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Ib review   1 Ib review 1 Presentation Transcript

  • Realm of physicsSI units – fundamental – kg, s, m, amp, mole, K -derived – Newton composed of kg, s, m - watt, joule, coulomb, volt, ohmKg2 lb myard N appleOrders of magnitude – powers of ten
  • In the study of the motion of fluids we often refer to their“viscosity” (symbol η). The following formula gives a method of measuring viscosity F = 6πηrv F represents a force r represents a distance v represents a velocity This means that the units of viscosity (η) are A. Ns-1m-2 B. Nm-2s C. N-1m2s-1 D. kgm-2s
  • Error•systematic - caused by flawed devices, uncalibrated,cannot be reduced by more trials, affects theaccuracy Evidence: a graph that should hit the origin is off2) random - affects the precision, more trials canhelp this Evidence – points are scattered around the best fitline View slide
  • UncertaintiesHow determined:analog (meterstick, grad cyl)- half the smallest divisiondigital – the smallest scale divisionUncertainty in a calculated value = sum of % uncertainties View slide
  • Uncertainty in mass is 5%, speed is 10%What is the uncertainty in momentum (p=mv) andkinetic energy (1/2 mv2)? The lengths of the sides of a 5 0 ± 0 ·5 m m rectangular plate are measured, and the diagram shows the 2 5 ± 0 ·5 m m measured values with their uncertainties. Which one of the following would be the best estimate of the percentage uncertainty in the calculated area of the plate? A. ±0·02% B. ±1% C. ±3% D. ±5%
  • Vector ScalarDisplacement DistanceVelocity SpeedAcceleration MassForce EnergyMomentum TempAny field strength VoltageAdding and subtracting – tip to tailResolving into components
  • Which one of the following is not a vector quantity? A. velocity B. work C. weight D. acceleration.
  • Masses (kg)Universe 1050Sun 1030Earth 1024Virus 10-21Hydrogen atom 10-27Electron 10-30
  • Lengths (m)Distance to edge of universe 1026Distance to nearest star 1016Diameter of solar system 1013Distance to sun 1011Radius of earth 107Size of hydrogen atom 10-10Size of nucleus 10-15Size of proton 10-17
  • Time (s)Age of universe 1018Age of earth 1017Time of travel by light to nearest star 108One year 107One day 105Period of a heartbeat 1Period of red light 10-15Passage of light across a nucleus 10-24