Cassidy Turley Global Rebrand 100 Award

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Cassidy Turley Global Rebrand 100 Merit Award

Cassidy Turley Global Rebrand 100 Merit Award

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  • 2. REBRAND™ is the world's leading resource focused on effective brand transformations. The annual, juried REBRAND 100® Global Awards is the first and most respected recognition for repositioned brands. Cassidy Turley was recognized as a 2011 Global Merit Winner. To learn more visit
  • 3. Industry Setting In 2009, four commercial real estate firms merged to create Cassidy Turley. Serving much of the east coast and Midwest under the Colliers brand, these firms merged to form Cassidy Turley. In early 2010, firms from New Jersey, San Diego, San Francisco, Phoenix, Denver and Louisville joined Cassidy Turley. Challenge While under the Colliers brand, the individual firms had each developed unique visual system elements, and each subsequent market that joined had either its own brand, or followed the former guidelines of its former national brand. The new visual system needed to unite the firms under one common look and feel. Strategy The company was named Cassidy Turley, formed from two names from the company's rich history. The bright green ‘edge’ mark, symbolizes the edge that Cassidy Turley provides to their clients by combining their deep connections to their clients, community and industry with the customized solutions they provide. In addition, we gave Cassidy Turley a smart, sophisticated system that elevates them above the competition. The ‘edge’ graphic, green and grey color system, use of clear space, and refined typography carry across all communications. A refreshing break in a category known for clutter. Result Cassidy Turley launched the new brand in early 2010 and the industry is taking notice. Industry sources are ranking Cassidy Turley among the elite leaders and more local firms continue to join.
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    • The “Edge” symbol conveys the combination of the connections Cassidy Turley has with its clients, community and industry and the customized solutions they provide.
    • This combination gives both Cassidy Turley and its clients an edge in the commercial real estate category.
    • The “Edge”—which appears in bright green to represent the company’s innovative, tailored solutions—inspires a proprietary graphic element used to link all of the company’s communications.
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  • 17. Credits Client: Cassidy Turley - Chief Marketing Officer: Jim Schmiedeskamp Strategy: Patrice Kavanaugh Corporate Identity: Interbrand - Creative Director: Kurt Munger Designers: Sylvia Vaquer, Alan Lum Brand Research: John Rogers, The Martec Group