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24th marketing forum  session summary(1)
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24th marketing forum session summary(1)




Published in Business , Technology
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  • 1. “BRANDS”24th Marketing forum
    V55 Marketing Management
    Jeanne Quitoriano
    September 2, 2011
    Session 7 Summary
  • 2. Captured Moments
    This presentation is all about the photos taken during the Marketing Forum.
  • 3. The Speakers and the audience
    Ness, I, and Juancho were seated at the back so that we’ll be able to have a good view and during the forum. The location was great because I was able to capture the presentation and people easily.
  • 4. Early Birds
    Some of the Early Birds
  • 5. The Speakers and the audiences
    The forum was about to start.
  • 6. Programme
  • 7. Thomson Reuters
    Marla Alvarez
  • 8. Introduction: First Speaker
    Prof. YolyIbarle introduced the first speaker of the forum.
  • 9. The First Speaker
    Ms. Marla Alvarez of Thomson Reuters was the first to talk about their company.
    -Ambassador to Manila Thomson-Reuters
    -21 years experience in corporate communication and public relations
    -MASCOM @ UP Diliman
  • 10. Some of the first speaker’s slidesMs. Alvarez discussed Thomson Reuters. Who they are, what they do, and Who they serve.
  • 11. She also talked about the Employee Global Footprint and the value chain of Thomson Reuters in Manila.
  • 12. A Long and Rich History
    I found out that Thomson and Reuters merged on 2008. And both companies started way back 19th century.
    -business was built for the need of past trustworthy, accurate and valuable information
    -legacy still continued now(still in imprint but moving on to the electronic space)
    -2007 Thomson acquired Reuters Group to create the World’s largest information provider & news media organization
  • 13. Brand Evolution
    From Thomson and Reuters to the current Thomson Reuters logo.
    -Blue represented stability, masculinity(male-dominated industry)
  • 14. The inspiration
    The speaker talked about how they come up with the new logo of Thomson Reuters.
    She showed a video that gives a better idea of how the logo was developed
  • 15. The New Logo
    The speaker let the audiences guess the number dots found in the logo of Thomson Reuters.
  • 16. Knowledge to act
    There are 108 dots of different orange contrast. (believed to be a spiritually significant number across many different cultures; also thought to embody mathematical clarity and simplicity)
  • 17. The Logo and Configurations
  • 18. Vertical Configuration
    Mostly used in Social Network pages and other websites
    Logo: Kinesis
    -a motion in response to an external stimulus
    -dynamism of intelligent information that keeps evolving into different things into different people
  • 19. Visual Branding Elements
    As the speaker mentioned, a visually enticing and pure and clean logo can really help in marketing the company. The colours have different meanings.
    Orange-optimism,energy, and knowledge
    Blue, violet, red, & Green- Agility
    (white being the most important because it is the perfect backdrop for every color)
    Corporate font: Knowledge
  • 20. Brand ambassadors and Idea
    14 touch points were explained and the most important is the BRAND AMBASSADORS (employees)
    -people speak highly of the company and employees refer their friends to Thomson Reuters
    Intelligent information: example>> knowledge that will probably lead to the cure to cancer
  • 21. Attributes
    Optimism-to serve customers
    Humanity-straightforward and speak like real people
    (informal company with average age of 27 years old)
    Agility-diverse customer(lawyers, scientists, etc…)
    Clarity-simplify answers to complex questions
  • 22. Pillars
    Pillars are based on the following expectations:
    -global company
    -Accurate and unbiased
    - customer oriented
  • 23. Bringing The Brand to Life
    Annual report on website:
    Applying branding principles in all collaterals:
    Bags, brochures, calling cards, etc…
  • 24. McKinley Office Snapshots
    Head office-
    #3 Time Square NYC
    Recruitment hub in McKinley Hill Taguig
  • 25. World’s Largest International News Agency
    Reuters is a recognition of the long history: 160 years old
    Big events all over the World: Reuters’ always there (EDSA Revolution, death of Gandhi, fall of the Berlin Wall, etc…)
  • 26. Thomson Reuters and newsroom
    They have retained Reuters because it referred to the new service(news and media services business)
  • 27. Drama and Action
    Photos exhibited annually
    (100 best photos WORLDWIDE)
  • 28. Question and Answer
    Annual Best Global Brand:
    2008: #44
    2009: #40
    2010: #39
    (better than Citi and Gucci)
    Question and Answer
  • 29. Appreciated
    Ms. Marla was awarded the Certificate of Appreciation by the AGSB.
    “Doing amazing things with intelligent information”…
  • 30. Shakey’s
    Mr. Vicente Gregorio
  • 31. Shakey’s History
    The speaker was the Executive Vice President –CEO of International Family Food Services Inc, Mr. Vicente Gregorio who was also an alumnus of Ateneo Graduate School of Business.
    He discussed the history of Shakey’s.
  • 32. Who Started What?
    Sherwood “Shakey” Johnson(American GI who acquired malaria during WWII that’s why he had the shakes) and Ed Plummer established Shakey’s in Sacramento California in 1954.
  • 33. The Decline
    -first major pizza chain during 1975 in Makati. #1 for a period of time until it dropped to #3 on 2003.
    -low morale due to 5 years of no increase felt by anyone
    -he had faith in Shakey’s because he grew up with the brand and worked with Shakey’s when he was still in College.
  • 34. Going back to Basics
    The speaker discussed about the Vision and mission of the company.
  • 35. Vision and Mission
    VISION- memorable experience with the Brand
    MISSION- To “WOW” everyone was imposed since 2003
  • 36. Core Values
    Core Values
    -crucial to turn things around
  • 37. Focus
    Brand re-building:
    Shakey’s had 99.9% awareness but not top-of-mind
    Operational excellence:
    Focus on tiny details because it’s one of the most profitable business if you do it “right”(do it with passion)
    -Employees should live and execute the brand
    -customers need to see and receive the promise of the brand
  • 38. New Brand Position: Fun, Family, Pizza
    • At late ‘90s, managers came from the fastfood industry(their comfort zone) so Shakeys’ atmosphere became like a fastfood(bright lights, small space, etc…)
    To reposition the Brand, 3 things were considered
    FUN: everything in the store must be fun(colors, food, ambiance, etc.)
    FAMILY: cater organic and social familier
    PIZZA: social food that should cater to the FAMILY
  • 39. Features
  • 40. Promotions
    Promo: P140 or up per person
    -provide great ambiance and greater value while maintaining affordable prices
  • 41. Brand Initiatives
    At some point noticed they needed to make PIONEERING INITIATIVES and stop being just REACTIVE
    -vehicle used for events or special requests
    Live Radio
    -they have a professional DJ in stores whom you can call to request a song and dedicate to anyone
  • 42. Brand Initiatives
    Volleyball League
    -elevated the standards of Philippine volleyball
    -volleyball is more fun and “sexier”(women)
    -biggest event in Volleyball
    -classy and preppy
    -not cheap, so it helps employees to be proud of what they do
  • 43. Operational Excellence
    Operational Excellence
    -change in philosophy(shown in the next slide)
  • 44. Inverted Triangle approach
    -Guest as top priority
    -guests are supported by the front liners(store teams)
    -store teams are supported by area managers
    -top management can’t be bossy, they need to help and serve the front liners
  • 45. Action
    -New products, services, surprise branch visits, and web presence are some of the things done by the management to provide excellent Operations and service.
    -dial 77-777
    -order and pay online and let anyone eat for free anywhere.
  • 46. Another Key: People
    -hire, train, and keep new people
    TIP: if an employer asks if you’re a good manage, answer with passion and don’t just say you’re good, but say you’re a GREAT Manager.
    -people should be energized, influential, excellent, and should be able to execute
  • 47. SEALS
    Reaching out to Corporate Responsibilities…
  • 48. It worked!
    Efforts were awarded…
  • 49. Growth
    Compared to the decline of sales on 2003, on succeeding years, growth has been positive…
  • 50. Key to success
  • 51. Parting words
  • 52. Greatly Appreciated
  • 53. Photo Ops
  • 54. Closing Remarks
  • 55. Almost done
  • 56. Attendance Sheet
    Friday MARKMA class of Vcoach Bong Ungria.
  • 57. Done(for next session: check session 6 summary)
    Prepared and Captured by:
    Jeanne Quitoriano
    Commentary and Audio Recorded by: