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  • 1. English Language ImprovementProgramme ReportFinote Selam CTE
  • 2. The English Language Improvement Centre at Finote Selam CTE• A new open-access ELIC centre is nowin operation, which includes computers,printers, television, DVD player, musicsystem, some books and games.•New English books have beenpurchased for the library and ELICCentre.•A new ELIC committee has beenestablished.
  • 3. English Day at Finote Selam CTE•A special English day has beenheld, where all sessions werecentred around England andEnglish.•The English Day FlagCeremony now places moreemphasis on staff and studentscommunicating in English.
  • 4. College Clubs at Finote Selam CTE• Five new clubs have been started at the college this year(three run by college staff and two by volunteers).•Journalism, Discussion, Debating, Speaking and Listening andICT
  • 5. School Clubs at Finote Selam CTE•English Clubs have been provided for grade 4/5/6children in two primary schools, focusing on developingtheir speaking and listening skills.• The secondary school has been supported withimplementing the British Council listening clubs.
  • 6. English Training at Finote Selam CTE • Training has been provided for third year practicum students on teaching English using songs and games. •Training has also been provided for the 13 cluster school schools linked to the college on the same topic. During the workshops we took teachers into the classrooms and practically demonstrated with grade 1-4 children.
  • 7. English support at Finote Selam Prison • Demonstration English lessons have been provided for the prison school.
  • 8. Next priorities• Move into the new college building and set up a listeninglaboratory.•Make the ELIC more sustainable, by appointing a studentto keep the centre open.•Increase the number of college students attending ELICclubs.•Provide ELIC training for administrators.