Influence - Creating Your Target Messages
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Influence - Creating Your Target Messages



Quality Leads begin with Quality Preparation. Here are the steps to serve up quality leads: ...

Quality Leads begin with Quality Preparation. Here are the steps to serve up quality leads:
1. Defining your targeted audience(s) (forget cold calling)
2. Create your target message(s) (Engaging and Relevant)
3. Create you message templates (scripts, email and elevator pitch)

In this presentation we will show you how to create your target message and attract more leads.



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  • This presentation is part of my INFLUENCE Sales Readiness Education program. If you would like to view the INFLUENCE program in its entirety please go to my web site and click on the PROGRAMS tab
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  • Welcome to Creating Your Target Message(s)I am Jim Sevier, Founder and CEO of Convergence Readiness, Inc. and this is audio-enabled content I have created in support of my INFLUENCE sales program. The information included in this presentation is meant to educate sales teams on the practice of creating customized messages for each of their identified target audiences completed in the Day 1 activities.If you haven’t completed Day 1, I would recommend you go back and finish that activity as you will need it to complete the activity I have scheduled for you in today’s content. As always if you have any questions or need further clarification of any of the elements in this module you can set up a personal mentoring session with me by emailing me at
  • Value: It makes a connection seem more personal and well thought out. “Dear Sir becomes Hello Frank” “Our solution improves your world” becomes “We can expect to see a 20% increase in productivity.”Necessity: How do you know if you message is effective? By customizing your message to targeted audiences you can tell by responses if your message is being heard and acted upon. If you do an ad in a journal how do you know if the right people are even looking at it.There are actually many more than 5 Target messages. For the purpose of this educational element I are going to focus on the 5 most common. It will help you focus and afterward, once you have experience, you can play with the others.In this program I will show you how to build the framework for your target message. Think of it as your core message. Once we have it we can then customize it further by matching it to our target audience age, gender, geography, etc., In addition, I will also show an example message build out.
  • The 5 most common messagetemplates are shown here. Remember, this isn’t our message but the beginning of our message. Through experience you will learn when and where to use it one. For the purpose of this educational element I will get you closer to knowing which to select but in the end you will simply choose the one that you “feel” most comfortable with.And yes, in the process of developing a lead I have actually delivered all 5 of these messages until finding the one that the lead also connected with. Again, an experience thing which will come once we build our sales engine.
  • Most of these messages are straight forward and easy to understand. Why did I describe them as offensive or defensive strategies? The reason is simple. At any given time during the life of a company it has either played offense or defense and, on occasion, it has played both. When times are tough companies tend to go into defensive mode. When times are better they tend to be offensive in nature.
  • The remaining two Target messages round out the five. You may have noticed more defensive than offensive target messages. That is because companies tend to be on the ropes more than they are flush with cash and market dominance.So how do we know when a company is playing Offense or Defense? Simple we go online and look it up.BTW – If you are wondering which message I use most often when I sell it is the Cost Message. Even if a company is in an Offensive posture it will never turn down reducing the cost of doing business as it only improves their margins.
  • Determining whether an industry or company is playing offense or defense can be found through some simple Internet searches.To begin start with your target audience industry. Is it growing, staying flat or declining? This is where your Internet presence will come in handy. Go to your browser and locate industry articles relating to our current economic climate. If it were me I would type something like:Retail Industry status 2012Or you could also useRetail Industry current market conditionsYou should be able to find an article or two on the current condition of the retail industry. To further drill down your results you could also put in a geographic locale to further define your resultsRetail Industry Status Dallas TX 2012[If you are in sales and do not possess the skills to search I recommend you find a book on Amazon about Internet Searching and become very good at it. It will save you many hours of search time over the course of a year.]You should now have a few articles to help you understand whether the Retail industry is growing [offense], staying flat [defense] or in decline [also defense] There you go you should now know at least which message group to choose.One final note. Do NOT use a company’s web site (unless it an industry analyst) to determine market conditions. For the simple reason that looks can be deceiving. Just because a houses lawn is mowed and the hedges are trimmed doesn’t mean the rooms inside are as equally well taken care of.
  • In the activity for Day 1 you should have completed a target audience description. You will need it now so you can build your core target message. If you completed more than one just pick one for the purpose of this exercise.In this activity I have showed you an example. I selected the Efficiency Message for the purpose of showing you how to create your target message. After selecting a message template I went to see what marketing was already in use that had an efficiency theme. This type of repurposing can save you loads of time and helps ensure you are working in step with your companies direction. Now that I have an existing efficiency message from marketing I need to spice it up. Basically, it needs to sound more human and engaging so I added to it an element of current events. The Target Message now takes on a more of a conversational tone which will help me in tomorrows exercise when we build our Target Message Scripts.
  • Now we need to make our Target Message Relevant. It needs to beg someone to ask “Why” or “What do you mean by that”. In short it should be designed to elicit a conversation.Remember the definition of relevance. For the purpose of lead generation and sales it is “the ability to simultaneously convey the past, present and future value of an idea.”This is where a Thesaurus comes in handy. The key to making an idea relevant is to shorten its length by using BETTER words. By better I mean more interesting and thought provoking. Better words convey an idea without giving away it the value. Better words hint at the value which causes your audience to ask themselves (and hopefully you) for clarification and meaning.I like to keep relevant target messages to under 10 words. Don’t sweat it if this is not a core strength. Get with your marketing team and run them through this exercise and they should be able to get you what you need.In the end you should have a core message similar to the one I create for headset technologies. Now if you are thinking “Look Jim, I am a sales person. If I could do this I would be a Marketing person. This is not a good use of my time to develop these messages.” allow me to give you three reasons why I believe EVERY person in sales should possess at least some amount of these skills.Reason #1 – Marketing works for the business owner not for the Sales department. Yeah in a perfect world they are talking things out with sales but in reality they market – you sell. I have found that if you wait around for help it usually doesn’t come before my next funnel review.Reason #2 – My words carry more weight because I feel them. If I create the words I use to convey my message than they will sound more confident than reading someone else's words.Reason #3 – Sales is a lonesome job. You are usually out in the field more than nearly everyone in the office. Which means to a certain degree you need to be self-sufficient. Think of these message development skills as your Swiss Army Knife. It will help you with so many elements of your sales you will find you cannot live without it.Lastly, once you create your first target message run it by your sales director. It is always good to have another pair of eyes on these things and they can help ensure the message still has the company “feel” about it.
  • Thank you for completing this next in a series of activities in the Influence Sales Readiness Program.Please take a minute to earn some quick rewards by commenting, connecting or passing along more content to customers and peers. And if you aren’t already a member of Readiness Education, please take a minute to connect so that you can receive these elements directly in your email inbox.

Influence - Creating Your Target Messages Influence - Creating Your Target Messages Presentation Transcript

  • WWW.CNVRG.COMCreating Your Target Message(s) A Readiness Education Element for Sales Lead Generation Email me at:
  • WWW.CNVRG.COMOur Agenda● Why have a Target Message? ● The value and necessity● The 5 Most Common Target Messages ● Match EXACTLY what you say to each target audience● Create Your Own Target Message(s) ● Message Framework ● Examples Email me at:
  • WWW.CNVRG.COMThe 5 Most Common Target Messages● 5 Common Messages ● I can improve efficiency ● I can reduce risk ● I can effect positive change ● I can increase revenue ● I can reduce cost● The key is knowing which to lead with and when to initiate the remaining ● Also which to leave out Email me at:
  • WWW.CNVRG.COMThe 5 Most Common Target Messages● Efficiency Message ● Defensive play ● Improve output per employee● Risk Message ● Defensive play ● Minimize exposure● Change Message ● Offensive Play ● Proactive move to gain tactical advantage Email me at:
  • WWW.CNVRG.COMThe 5 Most Common Target Messages● Revenue Message ● Offensive Play ● Grow market share – extend competitive lead● Cost Message ● Defensive Play ● Decrease cost per transaction● The trick is in determining whether to play offense or defense Email me at:
  • WWW.CNVRG.COMOffense or Defense?● Check for signs of life ● Internet can provide intelligence● Press releases ● Are the hiring or making acquisitions (offense) ● Are the closing locations or consolidating (defense)● Industry articles ● Is there industry under siege (defense) ● Is their industry seeing growth (offense)● WEB site is not a credible resource ● Putting on a good face Email me at:
  • WWW.CNVRG.COMCreate Your Own Target Message● Choose a message template based on your research ● For this exercise I will use the Efficiency message● Then begin by Repurposing ● Start with your own marketing ● “Our headset technology has proven to increase productivity by 23.5% per employee.”● Spice it up ● Include current events (Be engaging) ● “Increasing use of mobile business devices offer the greatest opportunity for increased productivity through the use of our headset technology. Our customers have seen increases by as much as 23.5%.” Email me at:
  • WWW.CNVRG.COMCreate Your Own Target Message● Finish it Off ● Make them Think (be Relevant) ● Efficiency in the Agile Business Age: The Simple Genius of Quiet● This is your Core Message ● Try altering this message for a Revenue message ● We will adapt this core message to match our target audience in the next activity Email me at:
  • WWW.CNVRG.COMExtraordinary Life Altering Content and Education Since 2005● Learn more at: ● My programs ●● Read more at: ● My blog ●● Become a member at ● Email me at: