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drug powerpoint
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drug powerpoint



Here's our powerpoint for Sophomore Health

Here's our powerpoint for Sophomore Health



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    drug powerpoint drug powerpoint Presentation Transcript

    • Tobacco Caffeine Marijuana Alcohol Cocaine1000 pt 1000 pt 1000 pt 1000 pt 1000 pt2000 pt 2000 pt 2000 pt 2000 pt 2000 pt3000 pt 3000 pt 3000 pt 3000 pt 3000 pt4000 pt 4000 pt 4000 pt 4000 pt 4000 pt5000 pt 5000 pt 5000 pt 5000 pt 5000 pt
    • What is anagriculturalproductprocessed fromthe leaves ofNicotiana
    • Tobacco
    • Which drug is associatedWith the tobacco company“Camel”
    • Tobacco
    • There are 70 genus ofwhat in the plant genusNicotiana
    • Tobacco
    • Tobacco is the leadingCause of this preventableLife ending condition.
    • What is death?
    • What is Spanish forTobacco?
    • Tabaco
    • True or False: Caffeine can causeStunted growth?
    • What is False?
    • This is the leading Caffeine distributingFood chain in the world.
    • What is Starbucks?
    • What is Caffeine?
    • A psychoactive stimulant
    • What color is caffeine as a crystalline?
    • What is white?
    • How does one ingest caffeine?
    • Drink it.
    • When was marijuana madeIllegal?
    • 1961
    • What is the mainingredient in MarijuanaThat causes you to getFunky?
    • What is Thc
    • Is Marijuana physicallyAddictive?
    • Studies say no,but it can bementallyaddictive.
    • Which country is theLargest producer ofMarijuana in the world?
    • Believed to beParaguay.
    • True or false: Marijuana isThe most commonlyabused illegal drug inThe united states?
    • True
    • True or False: AlcoholCan cause liverproblems.
    • True
    • Era when Alcohol wasIllegal.
    • The prohibition era.
    • Rough number of alcoholRelated deaths in theU.S. a year
    • More than 25,000
    • True or False: Drinkingwhile using other drugssuch asCocaine, can make theeffects more severe
    • true
    • Horrible way you candie by drinking toomuch alcohol.
    • Puking and choking on your own vomit
    • Source of the majority of cocaine in the U.S.
    • Columbia
    • Street name for this drug. (That is not Coca Cola.)
    • Coke
    • How is cocaine ingested?
    • Injection, smoked, sniffed, or snorted
    • In order to make crack cocaine you must mix cocaine with thisAmong other things.
    • Baking Soda
    • The quickest way to Get Cocaine to theThis famous detective character was a heavy user of cocaine. Brain