbers”. Book a must read for serious email marketers.
  • 22. 825 South Broadway, Suite 25 Boulder CO 80305 303.554.0222