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Get SIP Smart


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  • 1. WWW.CNVRG.COM Get SIP Smart Trends and Directions of Session Initiation Protocol
  • 2. WWW.CNVRG.COMKey Discussion Points● Business cannot scale efficiency● Users have too much control and choice● Our behavior must be altered● SIP scales● SIP will move control back to IT● SIP has already changed how we work
  • 3. WWW.CNVRG.COMSIP is BIG business● SIP as a carrier service● SIP and Unified Communications● SIP and the Cloud● SIP and Mobility● SIP and Presence● SIP and Video Who’s Missing?
  • 4. WWW.CNVRG.COMSimple SIP Diagram 4
  • 5. WWW.CNVRG.COMThe Inevitability of SIP in Business● The IBM model of the 70’s was to centralize computing ● Specialized cable plant ● Access provided through ASCI terminal ● A HARDWARE GAME● The Microsoft model of the 80’s was to decentralize computing ● Specialized devices ● Extended/remote access ● A SOFTWARE GAME● The model of today is to centralize EVERYTHING ● Maintain business intelligence locally ● Enabled through ANY IP device ● AN ACCESS GAME
  • 6. WWW.CNVRG.COMThe VALUE of SIP in Business● Bandwidth Management ● Session Initiation Protocol equalizes communications● Access Uniformity ● Moving from Device to User based communications● Simplification ● Moving the complexity back into the cloud● Presence ● If you knew where and how a person was communicating would you alter the way you reach out to them?
  • 7. WWW.CNVRG.COMThe Basics of SIP Communications
  • 8. WWW.CNVRG.COM The Future of Unified Communications Source Gartner Jan 2010
  • 9. WWW.CNVRG.COMThere are simply too manyways for us to communicate
  • 10. WWW.CNVRG.COMUnifying Communications with SIP● Presence is a key element in Unified Communications● It is also a fundamental component of SIP● The SIP Trifecta ● Carrier Push ● Application Pull ● Business Need● SIP doesn’t care ● Vendor agnostic
  • 11. WWW.CNVRG.COMThe Future and SIP● When we unify every device, won’t we also unify how we access our business intelligence?● Once we move applications into the Cloud how will we “dial”?● If my IP connected device doesn’t have a keyboard how do I “type”?● How will I maintain my personal space?● What happens when applications become “smarter”?
  • 12. WWW.CNVRG.COMThe Future and SIP● Our work will NOT be defined by our location
  • 13. WWW.CNVRG.COMThe Future and Communications
  • 14. WWW.CNVRG.COMFuture Direction and Motivation● Noise management will become a higher priority in our lives ● Headset technology will become the norm and maybe even sexy● Primary use of travel will become leisure ● Business will move to online B2B and B2C ● Applications like web.alive will replace travel● Business will focus on Bandwidth utilization ● Bandwidth is not unlimited or free
  • 15. WWW.CNVRG.COMAgents of Change● Comfort the Emotional ● Change is never an easy thing to accept ● SIP takes back the complexities that modern communications has placed on the end user● Feed the Rational ● Getting from here to there is never easy ● SIP provides a migration between the current and the future● Herald the Champion ● Success will require a hero ● Presence is that champion that will replace complexity with simplicity
  • 16. WWW.CNVRG.COMEver Hear Of Augmented Reality?Overlaying Data ElementsOnto Your Mobile Device