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Ap physics info sheet


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Ap physics info sheet

  1. 1. AP Physics Mr. SawyerAP Physics is a college level calculus based physics course that focuses entirely on mechanics. The range oftopics includes one, two and three dimensional motion, dynamics and force analysis, momentum, energy,rotational motion and harmonic motion.Pre requisite: successful completion of Regents PhysicsStrongly encouraged: successful completion of Pre-Calc and current enrollment in AP CalculusStudents currently enrolled in Pre-Calc will require additional study as students are expected to know the basicsof derivatives and integrals.The AP Physics test in May is considered by many to be (along with Calculus) the hardest AP exam andcolleges are becoming more and more resistant to giving college credit to anything less than a 5. While successon the AP test is, of course, important, the greater value of the AP Physics course is being exposed to collegelevel physics at the high school level which will give a great advantage to students who choose to take physicsin college. It is also a credit to the student who decides, in his senior year, to take this difficult course as anelective.Class is conducted daily where the student is expected to attend and be prepared with notebook, scientificcalculator and pen. Homework is given and expected to be done the next day. Homework that is not done thenext day will receive a grade of zero.Extra help is available both before and after school Monday through Friday.If a student is absent, he or she is responsible for making arrangements to make up all work missed.Grades are computed on the following basis:Summative Assessments 50% (Chapter tests, quizzes, mini-quests)Formative Assessments 20% (Homework)Benchmark Assessment 10% (Unit tests, given once near the end of each marking period)Lab Reports 20%Mini-quests are 2 pt tasks that are easily attainable. Some may consist of a one question quiz given during alecture, having a calculator on a pre-announced day, signing this sheet and returning it.I may be contacted at Albany High School at jsawyer@albany.k12.ny.us. Other info can be found atwww.sawdogfiziks.weebly.com which is a website that is still under construction but that will allow forstudents to see what they’ve missed when absent.Please sign this information sheet and return. I copy of it can be found on the website.Student signature ______________________ Parent signature____________________________ Parents, if you would prefer to be contacted by e-mail, please supply your email address below.