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Online Sales Routine
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Online Sales Routine


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In this 20 minute presentation I will walk you through the steps to create your own lead generation engine using standard social media and Internet tools.

In this 20 minute presentation I will walk you through the steps to create your own lead generation engine using standard social media and Internet tools.

Published in: Career, Technology, Business
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  • 1. Developing An On-Line Sales Routine
    Using Social Media as a Research and Lead Generation Tool
  • 2. On-Line Sales Routine
    Replicable steps that produces information on targeted sales opportunities
    Requires 15-20 minutes per day
    Doesn’t matter when but must be uninterrupted time
    Required Tools
    PC with Browser – Mac, Windows, Linux
    Social Media Accounts – Twitter, FB
    Social Network Accounts – LinkedIn
  • 3. On-Line Sales Routine
    Create a Research Stream
    A Set of Bookmarked web sites that you use to locate new sales opportunities
    Start with State/City DoED and DoC
    Industry Associations
    Vendors (non-technology + technology)
    Create a Value Stream
    Think of a value stream as a collection of interesting and thought provoking elements (links, white papers, RSS feeds) that others would find value with.
    It could also be Value that your company already has developed (Be Careful)
    Webinars – Articles – Promotions
    Minimal sales focus
  • 4. Research and Value Streams Examples
    Research Stream
    Value Stream
  • 5. Social Researching
    Step One: Went to my browser (social bookmarking) and looked up SC Dept. of Economic Dev. and found Beaufort Memorial Hospital under SC Businesses
    Step Two: Went to Facebook (social networking) and found Beaufort Memorial Hospital Fan Page
    Step Three: Located posting titled: “Beaufort Memorial named 2011 Most Wired Hospital”
    On-Line Sales Routine
  • 6. On-Line Sales Routine
  • 7. On-Line Sales Routine
  • 8. On-Line Sales Routine
  • 9. On-Line Sales Routine
  • 10. Social Researching
    Step Four: clicked on link which gave me the press release
    Step Five: From the press release I identified:
    Nora Kresch Director of Public Relations, her email ( , address, telephone and fax
    Ed Ricks VP of Information Technology, his email (should be same syntax as Nora’s), same address and call Nora to ask to be transferred to Ed or call the hospital’s main number and ask for Ed.
    On-Line Sales Routine
  • 11. On-Line Sales Routine
  • 12. Social Researching
    Step Six: Also found their Twitter handle @BeaufortMem and saw a Tweet about Wired Award and Mobile Hospital
    Could I have found this information on the web site? Yes. However I did not know where to begin looking until I went to a social bookmarking
    Since they posted their wired award I know technology is important and after reading the press release I know their hot topics and general IT direction
    I also know other elements of their business and can now put together a technology (and selling) strategy
    In the old days they called this a lead
    On-Line Sales Routine
  • 13. On-Line Sales Routine
  • 14. Determine if you are somehow connected with Your Research
    Step Seven: My network LinkedIn search results shows Ed Ricks is a 3rd Degree contact (will write a note to 2nd degree to get introduction)
    Step Eight: Also noticed Ed worked at Samaritan Health Systems
    Repeat for Samaritan
    On-Line Sales Routine
  • 15. I also now know what Ed looks like
    On-Line Sales Routine
    Do I also know alumni from these schools?
  • 16. On-Line Sales Routine
    Doing a FB search on Ed Ricks I came across this interesting site and information
    If he wants to make the technology easy for clinicians wouldn’t he also be likely to want communications to also be easy?
    My intro message to him should have something about this in it
  • 17. On-Line Sales Routine – Final Steps
    Step One – Get an introduction through LinkedIn – 3rdto 2nd to him
    Step Two – Write an EXTRAORDINARY introduction letter
    Step Three – Connect Them To Your Value Stream
    Step Four – Invite Them To Events
    Step Five – Ask For A Meeting
  • 18. Want to learn more?
    Sign up for our monthly on-line newsletter immediately after this class and receive a bonus presentation!
    Sign up for an instructor led virtual classroom session on this or other Readiness Education topics and receive a $250 credit!
    Thank You!
    On-Line Sales Routine