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    National Geographic On Lewis And Clark Dvd National Geographic On Lewis And Clark Dvd Document Transcript

    • Name__________________________________Date________________________Period________________ National Geographic: Lewis and Clark: Great Journey West 1. The journey of Meriwether Lewis and William Clark, through the western part of the U.S,. was such a monumental feat for the times in which they lived it is compared to a journey __________________________. 2. The journey of Lewis and Clark was an extremely important trip for the future of the United States. It was authorized under the presidency of ________________________________in the year ___________. 3. Meriwether Lewis was an aid to the president and he chose another man to help lead the trip in part because he was an expert _________________________ and river man. Prior to this journey, the present United States was under “claims” by several other European countries. Match the following: _______4. western and southern U.S. A. Russia _______5. Canada and Oregon B. France _______6. Pacific Northwest C. Spain _______7. central interior D. Great Britain 8. The crew disembarked from the city of ____________________________. 9. The main mission was to find a passage to the Pacific Ocean. True or false (circle one) 10. Circle one of the following names: Clark/Lewis mainly set out to document scientific specimens of plants and animals, and Clark/Lewis was to draw maps of what landforms they encountered. 11. One of the greatest challenges, as the journey set out, was to move the crew and equipment upstream as they followed the Mississippi River/Missouri River (circle one). 12. On the journey the crew passed through the Native American territory of about 170 different tribes. Sacajawea, their indispensible guide, was a member of the Sioux/Shoshone tribe. (circle one) 13. After finding the headwaters of the ________________River, the next huge feat was to cross the ____________Mountains. 14. After the mountains were crossed the crew followed the _____________________River all the way to the ______________________Ocean. 15. Amazingly, their return trip only took _____________ months. 16. True or False: The trip was a great success.