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Basketball powerpoint juan

Basketball powerpoint juan



Introductory basketball unit Powerpoint.

Introductory basketball unit Powerpoint.



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    Basketball powerpoint juan Basketball powerpoint juan Presentation Transcript

    • The number one goal in offense Basketball Offense Tipsis to score on the opposite team’sbasket. In order to do that, ateam must work together to getgood open shots .In order to open shots, you need Basketball offensive movesto:1. Make quick passes2. Move without the ball3. Be decisive4. Be confident5. Have sound fundamental offensive moves6. Be aggressive
    • Defense wins championships. A team orindividual that plays great defense willalways be successful.Teams:1. Individuals must work together as a unit and help each other out.2. Must communicate with each other.Defensive Strategies:Zone DefenseMan to ManIndividuals:1. Must have excellent defensive stance.2. Excellent lateral quickness (Move quickly side to side).3. Great anticipation4. Quick hands.
    • Dribbling allows a player to moveon the basketball courtDribbling should only be used ifnecessary.Key Points:• Use finger tips/pads• Flex wrist• Move forearm up and down• Do not dribble with the palms of your hands• Dribble the ball hard• Dribble the ball no higher than waist• Protect the ball at all times• Keep your eyes up
    • Passing the ball is the Detailed Passing Drillsfastest way to move theball from teammate toteammate. Teams thatpass the ball effectively arevery successful.Some basic passes include: Chest pass Bounce pass Overhead pass Baseball pass
    •  The triple threat is a basic basketball stance that all players should know. From the triple threat position one can either shoot, pass, or drive. Upon receiving the ball, a player should: 1. Bring the ball slightly back protecting it from opposing player. 2. Knees should be bent. 3. Back should be straight 4. Head should be up to read the options.
    • Click on picture to viewshort video
    • Rules Basic basketball rules: Click on the picture below to learn more aboutDribble the ball while moving basketball rules.with the ball.Can not dribble basketballafter picking up your dribble.Can not change your pivotfoot.Can only dribble with onehand at a time.Can not have contact withopposing player.Can only take two steps to dolay-ups.Can not stay in the key area formore than three seconds.