Evaluation question 4


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Evaluation question 4

  1. 1. + How did you use media technologies in construction, research and planning and the evaluation stages of your coursework?
  2. 2. + Research and Planning
  3. 3. + Research and Planning  Blogger  This was the first step in my Production Process because I knew I would need this to hose all of my final production work.  The advantages of this are all my work is available in one place and is accessible by my teachers and the examiners without the risk of losing paperwork.  Google Drive  This is a key component in the production and find process of our documentary as it allowed us to have 30 GB of free storage with the shared folder so we can all access vital information if one of the other group members wasn’t available.  What are the main advantages of this is that we say time is there waiting for the other person to come back from university interviews unplanned sickness.  Tagul  Tagul is a fast and quirky way of showing small amounts of information as a brainstorm which worked really well for our brainstorm of ides in the planning stage of our production.  The advantages of this platform are that you get to display your work effectively and that it can be embedded via HTML.  Prezi  This is an alternative way of presenting your information online instead of PowerPoint. One of the main reasons that you do your Prezi is because of the unique way it displays your presentations.  Again one of the main advantages of this platform is that you can embedded it by HTML directly onto your blog.
  4. 4. + Research and Planning  Infogr.am  This is an effective way of displaying statistics questionnaires. This platform creates information graphics from the information you input. In our case we use the results from our questionnaire.  The main advantages of this waffle is that it can be embedded via HTML directly onto your blog and that it is visually dynamic for the viewer.  SlideShare  SlideShare was another key component in the planning, production and evaluation stages I’m a documentary. This platform allowed us to embed word documents, PowerPoints, PDF files and other documents to our blogs.  The advantages of this are that we were able to upload all possible evidence via one platform or another.  PowerPoint  PowerPoint was used as a way of collating large amounts of information into short and snappy bullet points. This was key in demonstrating some information on our blogs.  The main advantage of this is that we do not have to learn how to use any platform in order to create the evidence.
  5. 5. + Production
  6. 6. + Production - Equipment  Sony HXR-MC 2000  One of the main reasons we chose this style of camera, to film a documentary, was to produce the highest standard of video footage that we could get hands-on.These cameras film in 1080p HD and are easy to access through the college.  The main advantages of these cameras are they are easy to use when filming and importing onto a computer system.  They have a professional standard video and have the option to add an external microphone which is key for interviews.  Cannon DSLR  For the print advert we are DSLR to shoot a high-quality background image. Using this professional standard camera allowed us to edit the photo within Photoshop to develop the advert to the highest possible standard.
  7. 7. + Post - Production  Premier Pro  Premiere pro was the editor of choice for our documentary and radio advert the reason we chose premiere pro was because it was the most professional and easy to use editor available to us. Prior to this course I had no idea how to use premiere pro and had to develop my skills throughout this production process.The software made it easy to organize footage and sound and cut them together on the timeline. Using the effects within the program we were able to manipulate footage to treat the best documentary possible.  One of the effects used within documentary was on the title text which made it look like it was appearing through the steam in the background.  Using the audio levels on the timeline you are able to level the sound across the documentary to ensure that all the sound in the documentary was at an equal level.  When we had filmed interviews the microphone only recorded morrow sound so we had to develop it to stereo by using an effect on the audio fax panel called ‘fill right’.  When we had finished documentary baseball today as the high definition format which we uploaded toYouTube audience feedback and for presentation.  When producing the radio advert we use the same tools such as the cutting tool and the audio levels tool to cut and place the advert together.When we have finished the advert we exported it as an audio only file.
  8. 8. + Post - Production  Premier Pro  Some of the benefits of this program but that it is easy to use and easy to get your head around.This was key as we do not have the time to spend hours upon hours learning the software.This software was also efficient in everything as it has been used by industry professional, which gave us the necessary tools to move on into the industry.  So the negatives of this program are that you have to render when you make a change which delayed those in some parts of the production process. Also that if you’re not using a high and computer software sometimes freezes or missing out frames which causes defect in the production.
  9. 9. + Post - Production  Audacity  We used Audacity to record voice- overs for both the documentary on the radio advert.This is a useful program as it is free however has the professional editing tools available.  The advantages of this software is that it allows us to export the audio in a format, which is compatible with premiere pro which was our editor.  Photoshop  During the production process wheeze to the shop to edit our newspaper advert.This was only using some of the simple tools available however allowed us to treat the most realistic newspaper advert possible. Some of the tools we used were the brush, fill, clone and magic wand tool.  Again the advantages of this product is that it is a professional software allowing us to create professional results.
  10. 10. + Evaluation
  11. 11. + Evaluation  YouTube  In the evaluation process we use YouTube to host our documentary and radio advert to show to our audience to get audience feedback and display on our blog by using the embed function that uses HTML.  The benefits of this are that YouTube is a well-known platform and is trusted by millions of people across the world.  Social Media  Facebook & Twitter  Facebook and Twitter were an essential part of the evaluation process as it allowed us to share and gain information for audience feedback.  The advantages of these platforms is that they are online and available to everybody which allowed us to get a wide range of feedback from a lots of different people.