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Information of all the USA country

Information of all the USA country

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  • 1. About the USA By Jordi Sch
  • 2.  The capital of the USA is Washington DC. But the largest city is New York. More than 19.9 million of people live in New York. Washington DC New York
  • 3.  The longest river in the USA is the Missouri River. It’s about 3.767 km long.Missouri River
  • 4. WASHINGTON DC It’s the capital of the USA. More than 6 million people live in Washington DC. Washington is located in the District of Columbia. A lot of importan buildings and monuments are in Washington DC: the Capitol, the White House,the Lincon Memorial,the Washington monument.... Capitol
  • 5. AMAZING CONSTRUCTION I think that the most amaizing construction in the USA is the the Empire State Building. Empire State Building
  • 6. INTERESTING CONSTRUCTION I think that the most interesting construction in the USA is the Lincoln Memorial. Lincoln Memorial
  • 7. MY FAVOURITE CITY My favourite city in the USA is Las Vegas. Las Vegas Strip
  • 8. LAS VEGAS Las Vegas is located in Nevada. It’s the most popular city in Nevada. A lot of luxurious hotels are in Las Vegas: the Bellagio, the Circus Circus, the Luxor, the Miragre, the Caesars Palace, the Paris, the Treasure Island, the Planet Hollywood,...
  • 9. LAS VEGAS HOTELS Treasure Island Mirage Bellagio Mandalay Bay
  • 10. Paris Luxor Planet Hollywood
  • 11.  PowerPoint: Jordi Sch