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Slides from a basic course on internet fundraising. This goes through the various tools to generate income online such as ebay, google adsense, online donations, using search engines

Slides from a basic course on internet fundraising. This goes through the various tools to generate income online such as ebay, google adsense, online donations, using search engines



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  • Red Cross figures When sent to supporters already receiving newsletter (ie not cold calls)
  • How people use your website, how they find it, who is website for… What legal issues…..
  • Just giving 5% transaction fee – aimed at events rather than ongoing donations Legacy sites
  • Now enable you to have own webpage for fundraising (like efundraising) Also use small search box
  • Choice of style, number and position on your website Given html code and you place on your website
  • Pay per click Many build a website merely to post information, while others do so with the intent of making money.  Two common ways to prosper on the web include gathering revenue from advertising campaigns or selling products and services.  In this article we will focus on internet advertising and how it can be used to create revenue for your website. Banners   The truth is that anyone who purchases a web hosting account can post advertisements.  Although well known companies are constantly approached by others looking to promote their products, as a newcomer to the web, you too can profit from advertisements with a fairly unknown website. One of the best ways to earn advertising revenue is to join on as an affiliate with websites in your niche market.  This can be done directly or through an affiliate program.  An affiliate program is simply a network of individuals or companies who work together to promote their sites with banner advertisements, link exchange and so forth. Before joining any affiliate program, it’s important to make yourself familiar with the common payment schemes that are available. Pay Per Impression With pay per impression, your are paid in accordance to the number of times a particular advertiser’s banner is displayed on your website.  You are typically paid on a per thousand impression basis, with impressions being the number of time a banner is displayed.  Payments are usually small, but easy to earn because the impressions accumulate every time your page loads.  This could actually be profitable to the website that generates a high volume of traffic. Pay Per Click Pay per click is a system where you are only paid if visitors click on the advertiser’s banner posted on your site.  The payout tends to be higher than what you’d get with pay per impression.  Whether or not you have a high rate of conversion all depends on the advertising banner.  It must be something that coordinates with the theme of your site and intrigues visitors.  Just like with the pay per impression scheme, a site with a higher volume of traffic will probably generate more revenue. Pay Per Lead or Sale This system has the ability to bring in higher payment rates but tends to have a lower rate of conversion than the schemes mentioned above.  With pay per lead or sale, you only earn revenue when visitors click a banner from your site and then purchase or sign up for service directly with the advertiser.  Similar to pay per click, you are likely to get much better results by carefully choosing the advertisers and banners you plan to support. Advertising revenue provides one of the most effortless ways to profit with your website.  All that you are required to do is insert the banner and advertise the site as you normally would for your own products or services.  While it is not guaranteed to retire you from your day job, it is a great place to start and literally allows you to earn money in your sleep. The final, and possibly most important factor, is to obtain a solid and stable web host account. If you drive traffic to a site, the site must be online and able to handle the volume of inbound traffic. If your website is unabvailalbe, or if the server is offline, your prospective audience will be unable to click on advertisment, view affiliate offers or consider a service that you are selling. Look for web host providers that offer an up-time guarantee of at least 99% to ensure that your efforts will yeild favorable results.

Internet fundraising 1 Internet fundraising 1 Presentation Transcript

  • Internet Fundraising Jon Matthews
  • Content
    • Introduction
      • Why use the Internet
      • Health warning?!
    • Ways of using the Internet to fundraise
    • Where to start
    • Resources
  • Internet Fundraising
    • New interactive ways of using the internet
    • Adopted as tool for fundraising
  • Why use the Internet
    • It is cheap!
    • Demonstrate a progress organisation
    • Provide unrestricted income
    • Requires little effort to maintain
    • There is a potentially huge audience out there
  • The audience!
    • 200,000 Labour Party members
    • 2,000,000 Amnesty Int’l members
    • 18,000,000 users
    • £100,000,000+ UK online giving
    • 200,000,000 MySpace accounts
    • 1,000,000,000 + internet users
  • Growth of online giving
  • Value for money
  • On the downside Getting noticed Technological breakdown Legality No get rich quick
  • “How to use the Internet”
  • Social Networking
    • Having friends can pay
      • Yogi
      • Facebook
      • Myspace
    • Builds links and widens presence
  • Facebook
  • Talk to your supporters
    • Blogs
    • Forums
    • Enable user generated content
      • Listen and react
    • Loss of control and Brand
  • You tube
    • Not direct income but can be excellent publicity
    • Amnesty International
    • ‘ my story’
  • LinkedIn
  • - social bookmarking
    • is a social bookmarking website, it is designed to allow you to store and share bookmarks on the web.
    • This has several advantages:
    • Access bookmarks from anywhere
    • Share your bookmarks publicly
    • Find other people on who have interesting bookmarks and add their links to your own collection
    • You have access to the links that everyone wants to remember
  • And also…
    • Shelter -
  • Online donation
    • Enable supporters to give directly to your organisation
      • Quick and easy to set up
      • Easy for supporters to give
      • Services already set up to help (some free)
    • Asian Tsunami:
    • In 24hrs “20.3 million raised 25% via online donations
    • Over £13 million taken online in 2005/6 in UK
    • 30% of new regular givers do so online
  • Search engines
    • Generate income from using search engines
    • Generate a few pence per search
    • Search engines quality
    • No cost to your supporters
  • Online Lotteries
    • The Unity Lottery
    • Materials are personalised
    • The cost is £1 but with one chance per week to win
    • £50 set up fee
    • Causes however see 50p in the pound
    • Great Weather lottery   Players pay £1 a week
    • 6 Draws a week
    • Offer a range of lotteries
    • £10,000 prize
    • £50 set up fee, lots of good materials provided
    • Causes see around 35p in the pound
  • Profit potential
    • Lottery Members:
    • Profit per Week Profit Year
      • 100 £50 or £2,600
      • 200 £100 or £5,200
      • 500 £250 or £13,000
  • Advertising
    • Google Adsense
      • Google AdSense matches ads to your site's content, and you earn money whenever your visitors click on them
    • Banners
      • Income from visitors
      • Work in same way as Adsense
    • Control of content
  • Online shopping
    • Amazon
      • Will generate 5-10% for purchases made through your site
      • Search bar / recommendations
      • No cost to your supporter
  • eBay (Mission Fish)
    • Individuals can sell goods and donate percentage of sale to your organisation
    • Quick and easy to set up
    • Developing new services
      • Online shop
    • Its fun and exciting
    • Attractive to younger supporters
    • Its easy to do
  • Other sites….
    • shopping portals for charities "with over 100 big name retailers", generating funds through commission on purchases
    • Vouchers4charity Around 30 different major retail groups Gift Vouchers / Greetings Cards can be bought online, with 3% of voucher value donated to charity
  • Widgets
    • Widgets are bits of online information attractively displayed on a website,
    • They draw their content from another source
    • Other people can post your badge on their sites
  • Where to start
    • Integrate to overall funding strategy
    • Plan you website / content
    • Try one thing
    • Promote it
  • Part of strategy
    • Who is fundraising aimed at?
    • What will money raised be for
    • How will you promote it
    • Don’t try too much at once
  • Your Website
    • How easily is your site found
    • Make it easy to participate (3 clicks)
    • Make it Legal – under 18’s and Data Protection
    • Security
  • Consider your donors
    • Tell them about your work and the people you help
    • impACT
    • Earmark donations for activities
    • What is the impact of your work
    • Listen to supporters
    • Engagement of supporters
  • Donors; are changing!
    • Less committed – more a consumer
    • Have more access to information
    • More demanding – what is in it for them!
    • More cynical
    • More comfortable with new media
      • By 2016 the 20 something's workforce will never have been without internet
    • How do donors like to be communicated with
  • Engaging supporters
    • Story telling
      • Blogs –start conversations
      • Video
    • Make it personal
      • Widget
    • Network
    • Publicise events
    • Share photos
  • What you can do tomorrow
    • Register with Ebay
    • Register with Everyclick
    • Set up online giving account
    • Let people know about your website
    • Useful resource
        • Excellent reports on Web 2.0
  • Jon Matthews 01597 825359 [email_address]