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Presentation to the North Texas Association of Energy Engineers on Oncor's Advanced Metering System

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  • Anyone seen one of these?
  • A bit about the Texas marketDeregulatedOncor and, also Centerpoint are T&D only companies – in the yellowCompetitive market for generation and retail electric serviceThe TDSPs are the FEDEX for electric transport, the enablers for the marketDo not directly own the customers but often take care of their concerns
  • Flexible, modular design97 interfaces
  • Flexibility of designWhere it makes sense, keep the bulk loads, otherwise run it through the bus.
  • Now we have a common portal for all TDSPsCommon interfaces for REPs, customers, ERCOT, and third partiesCurrently Oncor, Centerpoint are members, AEP joins next week, TNMP soon based on AMS filingCosts are determined annually & readjusted by meter count
  • Flexible, modular design97 interfaces
  • Gives the customers and REPs information about usageAllows for more informed energy usageData is available on a “one day” later, i.e. last nights data would appear todayNow we provide data on an FTP site to REPs
  • Consumer education is a key focus for Oncor’s AMS initiative. It is critical to make sure that consumers understand the benefits these meters provide and how to leverage the information they are gaining with the new system. Our communications team has devised a comprehensive plan with multiple touch points using a variety of marketing tactics to effectively reach consumers prior and during the deployment of their new advanced meters. Oncor will conduct telephone polling of consumers in our service area before and after the advanced meter deployment to measure awareness and perceptions about the new advanced meters and the ongoing consumer education campaign. Consumers will be notified in advance and the day of their meter install via door hangers in English and Spanish. These door hangers outline key benefits they will receive and will include a letter from the PUC Chairman, Barry T. Smitherman. Oncor is executing an aggressive media plan with print, theater, bill board and online advertising. We are also continuing our tours of the Mobile Experience Center that were started last year by taking the exhibit to the communities we serve for a combination of meter deployment events and local fairs and festivals. And finally, we will continue to generate consistent media coverage in our metering districts as we deploy that will also help build awareness.
  • The advanced meters are deployed by metering districts in a sequence that will enable Oncor to eliminate manual meter readings in an entire meter reading district. AMS will be deployed in metro areas and non-metro areas concurrently for operating efficiency and so that both urban and rural areas will essentially have equal access to advanced meters. A deployment plan approved by the PUC is available on our Web site at There will be a monthly surcharge of $2.19 per residential consumer to be paid once a month over the next 11 years. Three important areas were considered by the PUC when determining this surcharge: estimated capital costs, estimated operating and maintenance costs and estimated savings to be realized over the surcharge period. The $2.21 a month is one of the lowest in the nation and a minimal investment compared to the savings we can expect from reducing our demand. Consumers will be able to completely off-set this cost with the easy replacement of a 100 watt light bult for an Energy Star CFL light bulb.
  • AMS NTX AEE June 2011

    1. 1.
    2. 2. Smart Grid & Smart Meters<br />Jonathan Pettit, P.E.<br />June 16, 2010<br />
    3. 3. What a Smart Meter is not<br />
    4. 4. ~ 630 miles<br />~ 390 miles<br />Oncor AMS Profile<br /><ul><li>27,000 square miles of territory
    5. 5. 3.1 million meters
    6. 6. 107 customers (Retail Electric Providers –REP)
    7. 7. AMS Deployment 2008 – 2012
    8. 8. 3.4 million AMS meters by 2012
    9. 9. Current count is over 1.8 million AMS meters</li></li></ul><li>Texas Competitive Electricity Market<br />Power Generation Companies<br />Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) acts as Settlement Agent<br />Distribution<br />Service<br />Transmission<br />Service<br />Regulated Utilities deliver electricity<br />Trans/Dist. Service Providers (TDSP)<br />Retail Electric Providers sellto end-use consumers<br />(REP)<br />4<br />
    10. 10. Smart Texas Overview<br />Smart Texas is Oncor’s initiative to transform Texas’s electric transmission and distribution network into the most technologically advanced grid in the nation by 2012. Smart Texas includes Smart Grid and its advanced meter component, AMS.<br />Smart Grid<br />AMS<br /><ul><li>Definition: Transmission and distribution of electricity using a robust network of two-way communications, advanced sensors, and distributed computers
    11. 11. Purpose: Improve the efficiency, reliability, and safety of power delivery
    12. 12. Definition: Advanced meters and the associated hardware and software, communications systems, and information technology systems
    13. 13. Purpose: Provide timely access to consumption data, enabling consumers to make informed choices about energy use and reduce their energy costs</li></li></ul><li>Smart Grid<br />Applications<br /><ul><li>Distribution Management System (DMS)
    14. 14. Outage Management System (OMS)
    15. 15. Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)
    16. 16. Mobile Workforce Management (MWM)
    17. 17. Meter Data Management System (MDMS)
    18. 18. Transmission Management System (TMS)
    19. 19. Web Portal</li></ul>Communications<br /><ul><li>Satellite
    20. 20. Radio Frequency (RF)
    21. 21. Fiber
    22. 22. Cellular
    23. 23. Broadband Over Power Line (BPL)
    24. 24. Power Line Carrier (PLC)
    25. 25. Pager</li></ul>Substation<br /><ul><li>Monitoring
    26. 26. Control
    27. 27. Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)</li></ul>Fiber<br />DistributionAutomation<br /><ul><li>Intelligent Switching
    28. 28. Capacitor Control</li></ul>SystemMonitoring<br /><ul><li>Voltage
    29. 29. Outage</li></ul>MarketSupport<br /><ul><li>Interval Reads
    30. 30. Demand Response
    31. 31. Retail Communication</li></ul>AdvancedMetering<br /><ul><li>Billing
    32. 32. Remote Sensing
    33. 33. Home Area Network (HAN)</li></li></ul><li>7<br />What makes a smart meter in Texas?<br /><ul><li> Provides 15 minute interval data available on a historic “day after” basis</li></ul>Approximately 3000 reads per month vs. a historic 1 read per month<br /><ul><li> Demand side management opportunities</li></ul>Ability to provide time-of-use signals to customers<br />Control of selected appliances and equipment via a home area network (HAN) using ZigBee Smart Energy Profile (SEP) 1.0<br />Provide energy consumption information to consumers via in-home monitors<br />
    34. 34. 8<br />What makes a smart meter in Texas (con’t)?<br /><ul><li> Ability to remotely disconnect/reconnect customers</li></ul>Enables pre-paid retail pricing<br />Eliminates safety issues of employees <br /><ul><li> Ability to get “on demand” readings of customer meters
    35. 35. Provides a common AMS web portal for customer, REP, or authorized third party, with access to customer data
    36. 36. Ability to provide a loss of voltage signal to the distribution system</li></ul>Future - provide data to outage monitoring system<br />Future - coordinate with distribution automation<br />
    37. 37. AMS Program Components<br />In-home Monitors for Low-income Customers<br />Radio Frequency (RF) Mesh and Back Haul Networks<br />AMSMAXIMO<br />LCIS<br />HEADEND<br />AMS<br />AMSODS<br />MDMS<br />Customer Education Program, Including the Mobile Experience Center (MEC) <br />IT Infrastructure, Integration, and Internal Web Portal<br />Smart Meter Texas Portal for Consumers and REPs<br />Advanced Meter Installation and Provisioning<br />
    38. 38. Metering Technology Evolution<br />Automated Meter (AMR)<br /><ul><li>1980’s technology
    39. 39. Microprocessor Based
    40. 40. Automates meter reading function
    41. 41. Typically One Way Communication
    42. 42. One hour interval data
    43. 43. Low Data Bandwidth</li></ul>Advanced Meter (AMS)<br /><ul><li>2009 Technology
    44. 44. Microprocessor Based
    45. 45. Two Way Communication
    46. 46. 15 minute interval data
    47. 47. Home Area Network
    48. 48. “Energy Management Device”
    49. 49. Remote Disconnect Switch
    50. 50. High Data Bandwidth</li></ul>Traditional Watt-Hour Meter<br /><ul><li>1920’s technology
    51. 51. Electromechanical design
    52. 52. “Billing Meter”
    53. 53. Recorded total consumption for monthly billing
    54. 54. Accurate
    55. 55. Reliable</li></li></ul><li>AMS Smart Meters <br />Fully compliant with PUC regulations for advanced metering systems <br />Remotely activated disconnects/reconnects<br />Remote upgradability that eliminates onsite firmware and hardware changes<br />Advanced functions recorded on the meter (e.g., demand, time of use, outage and restoration, load profile, voltage, and service quality measurements)<br />Three distinct modules:<br />Metrology module for metering functions<br />Communication module for integrated, two-way communication with the RF Mesh network<br />ZigBee-certified HAN module for communication with the HAN<br />Meter data stored for a minimum of 35 days<br />Built-in fraud detection<br />
    56. 56. AMS Communication Networks<br />Home Area Network<br />In-Home Display<br />SmartAppliances<br />RF MeshNetwork<br />900 MHz <br />Backhaul Network<br />Satellite, microwave, cellular, fiber, and wide area network<br />Repeaters/Routers<br /><ul><li>Mounted on utility poles and street lights
    57. 57. Approximately 36 per collector
    58. 58. Approximately 9,000</li></ul>Back Office<br />Collectors<br /><ul><li>Mounted on 70 ft. concrete poles
    59. 59. Four antennas on the top, and a control panel and backhaul communication box at the base
    60. 60. Normally located in substations, within substation fence
    61. 61. Approximately 250</li></ul>ITSystems<br />Advanced Meters<br /><ul><li>Installed in residential and commercial premises
    62. 62. Meter-to-meter communication
    63. 63. Approximately 378 per repeater/router
    64. 64. Approximately 3.4 million</li></li></ul><li>RF Repeater/Router<br />Receives meter data from the smart meter via the RF Mesh network and forwards meter data to the appropriate collector:<br />Installed and identified by GPS coordinates<br />Radio antenna points down<br />Serial number and Oncor logo visible from below<br />Considered “low power” and not a hazard to work near<br />Equipped with internal battery backup—can operate up to 8 hours without power<br />
    65. 65. RF Repeater/Router Locations<br />Normally mounted on street lights and utility poles<br />“Extended height” routers for rural areas with low meter density<br />Alternate design for pedestal mounts for neighborhoods with underground electricity<br />Mounted on utility pole<br />Mounted on street light<br />
    66. 66. RF Collector<br />Receives meter signals from the repeaters/routers via the RF Mesh and transmits them to the Command Center via the Backhaul network:<br />Contain head end radios and backhaul communications for the AMS network<br />Mounted on 70 ft. concrete poles<br />Four RF Mesh antennas on top<br />Locked control panel and backhaul communication box at the base<br />Antenna<br />Backhaul Communication Box<br />Control Panel<br />Top of Collector Pole<br />Inside of Control Panel<br />Base of Collector Pole<br />
    67. 67. RF Collector Locations<br />Normally located at substations, within the substation fence<br />Exceptions for areas with low meter density or limited bandwidth<br />Collector Takeout Point at Substation<br />View of Collector Within the Substation Fence<br />View of Collector Located Outside of Substation<br />
    68. 68. IT Infrastructure and Integration<br /><ul><li> Significant IT system development and integration to meet 2009 commitments
    69. 69. IBM is the integration team
    70. 70. Concurrent Projects
    71. 71. AMS Interfaces (about 120)
    72. 72. Maximo (meter asset management)
    73. 73. Ecologic Analytics Meter Data Management System (MDMS)
    74. 74. Landis & Gyr Command Center (Head End)
    75. 75. AMS Security
    76. 76. Redefining Business Processes (new and old)
    77. 77. Meter to Back Office, Field Operations, Network Operations
    78. 78. Automation of many manual processes</li></li></ul><li>Basic IT Structure<br />Enterprise Service Bus<br />CIS<br />MAXIMO<br />MIS<br />Web Support Tools<br />Smart Meter Texas Portal<br />API<br />API<br />API<br />Common Meter Data<br />Meter and HAN Transactions<br />API<br />API<br />API<br />API<br />Meter Data Replication (ETL)<br />ERCOT<br />Security<br />15 Minute Settlement Data<br />ETL<br />ETL<br />Ecologic Analytics MDMS<br />ODS<br />L+G Command Center<br />Meter And HAN Transactions<br />
    79. 79. Meter Data Flow<br />Read the<br />Meter<br />Validate the <br />Meter Data<br />Transmit the <br />Meter Data<br />1<br />3<br />4<br />On-Demand Reads via In-Home Display<br />DATA <br />REPOSITORY<br />LCIS<br />HAN<br />HAN<br />Bill-CycleMeter Data<br />SmartAppliances<br />Meter<br />MDMS<br />Meter & Customer Account Data<br />Premise& BillingData<br />Collect the <br />Meter Data<br />Daily Meter Reads & Interval Usage Data<br />RF MeshNetwork<br />MeterTransactions<br />Meter & Customer Account Data<br />Interval &Register Data<br />AMSODS<br />HEADEND<br />Market<br />Settlement <br />Data<br />Meter<br />Attributes<br />BackhaulNetwork<br />RF MeshNetwork<br />Meter<br />Attributes<br />Meter Attributes<br />AMSMAXIMO<br />Meter & Customer AccountData<br />Repeater/Router<br />Customer<br />Account<br />Data<br />REPs<br />Collector<br />Smart Meter Texas Portal <br />2<br />Individual<br />Account<br />Data<br />Oncor Internal Web Portal<br />Consumer<br />
    80. 80. 20<br />Smart Meter Texas Portal(<br />
    81. 81. Smart Meter Texas Portal<br />REPs<br />Customers<br />21<br />
    82. 82. 22<br />Current SMT Features<br /><ul><li> Consumer, REP and TDSP user types
    83. 83. Spanish language and ADA support
    84. 84. Account and Meter Management
    85. 85. Customer and REP HAN Device Provisioning
    86. 86. Online and Adhoc reporting with graphing, including
    87. 87. Daily Usage (15 min interval)
    88. 88. Daily Meter Reads
    89. 89. REP messaging
    90. 90. Online help with demo and FAQs
    91. 91. APIs available for REPs for machine to machine interaction</li></li></ul><li>Smart Meter Texas Portal – Customer Presentment<br />23<br />
    92. 92. 24<br />Conduct a Thorough Customer and Stakeholder Education Program<br />Focus will be on benefits to the individual:<br />Target audiences include:<br />Campaign emphasizes interactive touch/feel<br /><ul><li>Solid outreach program aimed to promote understanding of AMS
    93. 93. Host local site events across Oncor system to educate general public
    94. 94. End use customers
    95. 95. Retail electric providers
    96. 96. Local and state officials
    97. 97. Community-based outreach groups
    98. 98. Putting control in the hands of consumer
    99. 99. Ability to have positive impact on environment</li></ul>24<br />
    100. 100.
    101. 101. 26<br />Oncor’s SMART TEXAS Program and Mobile Experience Center<br /><ul><li>Mobile Experience Center (MEC) – part of Oncor’s customer education
    102. 102. MEC has been and will visit communities corresponding to AMS rollout (pre & post)
    103. 103. Regulatory and Legislative visits
    104. 104. Other venues include:</li></ul>Selected sponsorships<br />State Fair of Texas, East Texas State Fair, Dallas Home & Garden Show<br />See for schedule under Technology & Reliability<br />
    105. 105. Customer Education<br />
    106. 106. Oncor’s Plans Include Ways to Enable Consumers to Make an Impact Soon<br /><ul><li> Surcharge will include funding in-home monitors to low income or hard to reach consumers </li></ul>Studies have shown that merely providing consumers with real time feedback can have up to a 5% impact on consumption<br /><ul><li> For those that attend the local MEC events, Oncor will give away Compact Fluorescent Lamps
    107. 107. Monthly savings from replacing one 100 W incandescent bulb with a CFL will fund the surcharge </li></li></ul><li>Home Area Network (HAN)<br /><ul><li>Multiple products have been tested in the Oncor Test Lab
    108. 108. Text messaging
    109. 109. Load control / demand response
    110. 110. Pricing signals
    111. 111. Functions available now
    112. 112. Device availability limited</li></li></ul><li>Deployment Rollout<br />Non-metro Areas<br />‘12<br />‘10<br />‘12<br />‘12<br />‘12<br />‘11<br />‘08<br />‘12<br />‘11<br />‘12<br />‘10<br />‘11<br />‘09<br />‘09<br />‘10<br />Metro Areas<br />‘12<br />‘10<br />‘11<br />‘09<br />‘09<br />‘12<br />‘12<br />‘09<br />‘10<br />‘11<br />
    113. 113. What are your questions?<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />