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  • 1. By:Jaime Sciarrino
  • 2. I picked the topic of parent-teen relationships. I picked this topic because in the book Twisted Tyler didn’t have a good relationship with his parents. Through out the book there were many different conflicts. I explored reasons why conflicts may occur and how to fix your relationship with your parents.
  • 3.
    • Teens push for more independence.
    • Conflicts occur when teens push for more freedom then there parents feel they can handle.
    • Parents just want to protect there kids from mistakes that they themselves made as a teen.
    • Parents impose rules that they expect there teens to comply with. (stress)
  • 4. 94% of teens who took this survey had siblings.
  • 5.
    • *Parent is using the child as a substitute for an adult friend.
    • ~If your parent is telling you too much or depending on you excessively for companionship, you need to say so.
    • *Parent talks to you in a way that makes you think badly of yourself
    • ~Calmly speak to them and explain that how they speak to you affects how you see yourself. (Meyer)
  • 6.
    • Being positive, understanding and accepting of your parent(s) will make a difference regardless of whether your having difficulty with your parents.
    • Try to stay in touch with your feelings by talking them out with your parent(s). (Meyer)
  • 7.
    • *56% of teens said they can not talk to there parents about everything.
    • *Some topics they can not talk about is boys and sex.
    • *Some said they couldn’t talk to there parents about anything.
  • 8.
    • *You may not always see eye to eye.
    • *They get on your case and nerves sometimes.
    • *Your parent(s) want to help and understand you but it may not always seem that way. (Meyer)
  • 9.
    • Taking care of a family is difficult and complex responsibility. This can make it difficult to get a long at times.
    • Three mental tools to use when trying to deal with your parents:
    • ~Have a positive attitude despite a difficult situation.
    • ~Bring sincerely understanding of your parent(s) and any hardships they may be going through
    • ~Accept your parent(s) for who they are. (Meyer)
    Dealing with your parents
  • 10.
    • *78% of teens said there parents jobs do not interfere with there relationship.
    • *83% of teens get along with there moms while only 67% get along with there dads.
  • 11.
    • * Trusting another person-even someone in your family isn’t necessarily easy.
    • *In order to trust someone you need to be able to understand them first.
    • *Sharing your feelings with your parent(s) is a good way to communicate and build trust. (Meyer)
  • 12.
    • 78% of teens say they trust there parents and there parents trust them.
  • 13.
    • 56% of teens say they depend on there parents while 44% think they are independent.
    • 78% say they feel there parents can provide then with what they need(food, shelter).
  • 14.
    • *Know what they like, how they think and how they feel about what’s happening in there lives.
    • *Imagine what they say to themselves/ about themselves.
    • *Speak the truth to them in a way they can hear it, clearly and gently.
    • *Have fun with them.
    • *Treat them as equals.
    • (Squidoo)
  • 15.
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