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    Scrum Scrum Presentation Transcript

    • Principles
    • Principle 시공을 초월하여 변하지 않는 근원적인 진실 Practice 원칙을 특정 상황에 맞게 적용한 것 .
    • learn by doing + understand-before-doing
    • What is SCRUM ?
    • 경직되어 있고 변화에 저항하는 프로세스는 그저 그런 제품을 만들어 낸다 .
    • a process with a set of roles and practices for agile development and project
    • iterative = timeboxed (sprints)
    • incremental = features added incrementally
    • continuous process improvements = retrospectives
    • continuous process improvements = retrospectives
    • 최종 사용자 , 고객 , 팀 및 기타 이해당사자들로부터의 입력 제품 책임자 기능들 제품 백로그 스프린트 종료까지 얼마나 많이 해낼 것 인지 약속할 항목 들을 팀이 선택 스프린트 계획회의 (1 부와 2 부 ) 스프린트 백로그 기간 내에 혹은 목표에 변화 없음 스프린트 (1~4 주 ) 제품 백로그 구체화 스크럼 마스터 일일 스크럼 회의와 산출물 갱신 리뷰 잠재적으로 출시 가능한 제품 증분 회고
    • Backlog
    • Roles – Pigs and Chickens #1
      • A pig and a chicken are walking down a road. The chicken looks at the pig and says, "Hey, why don't we open a restaurant?" The pig looks back at the chicken and says, "Good idea, what do you want to call it?" The chicken thinks about it and says, "Why don't we call it 'Ham and Eggs'?" "I don't think so," says the pig, " I'd be committed but you'd only be involved .“
      • Ham and Eggs - committed or
      • just involved
    • Roles – Pigs and Chickens #2
      • Pigs
        • Product Owner - voice of the customer
        • Scrum Master - enforcer of Scrum process, facilitates (removing impediments) team to reach sprint goal
        • Team - cross-functional (design, developer, test), usually 5-9 people who does the work
      • Chickens
        • Users
        • Stakeholders (Customers, Vendors)
        • Managers
    • Sprint Timeboxed iteration Usually 2-4 weeks Determine sprint goal Working functionality
    • Sprint Planning Meeting
        • Timeboxed at 4 hours
        • Team to negotiate with product owner what to put in sprint
        • Determine the sprint goal (specific, measurable, demonstratable)
        • Translate user stories into "how" a requirement is to be built
    • Whiteboard and Post-It’s
    • Whiteboard and Post-It’s
    • Daily Scrum 지난 일일 스크럼 이후 무엇을 완료하였는가 ? 다음 회의 때까지 무엇을 마무리할 계획인가 ? 일하는 데 어떠한 방해나 장애요인들이 있는가 ? Daily 15 minute
    • Burn Down Charts
    • SCRUM Process
      • create product backlog
        • (product owner, customer => prioritized user stories)
      • create sprint backlog - sprint planning meetings
        • (involves product owner, scrum master, team)
      • execute sprint
        • daily scrum meetings
        • Scrum Master to remove impediments
        • progress tracked with whiteboard, burn-down charts
      • sprint review
        • demo, invite everyone including customer
        • was the sprint goal met according to customer?
      • sprint retrospective (continuous improvements)
          • what do we want to start doing?
          • what do we want to stop doing?
          • what do we want to keep doing?
    • mechanism 단지 구체적인 실천법을 모아둔 것이라기보다는 팀에게 가시성을 제공하는 프레임워크이며 가시성을 바탕으로 팀이‘관찰하고 적응하게’한다 .
    • Reference Book “Agile Software Development with SCRUM” by Ken Schwaber, Mike Beedle Book “Agile Project Management with SCRUM” by Ken Schwaber http :// / http:// / - Ken Schwaber’s own site