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Personal effectiveness
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Personal effectiveness


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Useful Tips for being effective at the work place

Useful Tips for being effective at the work place

Published in: Education, Technology

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  • 1. SWOT AcademySWOT AcademyPositive Impact Set of Behaviors Taking Initiative Stand Out at work Be Proactive Begin with the end in mind Put first thing first Think win –win Seek first to understand, than to be understood Synergize Sharpen the saw (7 habits of Highly effective People by Steven Covey)
  • 2. SWOT AcademySWOT Academy Setting GoalsSetting Goals SS = Specific= Specific MM = Measurable= Measurable AA = Attainable= Attainable RR = Realistic= Realistic TT = Timely= Timely
  • 3. SWOT AcademySWOT Academy Creating Win–Win Relationship Develop your communication and behavior skillsDevelop your communication and behavior skillsto create a climate of trust, collaboration andto create a climate of trust, collaboration andgoodwill with coworkersgoodwill with coworkers
  • 4. SWOT AcademySWOT Academy Work Etiquettes Don’t use inappropriate language Don’t complain & Argue too much Dont talk about personal problems Don’t talk Politics & Religion Be professional by meeting commitments &respecting your responsibilities to others &yourself. Look and act professional
  • 5. SWOT AcademySWOT Academy Be impeccable with your word -Speak with integrity. Say only what you mean. Don’t take anything personally -Nothing others do is because of you. Don’t make assumptions - Find thecourage to ask questions and to express what you reallywant. Always do your best - Under anycircumstance, simply do your best.Better Your Self
  • 6. SWOT AcademySWOT Academy Make your life 100% SKILL =82% Knowledge =96 Hardwork =98 ATTITUDE=100 ATTITUDE You can do everything But not all at once If its important enough for you to do But you may not be the best at everything But there will be limitations But you will need help
  • 7. SWOT AcademySWOT Academy How to increase Selfconfidence Think positively about your self Set realistic goals Reward /praise yourself when you DO well Be ware of your thoughts Think logically about a situation Dwell on your strengths Do not give all credit to luck give yourself credittoo learn to be assertive
  • 8. SWOT AcademySWOT Academy Thank You !Thank You ! Visit us onVisit us Write to us onWrite to us
  • 9. SWOT AcademySWOT Academy Thank You !Thank You ! Visit us onVisit us Write to us onWrite to us