Measure Influence and Convert Facebook Fans to Leads
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  • 1. John D. Saunders
  • 2.  So, you have all the ingredients for a great looking Facebook Page:  Timeline Banner  Profile Photo (show company logo)  Facebook Tabs  Website URL  Company InfoOk…Now What?
  • 3.  Facebook Promotions can: ◦ Boost “Likes” ◦ Increase engagement ◦ Convert page “Likes” to leads ◦ Build Active Fan Base  Facebook FORBIDS business page owners from promoting their giveaways through Facebook. However, there are several third party social marketing tools/platforms that business page owners can use to promote on Facebook. Example tools: Wildfire, SproutSocial and Offerpop
  • 4.  Social Marketing Platform ◦ Easy to use, inexpensive & user-friendly ◦ Allows user to create a sign up form on Facebook that captures as much or as little information about your fans as you choose. ◦ Records all of your sign up leads into a .csv file for when promo is completed. ◦ Offerpop offers several categories for your promo:  Tug of War  Sign Up  Referral  Photo Contest We’ll focus on Referral…
  • 5.  Referral encourages your Facebook Fans to sign up for your promotion, but also encourages them to recruit their friends. Once a fan completes the sign up entry, they are given a unique URL to share with their friends. Once they reach a referral goal they will unlock an additional prize/deal. ◦ This adds an incentive to share the promo
  • 6.  Lets use an example promotion called: ◦ The “iPad Giveaway” – for a local automotive shop ◦ The main giveaway is an Apple iPad. ◦ When a fan signs up and refers two friends, they’ll be entered to win the Apple iPad AND unlock a referral prize for ½ off an oil change. ◦ They won’t know what the referral prize is until they complete the objective.
  • 7.  Visit the Offerpop homepage and login on the upper right- hand side. Choose your campaign type (Referral) and the Facebook Page you’re an admin of. Now… ◦ Choose a headline ◦ Upload a headline image ◦ Add creative ◦ Create sign up (can include name, email, zip code…) ◦ Determine referral goal ◦ Add hidden content – only seen when unlocked ◦ Choose end time ◦ Add fine print ◦ Click real-time performance reports
  • 8.  Offerpop offers fangating when creating your promotion. This is a crucial tool in Facebook marketing. Before users can enter their information in the sign up form they MUST become a fan before seeing the content. This is a HUGE tool for increasing likes and creating exclusivity with your marketing message and promotion.
  • 9.  Now, your campaign is active + Entry Form Facebook Page You have a few fans, but how do you get non-fans to sign up?
  • 10.  Start with Facebook Ads Facebook ads are served up to users based on criteria that you choose: ◦ Geographical area ◦ Age ◦ Marital status ◦ Interests ◦ Activities… ◦ Create a Facebook Ad by visiting:  rtising
  • 11.  Set up your first ad ◦ Choose Page to promote ◦ “Get More Page Likes” ◦ Choose to redirect ads to your promotion page when users click ad ◦ Choose your audience ◦ Choose campaign and scheduling
  • 12.  Running multiple versions of ads can help determine what your target audience will respond best to. The best of our examples had this outcome: With that, you can increase spend for that ad or create similar messages.
  • 13.  Facebook User you have targeted sees your ad on Facebook and clicks it The redirect takes the user to the Fangating screen where they must become a fan to participate in promo The user fills out signup info, converting them to a lead and candidate for your promotion. They are encouraged to share info about the promotion with friends to be eligible for referral prize (in this case, ½ off an oil change)
  • 14.  You’re using Facebook ads to drive traffic to your promo. Now, how do you measure it? Offerpop Analytics! Metrics include: ◦ Unique Views ◦ Likes increase ◦ URL click-thru rate ◦ Amount of fans acquired ◦ Email sign ups
  • 15.  See how your promo is performing by taking a look at your Facebook Analytics. Important metrics include:• Total Likes• Friends of fans• Weekly Total Reach• Top Per-Post Metrics • This shows what posts are engaging your fans the most
  • 16.  One more metric to consider:  Likes by Demographic  This tells you WHO your fans are.  This can help you tailor your Facebook Ads  Ex: if a fan is a male between 25-40, you might want to create an ad dedicated to this demographic
  • 17.  If you’re cross promoting your campaign on Twitter by posting engaging content about your promo, use Hootsuite (free social media tool) for analytics. If you use Hootsuite to promote your messages, let their URL shortening tool convert the URL of your promo so that you can track EACH click. Use another tool called TOPSY (like Google for social media) to see when your brand is mentioned.
  • 18.  By hosting the iPad Giveaway through Offerpop, you’re converting current Facebook Fans and those targeted by Facebook Ads into Leads. You’re acquiring: ◦ First & Last Name ◦ Email Address ◦ Zip Code ◦ Opt-in and official Rules acceptance  Now, these leads can be added to your email database and targeted with email blasts in the near future.
  • 19.  Offerpop – Facebook Ads – Offerpop Analytics - Facebook Insights – insights-guide/ Hootsuite Analytics – Hootsuite Twitter Individual Stats -
  • 20. John D. Saunders Digital Marketing Specialist http://www.JohnSocial.com