7. purple sheet checklist


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7. purple sheet checklist

  1. 1. 3 Contingency Model The 3-Contingency Model of Performance Management ChecklistUse this Checklist to evaluate an application of the 3-contingency model of performance management.All Contingencies Performance-Management Theoretical Contingencies  The Same Response Contingencies  Need for Theoretical Test-  Effective Contingency Contingency Test- Is Is the response the same Test- Is the change in the theoretical, direct- in all three the size and probability acting contingency used contingencies? of the outcome large only when the PMIneffective Natural enough to control contingency is indirect-Contingencies behavior? acting, and not when the  Natural Contingency  Planned Contingency PM contingency is Test- Test- Is the contingency direct-acting? Does the contingency added and planned?  Direct Acting Test- Is exist prior to (Designed to manage the theoretical performance performance) contingency direct- management?  Analog to Avoidance acting?  Ineffective Test- If the indirect-  Inferred Test- Is the Contingency Test- acting contingency is to theoretical contingency Is the change in the size increase or maintain inferred rather than and probability of the performance, is it an observable? outcome too small to analog to avoidance?  Linked to PM Test- Is control behavior?  Analog to Punishment the theoretical  Competing Test- If the indirect- contingency related to the PM contingency and ContingencyTest- acting contingency is to decrease performance, is not to the ineffective Is this a natural it an analog to penalty or natural contingency? competing contingency? If so, then it is not the punishment?  Escape Contingency ineffective natural  Deadlines for Analog Test- If the PM contingency. to Avoidance Test- Is a contingency is to deadline used only for increase or maintain analogs to avoidance and performance, is the not for analogs to theoretical contingency punishment? an escape contingency?  Explicit Deadline  Punishment Test- Is the avoidance Contingency Test- If deadline explicitly stated the PM contingency is as part of the SD? designed to decrease performance, is the  Delayed Outcome theoretical contingency a Test- Is the delay of the punishment contingency? outcome specified in the before and after condition?Created by Judi Devoe, revised by Jacalyn S. Smeltzer (1998), by Jon Gauthier as part of his MA project in Summer 1998, and by Yvonne Heung on July 12, 1999, Dan Knittel Winter 2000, Alicia Wargowsky 2003, Nic Weatherly 2006.