Oncor AMS to IBM Innovation Cafe Nov 2009


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Presentation presented to the IBM Innovation Cafe in Dallas on 11/12/09

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Oncor AMS to IBM Innovation Cafe Nov 2009

  1. 1. Oncor Electric Delivery 0
  2. 2. Advanced Metering System (AMS) Innovation Cafe I ti C f Jonathan Pettit, P.E. November 12 2009 12, Oncor Electric Delivery
  3. 3. Oncor AMS Profile • 27,000 square miles of territory • 3.1 million meters • 81 customers (Retail Electric Providers –REP) ( ) ~ 630 miles ~ 390 miles • AMS Deployment 2008 – 2012 • 3.4 million AMS meters by 2012 • Current count is more than 400,000 AMS meters Oncor Electric Delivery 2
  4. 4. Smart Texas Overview Smart Texas is Oncor’s initiative to transform Texas’s electric Oncor s Texas s transmission and distribution network into the most technologically advanced grid in the nation by 2012. Smart Texas includes Smart Grid and its advanced meter component, AMS. Smart Grid AMS  Definition: Advanced meters and the  Definition: Transmission and associated hardware and software, distribution of electricity using a communications systems, and robust network of two-way information technology systems communications, advanced sensors, i ti d d and distributed computers  Purpose: Provide timely access to consumption data, enabling consumers  Purpose: Improve the efficiency, to make informed choices about energy reliability, and safety of power delivery use and reduce their energy costs gy Oncor Electric Delivery 3
  5. 5. Smart Grid Communications Applications  Satellite  Distribution Management  Radio Frequency (RF) System (DMS)  Fiber  Outage Management  Cellular System (OMS) S t  Broadband Over Power Line (BPL)  Supervisory Control and  Power Line Carrier (PLC) Data Acquisition (SCADA)  Pager  Mobile Workforce Substation Management (MWM)  Monitoring g  Meter Data Management  Control System (MDMS)  Supervisory Control and  Transmission Management Data Acquisition (SCADA) System (TMS)  Web Portal System Monitoring Distribution Automation  Voltage  Intelligent Switching  Outage  Capacitor Control Advanced Metering Market Support pp  Billing  Interval Reads  Remote Sensing  Demand Response  Home Area Network (HAN)  Retail Communication Oncor Electric Delivery 4
  6. 6. AMS Background “…put information and control into the hands of the consumer, Oncor s Oncor’s AMS initiative has evolved as a with integrated technologies that enable individuals to obtain timely result of PUC regulations: information on energy use, manage their own consumption patterns and reduce costs.” – PUC Oncor launches its automated meter reading initiative and begins 2005 replacing traditional meters with automated meters. The Public Utilities Commission of Texas (PUC) adopts its advanced 2007 meter ruling, including specific technical and functional requirements for meters. meters Oncor’s automated meters are not compliant with the PUC’s new regulations and as a result, Oncor revises its automated meter reading initiative to become an advanced metering system that is PUC-compliant. The PUC approves Oncor’s AMS program filing, including a surcharge to 2008 recover implementation costs. Oncor Electric Delivery 5
  7. 7. Smart Meters are not… Oncor Electric Delivery 6
  8. 8. What an Advanced Metering System is now… • Provides 15 minute interval data available on a historic “day after” basis  Approximately 3000 reads per month vs. a historic 1 read per month • Demand side management opportunities  Ability to provide time-of-use signals to customers  Control of selected appliances and equipment via a home area network (HAN) using ZigBee SmartEnergy profile  Provide energy consumption information to consumers via in- home monitors Oncor Electric Delivery 7 7
  9. 9. What an Advanced Metering System is now… (con t) (con’t) •Ability to remotely disconnect/reconnect customers  Enables pre-paid retail pricing pre paid  Eliminates safety issues of employees • Ability to get “on demand readings of customer meters on demand” • Ability to provide a loss of voltage signal to the distribution system  Provides data to outage monitoring system g g y  Coordinates with distribution automation • Provides a common AMS web portal for customer, REP, or authorized third party, with access to customer data Oncor Electric Delivery 8 8
  10. 10. AMS Benefits AMS:  Supports energy conservation strategies with increased system functionalities  Provides an environment for consumers to make informed decisions about their energy consumption  Improves the overall reliability and efficiency of our system  Creates new opportunities for consumers and REPs  Delivers an infrastructure that facilitates the partnership with REPs in providing customer choice and a high-quality service standard Oncor Electric Delivery 9
  11. 11. AMS Program Components In-home Monitors for Low-income Radio Frequency (RF) Mesh Customers and Back Haul Networks AMS MAXIMO LCIS HEAD END AMS ODS MDMS AMS IT Infrastructure, Customer Education Program, Integration, and Including the Internal Web Portal Mobile Experience Center (MEC) Smart Meter Texas Portal for Consumers and REPs Advanced Meter Installation and Provisioning Oncor Electric Delivery 10
  12. 12. Metering Technology Evolution Traditional Watt-Hour Meter Automated Meter (AMR) Advanced Meter (AMS) • 1920’s technology • 1980’s technology • 2009 Technology • Electromechanical design • Microprocessor Based • Microprocessor Based • “Billing Meter” • Automates meter reading • Two Way Communication • Recorded total function • 15 minute interval data consumption for monthly • Typically One Way • Home Area Network billing Communication • “Energy Management Device” • Accurate • One hour interval data • Remote Disconnect Switch • Reliable • Low Data Bandwidth • High Data Bandwidth Oncor Electric Delivery 11
  13. 13. AMS Smart Meters  Fully compliant with PUC regulations for advanced metering systems  Remotely activated disconnects/reconnects  Remote upgradability that eliminates onsite firmware and hardware changes  Advanced functions recorded on the meter (e g demand (e.g., demand, time of use, outage and restoration, load profile, voltage, and service quality measurements)  Three distinct functions: – Metrology module for metering functions – Communication module for integrated, two-way communication with the RF Mesh network – ZigBee-certified HAN module for communication with the HAN  Meter data stored for a minimum of 35 days  Built-in fraud detection Oncor Electric Delivery 12
  14. 14. How Do They Work?  Utilize radio frequency (RF) communication networks  Record energy use at the premise and transmit the meter data to the consumer’s HAN and to Oncor’s RF Mesh network  Provide 15-minute interval data to consumers and REPs  Give REPs ability to directly interact with the customer’s meter, including: – Getting on-demand reads – Sending messages/control signals such as prepay and peak pricing notifications Oncor Electric Delivery 13
  15. 15. Smart Meter Displays The meter display shows important information about the meter’s status meter s status. Segment Check  Left three digits show “000” and right digits show “88 8 8 8 8”  Meter is checking to make sure that LCD segments in the display are working properly Total kWh  Left three digits show “001”  Right digits show the total kilowatt hours used since the meter was installed MAX kW  Left three digits show “020”  Right digits show the maximum amount of kilowatts used at one time Service Disconnect Switch Status  Left three digits show “OPN” or “CLS”  OPN (Open) means power is not being delivered to the consumer  CLS (Closed) means power is being delivered to the consumer Oncor Electric Delivery 14
  16. 16. AMS Communication Networks Home Area Network In-Home Display Smart Appliances RF Mesh Network 900 MHz Backhaul Network Satellite, microwave, cellular, fiber, cellular fiber and wide area network Repeaters/Routers Back Office  Mounted on utility poles and street lights Collectors  Approximately 36 per collector  Mounted on 70 ft. concrete poles  Approximately 9,000  Four antennas on the top, and a control panel and backhaul communication box at the base  Normally l N ll located i substations, t d in b t ti within substation fence  Approximately 250 IT Advanced Meters Systems  Installed in residential and commercial premises p  Meter-to-meter communication  Approximately 378 per repeater/router  Approximately 3.4 million Oncor Electric Delivery 15
  17. 17. RF Repeater/Router Receives meter data from the smart meter via the RF Mesh network and forwards meter data to the appropriate collector:  I t ll d and identified by GPS coordinates Installed d id tifi d b di t  Radio antenna points down  Serial number and Oncor logo visible from below  Considered “low power” and not a hazard to work near  Equipped with internal battery backup— can operate up to 8 hours without power p p p Oncor Electric Delivery 16
  18. 18. RF Repeater/Router Locations  Normally mounted on street lights and utility poles  “Extended height” routers for rural areas with low meter density  Alternate design for pedestal mounts for neighborhoods with underground electricity Mounted on utility pole Mounted on street light Oncor Electric Delivery 17
  19. 19. RF Collector Receives meter signals from the repeaters/routers via the RF Mesh and transmits them to the Command Center via the Backhaul network:  Contain head end radios and backhaul communications for the AMS network i ti f th t k Antenna  Mounted on 70 ft. concrete poles  Four RF Mesh antennas on top  Locked control panel and backhaul communication box at the base Backhaul Communication Box Control Panel Top of Collector Pole Inside of Control Panel Base of Collector Pole Oncor Electric Delivery 18
  20. 20. RF Collector Locations  Normally located at substations within the substation fence substations,  Exceptions for areas with low meter density or limited bandwidth Collector Takeout Point View of Collector Within View of Collector Located at Substation the Substation Fence Outside of Substation Oncor Electric Delivery 19
  21. 21. IT Infrastructure and Integration in Progress • S Significant IT system development and integration to meet 2009 f commitments • IBM is the integration team g • Concurrent Projects • AMS Interfaces (almost 100) • Maximo (replaced FMIS for meter asset information) • Ecologic Analytics Meter Data Management System (MDMS) • Landis & Gyr Command Center (Head End) • AMS Security • Redefining Business Processes (new and old) • Meter to Back Office, Field Operations, Network Operations • A t Automation of many manual processes ti f l Oncor Electric Delivery 20 20
  22. 22. Smart Meter Texas Portal Oncor Electric Delivery 21 21
  23. 23. Smart Meter Texas Portal Oncor Electric Delivery 22 22
  24. 24. Smart Meter Texas Portal - Functionality Meter Interval Usage Demand Response HAN Messages Settlement Meter Attributes Pricing Customer Premise Text Messaging Meter Provisioning Presentment Oncor Electric Delivery 23 23
  25. 25. Smart Meter Texas Portal – Customer Presentment Oncor Electric Delivery 24 24
  26. 26. Smart Meter Texas Portal – Future Concepts • C Consumer • Pricing Signals • Time-Of-Use • Pay As You Go • Real-Time Load Management • ERCOT • Consolidation With Existing Load Settlement Processes • Governance Of Existing Smart Meter Texas Portal • Governance And Integration With Respect To Future Project Initiatives • Enhancing Smart Meter Texas Portal Concept To Support Third-Party Aggregators And REP Service Providers Oncor Electric Delivery 25
  27. 27. Smart Meter Texas Portal – Future Concepts – (con’t) • R t il El t i P Retail Electric Providers (REP ) id (REPs) • Development Of Additional Pricing Options • Implementation Of New Products Associated With The Home Area Network • TDSPs • Integration of AMS With Other SmartGrid Initiatives • Outage Management Systems • Distribution Automation • Distribution Management Systems (SCADA) • Distribution Planning Activities • Support Of Future Initiatives Beyond Smart Energy Profile 1.0 Oncor Electric Delivery 26
  28. 28. Conduct a Thorough Customer and Stakeholder Education Program Focus will be on benefits Target audiences Campaign emphasizes to the individual: include: interactive touch/feel  Putting control in the  End use customers  Solid outreach program hands of consumer  Retail electric aimed to promote  Ability to have positive providers understanding of AMS impact on environment  Local and state  Host local site events officials across Oncor system to  Community-based educate general public outreach groups Oncor Electric Delivery 27 27 27
  29. 29. Oncor’s SMART TEXAS Program and Mobile Experience Center • Mobile Experience Center – part of Oncor’s customer education • MEC will visit communities corresponding to AMS rollout (pre & post) • Regulatory and Legislative visits • Other venues include:  Selected sponsorships  State Fair of Texas, East Texas State Fair, Dallas Home & Garden Show  See www.oncor.com for schedule under Technology & Reliability gy y Oncor Electric Delivery 28 28
  30. 30. Smart Texas Ready to Go To Our Communities Oncor Electric Delivery 29
  31. 31. 18-Wheel Trailer Transforms On Arrival To Become Mobile Experience Center Oncor Electric Delivery 30
  32. 32. Smart Texas Uses Videos and Interactive Kiosks To Learn About Energy Control Oncor Electric Delivery 31
  33. 33. Customer Education Oncor Electric Delivery 32
  34. 34. Oncor’s Plans Include Ways to Enable Consumers to Make an Impact Soon  Surcharge will include funding in- home monitors to low income or hard to reach consumers  Studies have shown that merely providing consumers with real time feedback can have up to a 5% impact on consumption  For those that attend the local events, Oncor will give away Compact Fluorescent Lamps  Monthly savings from replacing one 100 W incandescent bulb with a CFL will fund the surcharge Oncor Electric Delivery 33
  35. 35. Home Area Network (HAN) • Engineering Prototypes have been successfully h b f ll field tested • Commercial products p are not available … yet Oncor Electric Delivery 34
  36. 36. AMS Process A cohesive four step business process frames the complex AMS cohesive, four-step infrastructure of advanced meters, hardware, software, communications systems, and meter information networks. 1 2 3 4 Read the Collect the C Validate the Transmit the Meter Meter Data Meter Data Meter Data The advanced meter Oncor’s RF Mesh and Oncor’s back-office Oncor sends the meter records energy use Back Haul networks systems check the data to ERCOT, REPs, at the premise and collect the meter data meter data for and consumers for transmits the meter and send it to Oncor’s accuracy and market settlement, data to the back-office systems. completeness. billing, account consumer’s HAN and management, and to Oncor’s network. monitoring of p personal energy use. gy Oncor Electric Delivery 35
  37. 37. Deployment Rollout Non-metro Areas ‘12 ‘10 ‘12 ‘12 ‘11 ‘12 ‘08 ‘12 ‘11 ‘12 ‘10 ‘11 ‘09 ‘09 Metro Areas ‘10 ‘12 ‘10 ‘11 ‘09 ‘09 ‘12 ‘12 ‘09 ‘10 ‘11 Oncor Electric Delivery 36
  38. 38. AMS Implementation Partners Business Operations, Operations Advanced Metering System Project Management, (Meters, Repeaters, and Meter Deployment and Collectors) Development and Integration Systems D S t Development l t of Legacy Systems, and and Integration, and Systems Operational Support AMS Maximo MDMS Design Network Integration and Installation and Support Enterprise Service Bus Development and Integration Oncor Electric Delivery 37
  39. 39. For More Information  www.oncor.com  www.smarttexas.com • www.twitter.com/smarttexas  Oncor & Oncor Smart Texas  jonathan.pettit@oncor.com Oncor Electric Delivery 38