Avaya Sales Education Overview


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In this 15 minute audio enable presentation I will outline the Avaya Sales Education program and show you how it can help you generate immediate and lasting revenue for Small, Mid-sized and Enterprise markets.

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  • Hello and thank you for taking a few minutes to understand more about this exciting sales program.Sales Education for Avaya Solutions is a unique and valuable resource for anyone looking to start selling, expand existing sales or simply looking for a program for new hires or continual education for existing selling teams.I have developed this content from my over 25 years selling in the communications technology industry with 13 years of that selling and supporting Avaya technology. If you haven’t been in one of the many educational elements I produce each year let me again welcome you and take a moment to get you familiar with my style.First of all I like to take a field approach to education. That is, making the education credible, presentable, engaging and relevant so sellers can hit the ground running. I also want it to be something they can do WHILE they are in the field so I produce my content in ways that make it easy to download or view from any Internet connected browsing device including smartphones.Finally I want my training to have an immediate positive effect on revenue generation. Which is why I include a 5 day quick start programSo again, thank you for your time and I am looking forward to having you part of this unique Sales Readiness program!
  • Over the course of the next year I will be rolling out new training specifically designed for selling Avaya solutions.Why? Avaya continues to demonstrate its ability to support business in its efforts to improve operational efficiency and increase revenues.In addition, I have spent the last 6 years owning and operating my own small business and I have come to appreciate the value that Avaya solutions offer. Not because I am using their solutions, but because I am having to piece together solutions from various providers to make my communications seamless and efficient. Bottom line: I have come to understand the feelings and frustrations small business owners are facing each day by simply trying to compete in today’s opportunistic economy. I am using that knowledge, along with my over 13 years experience selling and supporting Avaya and delivering it in this Readiness Education program to show sellers how to truly connect to and convey the value available from Avaya.Let’s take a closer look at the program, its highlight and the value it can bring to your funnel.
  • The very first week is the most important time when learning how to integrate a new solution into your selling process.This course was designed from the ground up to provide everything a seller would need to start producing revenue and developing quality Avaya leads.Finally, as a seller and manager of sellers, I understand the IMPORTANCE of getting a quick start. However there needs to be more to it than that otherwise you will not retain the knowledge you learned up front. Which is why this solution targets both elements of successful education: Quick Start combined with Continual Education. The uniqueness of this program is that I took it one step further by making all of the content and materials accessible in both computer and smartphone technologies. Now sellers can get the training they need WHILE they are in the field selling.And yes, it is necessary that ALL sellers taking this program have a cellular data plan to do Internet browsing!
  • The quick start element is designed in a sequence that supports the learning process. It all starts with learning the importance of what you sell. It then focuses on locating the easiest target to present your knowledge to. It then shows you the message that will improve your likeliness of getting your audience to engage. Then we translate those messages into various formats to start the lead generation process. Finally we look back into our existing funnel and find Avaya elements that can be added into existing opportunities. In short; get you earning, get you an audience, get you a message, start engaging and start expanding in 5 days!The elements for each Day’s instruction include audio enabled presentation instruction along with activities and objectives which require a small amount of additional work on the part of the student.The reason for this can be found in what I cannot teach. Motivation is something that the student must bring to the table in order to achieve the maximum results of this program. Which is why I include additional reading and/or research in each days events. I have intentionally kept the training short. The entire education each day is designed so that the average student should not have to spend more than 1 hour to complete.
  • Sellers need to sound credible. Knowledge of the solution is a key part of that credibility. Unfortunately most technologies take a few months for sellers to learn as they contain many discrete elements and configurations.My program delivers only the most important information about each technology up front and produces it in custom one-sheet briefs that help sellers understand the BUSINESS VALUE of the technology first. I also focus on establishing a baseline of knowledge that describes why the technology exists, its evolution to date and future paths it can take.Finally I professionally produce short (5 minute) audio-enabled presentations stepping the student (or customer) through the key elements that make the technology noteworthy.Until sellers have the experience they will get over time, this element will ensure they have a credible appearance in front of prospective customers.
  • Too many times sellers default into technical jargon in order to gain a foothold in a new account. It is understandable but will inevitably lead to having to spend more time digging yourself out from the hole you created in order to access higher decision makers. This is a key element to this program as we show students how to translate the technical aspects of the Avaya solutions into business and financial language. However, in order to ensure the words we use fall correctly on the right ears we have to formulate thought provoking questions and impact statements that drive a call to action. (i.e. returned calls, meetings, etc.)In addition I also provide an element of basic business and financial best practices so that students can fell comfortable speaking to senior level business professionals.
  • In Hollywood the saying goes “You can’t make a good movie out of a bad script. But you can make a bad movie out of a good script.”Presentation is another aspect of my program as it ensures that the words you say don’t drown out the message you are trying to convey.That is why I have professional produced audio-enabled presentation that allow you to hear the instruction directly from me. With my words and emphasis. I have found this to be an excellent tool in improving message retention as well as helping students learn the basic skills of message delivery.Having these recorded elements also helps student review and get answers on elements they may have missed.They are also available online, through any browser, computer or Smartphone device
  • No quick start would be complete without showing you how to start your lead engine. By the time you get to this element in day 4 you will have already completed locating your target audience and will already have your message in hand.Now we need to produce the elements that you will use in getting your message out to new opportunities. In addition, I have also included some short social text elements if you are already engaged socially in your industry.Finally I have recorded the elevator pitches so that you can hear me give them as though I was talking directly to a potential opportunity.
  • As I have eluded to earlier this would be for naught iff students didn’t have the opportunity to come and go at their own schedules to receive the ongoing education to continue their growth.I have done some research and have not seen these elements in the training solutions offered. For the life of me I cannot understand why. The push technologies exist and are being used in other ways so it came to me why not create this program to take advantage of them.In the end it will be up to each student to take advantage of these tools and carve out their time each day/week/month to complete the one hour assignments. However, having them available is a big step in the education process as it answers one of the most perplexing questions facing sellers today. “Is it better to get the training you need to succeed in the field, or is it better to be in the field getting experience selling?” With Sales Education from Convergence Readiness, Inc. You can HAVE BOTH!
  • So allow me to make my final points: You need the means to start building your Avaya practice. This program does that for both quick start and continual education You need to have the right message delivered to right audience in a way to get them to engage. This program provides it to you You need to keep your sellers in the field and they need to get training. My unique hybrid education elements do just that.So what are you waiting for. Get signed up today!
  • Avaya Sales Education Overview

    1. 1. WWW.CNVRG.COM Sales Education for Avaya Solutions Sales Program Overview Jim Sevier, CEO Convergence Readiness, Inc.[To learn more about Jim, click on his picture]
    2. 2. WWW.CNVRG.COMSales Education for Avaya Solutions● Custom Readiness Education programs designed for selling: ● Avaya Unification ● Avaya Conferencing and Collaboration ● Avaya Contact Centers ● Avaya Networking ● Avaya Small & Midsize Business● Quick Start program with Continual Education● Education accessible while in the field
    3. 3. WWW.CNVRG.COMProgram Overview● Sales Education for Avaya Solutions is designed to deliver IMMEDIATE selling results.● This program includes: ● 5 Day “Quick Start” training ● Simplified Technology Overviews ● Business Level talking Points ● Audio-enabled Presentations (with notes) ● Complete Lead Generation Instruction ● Unique Live, Virtual and Mobile delivery options Heard enough? Sign up today!
    4. 4. WWW.CNVRG.COM5 Day Quick Start Element● Sales Education for Avaya Solutions gets you earning revenue and building your Avaya voice funnel by focusing on: ● Day 1 – Making you Credible ● Simplified Avaya Voice Solution overview for Sales ● Choose from SME, Mid-Size or Enterprise Solutions ● Day 2 – Locating Your Target ● Pre-defined target audience description ● Day 3 – Creating Your Message ● Have an engaging message that will get you a meeting ● Day 4 – Start Engaging ● Pre- defined Lead generation components ● Scripts, Talking Points, Email templates, Presentations, Social Text ● Day 5 – Expanding Your Existing Funnel ● Using Multi-dimensional Sales techniques Heard enough? Sign up today!
    5. 5. WWW.CNVRG.COMSimplified Technology Overview● Sales Education for Avaya Solutions gives you the information you need to be credible selling Avaya voice technology ● Short background on the technology, its evolution and direction ● 1 page custom Avaya solution briefs that are written in plain English targeting your specific audience ● Short 5 minute Audio-enable presentations walking you (and your customer) through the key elements Heard enough? Sign up today!
    6. 6. WWW.CNVRG.COMBusiness Level Talking Points● Sales Education for Avaya Solutions provides you with the language that will connect you to senior level decision makers ● Translating technical jargon into business and financial language ● Thought leadership principles delivered with impact statements ● Simple yet complete overview of common business and financial practices Heard enough? Sign up today!
    7. 7. WWW.CNVRG.COMAudio Enable Presentations● Sales Education for Avaya Solutions allows you to hear directly from the experienced sales resource who created the content ● Helps you validate the context of the education ● Improves your retention of the message ● Also includes notes ● Replay at your convenience ● Professionally produced Heard enough? Sign up today!
    8. 8. WWW.CNVRG.COM Complete Lead Generation Instruction ● Sales Education for Avaya Solutions delivers the elements you will need to start your Avaya lead engine ● Audience and Message definitions ● Talking Points ● Scripts ● Email Templates* ● Social Text ● Presentation material ● Elevator Pitch* - Templates are provided in Microsoft Outlook format Heard enough? Sign up today!
    9. 9. WWW.CNVRG.COMUnique Hybrid Delivery Mechanism● Sales Education for Avaya Solutions has been designed to provide you the education you need to succeed WHILE you are in the field selling ● Virtual Interactive Education (web.alive) ● Internet (browser) enabled content ● Formatted for mobile (Smartphone) delivery ● Accessible 24x7x365 with your unique login Heard enough? Sign up today!
    10. 10. WWW.CNVRG.COMConclusions and Final Thoughts● Sales Education for Avaya Solutions gives you the answers and education you need to start building your Avaya business.● Sales Education for Avaya Solutions focuses on the complete message that will get you an audience with the right people● Sales Education for Avaya Solutions starts fast, gets you making money and then keeps you in the field while increasing your Avaya sales experience What are you waiting for? Sign up today!