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Social Media 101 - Facebook Edition
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Social Media 101 - Facebook Edition


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In this presentation I will provide you with the steps you will need to complete in order to create your own Facebook Business Page. In additional I will also speak at length to value of having a FB …

In this presentation I will provide you with the steps you will need to complete in order to create your own Facebook Business Page. In additional I will also speak at length to value of having a FB page and the benefits it can bring to your marketing and branding efforts.

Published in: Education, Technology, Business

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  • 1. Social Media 101 - Creating a Facebook Fan Page
    Attract – Convert - Repeat
  • 2. Can You Tell Me?
    How many people visit your web site daily?
    Google Analytics
    What are their ages?
    What is their education?
    Not from Google
    How can you target specific demographics?
  • 3. Facebook Fan Page
    Currently over MILLIONs of active users and still growing
    Almost half the people in the US find out about news on FB
    Average user spends 20 minutes per visit
    Check out Zappos, Reebok and Oreo
    Three different companies/markets
    All using FB to promote their brands
  • 4. Facebook Fan Page
    However, before we can live on Carefree Drive we must first stake ourselves a claim
    Let’s start by creating a Facebook Fan Page
    Fan pages are different than your personal FB page
  • 5. Creating a Facebook Business Page
    Go to
    Click on: “Create a page for a celebrity, brand or business.”
    Next, select the type of page you are going to create. Important Note: Make certain to name the page as your company name.
  • 6. Creating a Facebook Business Page
  • 7. Creating a Facebook Business Page
    Choose Business category and name
    Make certain it matches your real company name
    No limitations
  • 8. Building Your Facebook Profile
  • 9. Building Your Facebook Profile
    Provide information about your business: what you do or sell, what your mission is, and the various ways you can be contacted.
    This information should be similar if not exactly like the info on your web site that describes what your business does.
    I cannot stress enough the importance of LIMITING the amount of information here. I learned it is best to keep it short. Again, the idea is that when they are attracted to your business page it should make them WANT to go to your website for more details.
  • 10. Facebook Page Picture
    Consider modifying your company logo so that you can see the name of the business even it shrinks to smaller icon
    Facebook recommends profile pics be 200 pixels wide and height can be 3x that size, but:
    Facebook accounts for only 176 px in the thumbnail area. So, either add a 12px border to your new profile photo OR just make yourpicture 176 x 176 px [since Facebook photos are ALWAYS a square]
  • 11. Getting People To “Like” Your Company
    Why should people “like” you? Remember this is a SOCIAL network. It is always better to be “liked” than “disliked”. The more “likes” you receive will show others who may not know you that you have something of interest to others
    Another reason to be “liked” is that is helps you obtain a special Facebook URL that makes it easier for people to find you
  • 12. Getting People To “Like” Your Company
    Start “Liking” Facebook pages that are relevant to your business.
    Doing this creates links from your business page to others.
    Use @mentions in updates in order to cross promote and draw more people to your page.
    To find relevant Facebook pages begin by liking industry publications [such as NetworkWorld], advisors [Convergence Readiness] and research firms [Gartner].
  • 13. Getting People To “Like” Your Company
    Suggest your new page to all of your Facebook friends and encourage them to do the same.
    Example of Message to Send to Friends:
    “I’d like to welcome you to the new Convergence Readiness business page! Like us to be the first to hear about upcoming seminars, listen to the newest podcasts, and read in depth articles providing direction to you on the communications technology industry.”
  • 14. Facebook Administration
    By giving someone Administrator access to your Facebook page they have permission to add or edit content to it. This permission includes:
    Updating status.
    Moderating comments posted to the wall.
    Editing contents of the info tab.
    Steps to give administrative access to your account:
    Underneath profile picture click “Edit Page”
    In the left column, click “Manage Admins”
    Type in the names you wish to act as an Admin
    Note: You must already be friends with the person(s) you choose to add as admins before you give them this access.
  • 15. Facebook Administration
    Go to View Insights to gather statistics on who is viewing your content
  • 16. Facebook Administration
    Insights tells you who is viewing, when they view, how often and even gives you their basic profile
  • 17. Want to learn more?
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    Facebook Business Page