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The study of human nature and emotions through digital storytelling is an area that holds tremendous fascination for me. Which is why I co-founded in 2008. Dsplaced is an exploration of human belonging via text, video and visuals.

I created this deck to help me keep track of and maintain an alphabetical directory of similar on-going digital storytelling projects and websites.

Please send me any links to other projects or websites that you think should be in this deck:

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Digital Storytelling

  2. 2. digital storytelling The study of human nature and emotions through digital storytelling is an area that holds tremendous fascination for me. Sharing information on the internet has become second nature to us - and often we don’t pay attention or we forget that every wistful facebook status update we make, or every photograph we share, intertwines with each other and becomes a part of a scattered, collective history. I created this deck* to help me keep track of the on-going projects and websites that are celebrating these random yet magical stories by aggregating, curating and/or creating them and turning them into pieces of art. Send me any additional sites you know that should be in this collection. Thanks, Jinal Co-founder, Dsplaced * Organized Alphabetically
  3. 3. digital storytelling DEAR GOD Global project for people to share their innermost hopes- and fears- through prayer What it does: Shares voluntarily submitted prayers by people all over the world on the site. Impact: Paints a poignant yet beautiful tapestry of an individual’s desire for hope. /
  4. 4. digital storytelling DSPLACED An exploration of human belonging. / Jinal Shah & Mansi Trivedi What it does: Through voluntary submissions, Dsplaced illuminates our relationship to our homes, to a city, a country or even oneself. Impact: The resulting collection of short stories, quotes, videos and photographs paints an expressive portrait of not-completely-understood and confused feelings about an individual’s idea of home and belonging. /
  5. 5. digital storytelling HITOTOKI An online literary project collecting stories of singular experiences tied to locations in cities worldwide. / Paul Baron, Craig Mod & Chris Palmieri What it does: Publishes stories about a singular moment or an experience by outsiders visiting a new city. Impact: The result is a database of millions of human feelings that can be searched and sorted across number of demographic slices. /
  6. 6. digital storytelling LOVELINES An exploration of human desire / Jonathan Harris & Sep Kamvar What it does: Through large scale blog analysis, Lovelines illustrates the emotional landscape between love and hate via text and images. “Construed entirely from found artifacts - words and pictures posed to blogs - Lovelines draws its identity from a world of strangers brought together by shared degrees of desire. Impact: Interesting visual representation of the two most universal and extreme feelings of love and hate and all the grey shades in between. /
  7. 7. digital storytelling OPEN SOUND NEW ORLEANS Sound mapping project for the City of New Orleans What it does: An act of preservation of the New Orleans public culture. New Orleanians participate by recording the important sounds and voices in their lives. Impact: The unedited compendium of sounds and stories add an unusual and unexpected flavor, giving the listener a truly 360 experience of New Orleans, without actually being there. /
  8. 8. digital storytelling SMITH MAGAZINE Celebrates the joy of storytelling, especially 6-word memoirs / Larry Smith What it does: Site users can directly submit a story to any of Smith magazine’s on-going story projects Impact: A democratic, rich and passionate environment personifying the word participatory media. The Six- word memoirs have been turned into published collections by Harper-Perennial. /
  9. 9. digital storytelling STORY CORPS Ordinary people interview their friends and family thus creating a portrait of who we really are as Americans/ Dave Isay What it does: The heart of StoryCorps is the conversation between two people who are important to each other: a son asking his mother about her childhood, an immigrant telling his friend about coming to America Etc. Impact: A rich and diverse collection of videos that together become an extraordinary piece of oral history. The experience of recording a story for this project is extraordinarily fulfilling and therapeutic for all participants. /
  10. 10. digital storytelling WE FEEL FINE An exploration of human emotion on a global scale. / Jonathan Harris & Sep Kamvar What it does: Searches blog entries that mention, “I feel” or “I am feeling,” identifies the feeling in the phrase and represents the montage of feeling in a playful and visual manner. Impact: The result is a database of millions of human feelings that can be searched and sorted across number of demographic slices. /
  11. 11. digital storytelling SIMILAR PROJECTS: Other projects like Found magazine, Grocery Lists, 43 Things and Group Hugs collect slices of individual dreams, aspirations and daily lives (lost items, lost grocery lists, goals, confessions) to collectively tell a story.
  12. 12. JINAL SHAH Thank you