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Marketingshow Robertmuellergruenow

  2. 2. SCENTCOMMUNICATION SCENTCOMMUNICATION Focus of our business (SCENTCOMMUNICATION / aerome) since 1997: scent storage and scent delivery devices, scent marketing solutions Global activities with a network of representing partners in 20 countries Head office in Cologne, Germany, production facilities in northern and southern Germany Constantly we are scouting new markets and researching new ways to create, generate and deliver fragrances and flavors Core activities: Development of scent technologies Production of scent cartridges and scent systems Creation of scents and scent concepts Installation and service/maintenance of scent delivery systems page # 2
  3. 3. SCENTCOMMUNICATION Scent is the most emotional way to communicate The only sense which is directly connected with the limbic systems Faster than visual and audio signals First impression is determined by the scent and it is decisive for liking or not liking an environment, a person, a brand or a product Scents make us decide instinctivly The human brain recalls scents better than any other information page # 3
  4. 4. SCENTCOMMUNICATION Scent as a communications tool can be used in any aspect: Scent Marketing: Increase sales, differentiate products, enhance customer experience Scent Branding: Brand differentiation through a unique scent, support brand values, Ambient Fragrancing Enhance well being, minimize perceived time spent, stimulate customers, increase attention and impression of service quality Individual Scenting Focus on one product and person, add scent to audio- and visual presentation, draw attention to a product or brand page # 4
  5. 5. SCENTCOMMUNICATION Unique products Our current product families: With our proprietary and patented technologies we ScentController are able to replicate any individual, exactly controllable, one-to-one fragrance, flavor or scent and disperse it in a dry and PromoScent unique way. Dry product sampling Today we are working on Scentcube/Scense tomorrow’s miniaturized and Discreet ambient fragrancing, approx. 40sqm/ digital scent technologies. 400 square feet ScentDiffuser Ambient Fragrancing, 100- 2500 sqm / 1000-25,000 square feet Special Applications ScentGranule Sachets, ScentStick (cars), etc. page # 5
  6. 6. SCENTCOMMUNICATION Effects on sales: Despar / Italy: sales increase: Individual scent Coca-Cola + 91% experiences smoked ham: + 340% Dry, authentic, discreet cheese: + 170% one-to-one scent Nestlé Buitoni Pesto Sauce: experiences More than 100% higher sales Any scent/flavor/ increase than with a secondary fragrance can be placement only presented NordiConad / Italy: Barilla Pesto Sauce: +746% Milka Chocolate: +118% page # 6
  7. 7. SCENTCOMMUNICATION ScentController.six Synchronize motion pictures or interactive content with any imaginable scent Individual scent experiences Dry, authentic, discreet one-to-one scent experiences Any scent/flavor/fragrance can be presented Up to 6 scents per unit, combined up to 48 scents page # 7
  8. 8. SCENTCOMMUNICATION PromoScent General product benefits: Product sampling Give-away or scent promotion in print media 100% authentic rendition Dry, discreet and controllable delivery Enclosed and activated at the users discretion Clean and sanitary Reusable and resealable Long usage capabilities page # 8
  9. 9. SCENTCOMMUNICATION ScentCube / Scense Ambient Fragrancing Dry, discreet, easy to use Based on patented ScentGel technology Wide range of scents and fragrances available Enhances room atmosphere Designed for approx. 40 sqm / 400 square feet ScentGel cartridges: Easy handling High scent quality Long lasting page # 9
  10. 10. SCENTCOMMUNICATION ScentDiffuser Ambient Fragrancing Enhancing large space environments Based on pure fragrances Stand-alone or Bypass systems connected to HVAC Most powerful and highest quality scenting devices on the market 100% nebulization: no spray, no mist! SD.Wave for up to 250sqm / 2,500 square feet SD.Aircon for up to 2,500 sqm / 25,000 square feet Applications: Hotels, Casinos, Banks, Events, Retail / Shops, Malls, Hospitals, Office Buildings, Theaters, Cinemas, Restaurants, Spas page # 10
  11. 11. SCENTCOMMUNICATION Samsung Signature Scent „Intimate Blue“ The Samsung scent is crisp, sharp and evocative – a creative and brilliant expression that reinforces the exceptional and unique qualities of the brand. Research has confirmed that the Samsung scent strongly aligns with its brand personality, is gender neutral, and has a universal, hedonically positive appeal. The Samsung signature scent provides new dimensions to the brand experience. When High-Life Seekers were exposed to it: 98% reported it made the experience more pleasant overall. 66% reported it made them stay longer 36% reported it made them explore more products. page # 11
  12. 12. SCENTCOMMUNICATION Special Applications: Examples: ScentGranule Sachets Highly efficient constant scent delivery through membrane Product Sampling, long lasting, easy to use, dry, low cost, easy change of fragrnces possible ScentStick for cars with ScentGranules Micro Diffusing systems For mobile telephones, PDAs, Game controllers, Car industry, Aircraft industry page # 12
  13. 13. SCENTCOMMUNICATION Resume: Scent is the most emotional way to communicate Scent information is directly linked to our limbic system Human memory remembers scents better than any other sense Scent is unique and differentiates brand and product information Contact: SCENTCOMMUNICATION Spichernstr. 6a / 50672 Köln / Germany Tel. +49.(0)221.485567.20 Fax +49.(0)221.485567.11 Email: page # 13