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Wrightsville Beach condos for sale are the bomb! And they offer a variety of scenarios including oceanfront, boat slips, ICW or ICWW views and walking to numerous restaurants and coffee shops not to mention short walks to the beach. The Wrightsville beach condos and townhouses range in HOA fees from $250-650/month. So you can find condos that support 25' boat slips or those that offer 55' boat slips. You can find Wrightsville Beach townhouses that are truly ocean front or that cost a fraction as much but are a short walk to the beach on Harbor Island. And some condominiums like Shell Island Resort offer great investment vacation rentals that one can use as a 2nd home while receiving big cash flow each month for much of the year.

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Ultimate guide for wrightsville beach condos for sale

  1. 1. Ultimate Guide to Buying a Wrightsville Beach Condo for Sale Building by building what are the Wrightsville Beach condos worth? What are the HOA condo fees? How much are the different size units worth in each building? What should I offer? etc.
  2. 2. Shell Island Resort Shell island Resort is known as a condotel. That is to say it is overwhelmingly owned by investors who rent their units out on vacation rental programs where a new renter (usually vacation rentals) occupies each week. They have great returns $$$$ profits, but I'll save that for another post. All the units are 2/2s. In other words they are 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and usually sleep 6-8 with oceanfront views of course. currently there 6 active listings for sale. Usually there are 4-5. What are they worth and what are the nuances?
  3. 3. All Wrightsville Beach condos for sale can be found here http://wilmington-real-estate. com/wrightsville-beach-condos-for-sale-nc-and-foreclosures/ Shell Island Resort Values Almost no banks offer mortgages on this condo, but I have a lender who does. 1. The lower floors such as 2-4 sell for $230-240,000 2. Most other floors that are interior units (not end units with beach views from 2 different sides) sell for $240-260,000. An 8th floor unit sold for $265,000 in July 2013. 3. The end units is where the values go up. Even on lower floors they can sell for upper $200 and midlevel floors and higher are worth $300,000 for the end unit Shell Island Resort Condos. Amenities and HOA: $525/month Cable, Community Pool, Ext. Bldg Maint, Fitness Center, Flood Insurance, Laundry Facility, Management Fee, Water, Other Neighborhood Amnty Exercise Room, Laundry Room, Pool
  4. 4. Wrightsville Dunes Condo Wrightsville Dunes are the bomb. They are one of the most high end condos in Wrightsville Beach. With just a few sales a year they are hard to come by. They range in square footage from 1444 up to 2240. "Community offers multiple pools, multiple private beach access, private tennis, and ample parking for owners & guests." So what are they worth and what are they closing for?
  5. 5. 1. The units with 1450-1550 square feet are listing for 675-700,000 on the 2nd floor the Wrightsville Dunes 2A and 2B units. The nuts have 2 baths. However the "Sterling Edition" units are worth $730-750,000 and have 3 full baths. 2. Top floor units on the 3rd floor are worth in the $800s and 900s. The last one closed for $900,000 but that was 2/13/2012 and prices have come down since then for the market. 3. The largest size home which is an end unit list at $1.5M but their value is up in the air right now as they sell very rarely. Amenities and HOA: $460-475/month Cable, Community Pool, Ext. Flood Insurance, Tennis, Termite Bond, Neighborhood Amnty Pool, Tennis
  6. 6. Cordgrass Bay
  7. 7. Cordgrass Bay Overlooking Wrightsville Beach “lolly pop” on the north side, the units come with community boat dock and either ownership or lease of 24’ boat slip. 2 units sold in 2012 for $550,000 (1320 square feet) and $600,000 (1556 square feet) respectively. Units with less exhilarating views list lower at $529,000 to start.
  8. 8. Duneridge Resort Almost all the units at Duneridge Resort condo are 1400 square feet. There is a larger 3 bedroom 3 bath size which is very rare with 1800 square feet.
  9. 9. Duneridge Resort 1. Mostly the units list in the 800-850 range depending on renovations and have 1400 sq ft.They are usually worth $840-850,000. Top floor units can be worth in the low 900s. 2. The last one sold for $875,000 that was a 3 bedroom unit with 1800 square feet. However as you can imagine is was not renovated at all. If it was in top condition it could have listed for $1,000,000 and sold for $950,000. In fact a smaller unit sold for $925,000 last year (prices are down since a bit), but it was renovated and on the top floor. Amenities and HOA fee: $480-$520/month 240 people Club House, Pets Ok, Pool, Tennis Community Pool,
  10. 10. The Islander Condominium The Islander Condominium condos range in size from 1100-1425 square feet. The great majority of sales are in the $500,000s.
  11. 11. The Islander Condominium 1. Units range from 1100-1482 square feet. 2. The condos are worth $500-530,000 most of the time. End units that such as the #A tier carry much more value with ocean views on 2 walls. #3A unit just closed 9/13/2013 for $600,000. 3. A higher end unit could go as high as $700,000. they are very rarely available. Amenities and HOA fee: $447/month for smaller units 1100 sq ft. and $525 for larger units. Elevator service, covered loading/unloading, ample parking On-site management, private tennis court.
  12. 12. Summer Place In this boutique condominium only 2 units sold in past year. They offer great value for those wanting to be very near one of the classiest beach on the east coast-Wrightsville Beach condos. Centrally located on the island within short walking distance to the beach, Mercer's Fishing Pier, local eateries and shops. less than 400 feet to the beach strand. 1. units are 550-575 square feet. 2. Units sell for $200-$215,000. Last unit sold in 2 weeks. Amenities and HOA fee: $378/month No amenities
  13. 13. Station One Condo Units range 942 - 1504 square feet. Most units sell $500-525,000 for the units 1100 square feet and under. You can from the photo on the next slide it has as good as a view with landscaping and pool that you can be found on the island. The larger units have sold for $849,000 and $845,000 in the Summer and Fall of 2013. They can be 3 bedroom condos or townhouses. Amenities and HOA fee: $440-610/month lush grounds, pool, clubhouse, tennis court, basketball court, stainless grille's and picnic area. garage with overflow parking for owners and guests.
  14. 14. Station One
  15. 15. Seapath Towers Seapath Towers condo is a landmark of sorts for Wrightsville Beach as it marks your entry onto the island crossing the bridge. It overlooks the ICW -- intractoastal wateway (ICWW) with gorgeous views. Some units come with boat slips and slips are available for rent as well. It truly offers a low maintenance version of the boater’s life.
  16. 16. Seapath Towers for sale Units are 1050-1100 sq ft. Usually they sell for $350-375,000. However depending on the floor and views they can sell easily for $450,000. Amenities and HOA: Fees are $375-410/month. pool, tennis, grill and picnic area, lounge w/wet bar, bike storage, plenty of parking
  17. 17. Seacrest Villas Seacrest Villas is near Seapath Towers and along Motts Channel. So top floor can have some partial water views. Walking distance to Marina district restaurants such as Bluewater Grille, etc. Located steps away from Atlantic Marine & Marine Max dry storage boating facility The lower units sell for $260,000 and the higher units if very renovated are worth $315,000. Amenities and HOA fee: $350/month. Boat slip lease available.
  18. 18. Channel Walk Channel Walk townhouses on Lees Cut off of the ICW Intracoastal Waterway offer both waterfront $$$$ and interior Wrightsville Beach townhouses for sale.
  19. 19. Channel Walk The Channel Walk townhouses have 3 tiers of value--waterfront and interior lots and interior lots with some “unobstructed” water views. The waterfront units come with 35 foot boat slips. The square footage of these units range from 1300-1800 square feet. 1. The smaller interior units are just worth around $250,000. 2. The mid-size units with some water views are $350-390,000. 3. and the larger waterfront homes that are the bomb in a class by themselves are closing for $735,000 and $775,000 in the past year. Amenties and HOA fees: Fee is $320/month and those with a boat slip pay $700/annual in addition. There is a neighborhood pool.
  20. 20. Lees Cut at Channel This townhouse community is very similar to Channel Walk sharing views of Lees Cut off the ICW. Units vary depending on lot water features.
  21. 21. Lees Cut at Channel Units range from 1385-1547 square feet. The primary distinguishing feature though is whether the unit fronts the water or not. Most units have 25’ or 30’ boat slips. The interior units are worth $460-485,000 and the waterfront units have been closing for $680,000. 2 of those sold in 2013 for same price. What is interesting is that one was listed for 699 and the other for 759,000...but both ended up at same place. The market value usually rules over any list price games.
  22. 22. Lumina Club Townhouse Townhomes come with assigned boat slips and practicall have their own private beach. Units are 1600-1800 sq ft and sell for $485,000-600,000 depending on renovations.
  23. 23. Lumina Club Townhouse
  24. 24. Moorings Condo
  25. 25. Moorings Condo This is a very small community of townhouses that boast 55 foot boat slips on Harbor Island. The price range from $500-650,000. Usually they close $575-600. A foreclosure in original condition sold $426,000 last year 2012. HOA fee is 600/month
  26. 26. Right here you can view all Oceanfront real estate in Wrightsville Beach.