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Interview questions

  1. 1. Jackie 1) Why was it decided to bring Starbucks into college? 2) Do you think it was a good move to bring brand rather than using non-branded coffee? 3) Do you think people prefer Starbucks over a non-branded coffee? 4) What is the most popular coffee? 5) Compared to how it was before, do you think there has been any negative impact? 6) Are there any changes you’d like to see in the future? Costa Employee 1) Why do you think people choose to go to a well-established coffee house? 2) Would you say it was a lot easier to come here over an independent coffee house? 3) Do you think more people come into costa now than 5 years ago? 4) Do you think coffee is becoming more and more popular? 5) Who would you say are the biggest competitors in this area? 6) Costa was voted UK’s favourite coffee shop. How do you think your company has developed to meet this high demand? 7) What would you say your most popular drink is? 8) When is your busiest period? 9) At that time, how many coffees do you sell an hour? 10) Could you talk to us more about the costa foundation.
  2. 2. Fiona Bradshaw 1) Could you give us a brief introduction about Bru Station as a business? 2) What would you say your biggest challenge was when you first opened? 3) Do you kind of envy the bigger chains because they have more stability? 4) Do you find the customers you get keep coming back? 5) Is there anything you had to adapt to meet the kind of demand? 6) What would you say sets you apart from all of the other independent coffee shops? And what is your biggest selling point? 7) So you’ve got a children’s party in today, can you talk about the community aspect? Bru Station Customer 1) Why is it you chose to come to Bru Station, a small independent company, over bigger chains like Starbucks and Costa? 2) Do you ever bring your kids here? 3) Would you ever choose to take your children anywhere else? Why do you choose to bring them here? 4) What is your favourite brand of coffee to use at home? 5) Is there any reason you don’t really drink coffee? Are you worried about the negative health issues with it? 6) Would it surprise you that a few studies have looked into caffeine and its benefits, in a few cases its benefited cardio vascular health. Does that surprise yo
  3. 3. Esquire's manager 1) Could you talk to us about esquires as a company? 2) Were you here when the store first opened? 3) Did you find any problems in the area when you first moved here? 4) Do you feel any pressure from the bigger chains at your doorstep? 5) Who do you think your biggest rivals are in the area? 6) Do you think customer service is key and do you find customers keep coming back? 7) Did you feel the need to adapt to meet a new demand? 8) Do you have any plans from the future?