Audience Feedback Of Completed Magazine


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Audience Feedback Of Completed Magazine

  1. 1. Audience Feedback<br />Completed Magazine Front Cover, Contents Page and Double Page Spread<br />Name: Madeline Beyer<br />Age 14 <br />The front cover of this magazine is very good because you are immediately attracted to the use of colour, which is quite simple but effective, because there is a recurring theme of blue and red. The main picture and the magazine title is quite bold, but ties in with the rest of the cover. The competition is also immediately visible so makes people think that they could win something by buying the magazine. The contents page also has a picture of the artist who is being interviewed which gets him more noticed. The use of colour is more bold on the contents page and while that makes it more eye-catching, it is slightly overpowering and not consistent so makes it a bit confusing. The article is a good balance between information about his music, his past and future.<br />Name: Kristin Beyer<br />Age 43<br />I thought that the name of Jack’s magazine “Twista” was really clever, it made me immediately wonder what the contents would be. The different fonts really caught my eye as well. If you were interested in music of course you would definitely want to have a look through the pages. The contents page is great with the photos and all of the different colours, although for an adult the wording was a bit tricky. I would assume this magazine was for children or young adults. I liked the article a lot. After seeing this photo I assumed Alvin was only interested in being a rapper, but after reading about him it nice to find out he’s also a family man.<br />Name: James Highfield<br />Age 15<br />I like the artistic use of colour, as some colours are altered to stand out and catch the audiences eye. The colours also contrast with each other (grey background against white text makes it stand out. I think the background picture is bold and is expectant of the genre of “Hiphop and Rnb Fusion.” It attracts people who wish to read about the genre in further detail. Layout is simple and easy to read being successful in not distracting readers from main image, and not covering it up. The text gives full contents of what is inside-the main points which are most attractive are displayed, such as an interview with Alvin Blackavelli. The competition stands out, first attracting attention with the image of a car, which I think provides audiences with the prospect that if you buy the magazine there is also a chance to get something else. I find the contents attractive because it goes into further detail. The text on the double page spread provided me with an insight as to who Alvin really is and the article is a perfect balance of information about his personal life and all its ups and downs, as well as his music making.<br />-733425247649Two of the actual written versions are here: <br />-981075-552450<br />