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Sport  do now- swimming Sport do now- swimming Presentation Transcript

  • SPORT Training Principles4/1/13SpecificityTrain for the needs of theactivity• Do Now: How could youuse specificity to train forspiking in volleyball.– List 5 exercises you woulduse and whyCLOI will verbally identifytechnique cues for propertechnique on Front Crawl, BackCrawl and Breast Stroke.Agenda1. Review all strokes1. Each students gives 1technique cue for each stroke2. Swim 2 laps of each stroke3. Sharks & minnows deep end
  • Answers 4/1/13• Spiking workout:– Single arm slams– Box jumps– Box Step up/hop up– Cable punches– Line jumps– Squat jump/Throw• Anything that mimicsthe movements used inspiking.• Anything thestrengthens themuscles used.
  • SPORT Training Principles4/2/13ProgressionTrain to slowly improve &make gains• Do Now: How could I useprogression to increase mypush-up test results?What does my workout looklike during:– Week 1– Week 2– Week 3– Week 4CLOI can verbally describe to Alonso apush-up practice plan that usesprogression.Agenda1. Warm-up2. Individual workout3. Cooldown
  • Answers 4/2/13Week 1: Do 2 sets of 10 push-ups and 5 modified push-ups 2 times a week.Week 2: Do 2 sets of 12 push-ups and 5 modified push-ups3 times a week.Week 3: Do 3 sets of 12 push-ups and 5 modified push-ups 3 times a week.Week 4: Do 3 sets of 15 push-ups and 5 modified push-ups 3 times a week.
  • SPORT Training Principles4/3/13Do Now:Cheri wants to improve her push-up score in 5 weeksfrom 10 to 15. She decides to use the principle ofprogression to help plan her workouts.Which of the following plans shows the bestprogression?A) Maintain reps and sets each week,maintain frequency at 3 days perweek.B) Increase reps by 2 each week,maintain frequency at 3 days perweek.C) Increase reps by 5 each week, increasefrequency by 2 days each week.D) Increase reps by 10 each week,increase frequency by 2 day eachweek.CLOI will asses and provide verbalfeedback to my partner by correcting1 mistake on their Elementary BackStroke Technique.Agenda1. Warm-up (Alan leads)2. Partner teaching – Elem back stroke3. Workout (300 yd) (Alonso leads)4. Play basketballORStroke technique work in the deep end
  • Answers 4/3/13A)Maintain reps and sets each week, maintain frequency at 3 days per week.Shows no progressionB) Increase reps by 2 each week, maintain frequency at 3 days per week. ***Safe and realistic progression & meets FITT Principle for FrequencyC) Increase reps by 5 each week, increase frequency by 2 days each week.Somewhat unrealistic progression on reps & does not meet FITT Principle forFrequencyD) Increase reps by 10 each week, increase frequency by 2 day each week.Unrealistic progression on reps & does not meet FITT Principle for Frequency
  • SPORT Training Principles4/5/13OverloadIncrease difficulty, muscleconfusion• Do Now: How would youuse overload to help youavoid a plateau whiletraining to increase yourpush-ups?– What adjustments couldyou make to your workout?CLOI create and verballyexpress a realistic goal for 7min swim and breath holdingactivities using progression.Agenda1. Warm-up2. Scissors kick instruction3. 7 min swim4. Breath holding (stationary)5. Cooldown
  • Answers 4/5/13Possible adjustments to overload yourworkout:• Adjust tempo• Adjust hand position• Adjust foot position• Add incline or decline• Add balance using fitball, med ball or bosu ball• Adjust sets• Adjust reps• Adjust weight
  • SPORT Training Principles4/8/13ReversibilityUse it or lose it• Do Now: Has there everbeen a time in your lifethat you haveexperienced reversibility?CLOI will verbally describe toMs. Rose or Alonso my 1 areaof focus for improvement oneach stroke I’ve learned so far.Agenda1. Warm-up2. Review all strokes 1 lap eachIdentify to Ms. Rose or Alonso myfocus for improvement of eachstroke.3. Cooldown
  • Answers 4/8/13Possible reversibility scenarios:• An injury caused loss of muscle mass and strength.• Trained hard for tryouts or a race then stoppedtraining and lost all the gains.• Lost weight for a wedding or big event only to gainit back when the event was over.
  • 4/12/13TediumUse Variety,the same thing = same results• Do Now: What might a weekof cardio workouts look like ifyou used the principle oftedium to plan them?MondayTuesdayWednesdayThursdayFridaySaturdaySundayCLOI will verbally critique apartner’s diving techniqueby giving 1 piece ofpositive feedback and 1piece of constructivefeedback.Agenda1. Warm-up- Diego2. Diving technique3. Diving practice – partner4. Play sharks and minnow deep end
  • Answers 4/9/13Possible tedium workout schedule:Monday- Jog/walk 2 milesTuesday- Interval runWednesday- Rest dayThursday- Swim 1000 yardsFriday- Cardio circuitSaturday- Play soccerSunday-Rest day
  • SPORT Training Principles4/10/13Do Now:• Jeremiah has hit a plateau in histraining to improve upper bodystrength. To overcome theplateau he decides to use muscleconfusion by using a variety ofhand positions on his push-ups,changing up his sets and reps onbench press and using freeweights in addition to his usualmachine exercises for deltoidsand triceps.By making these adjustmentsJeremiah is showing a goodunderstanding of which SPORTtraining principle?CLOI will verbally critique apartner’s diving technique bygiving 1 piece of positivefeedback and 1 piece ofconstructive feedback.Agenda1. Warm-up- Amisadai2. Side stroke technique- Alonso3. Play Baseball
  • Answers 4/10/13Overload is the best answer because all of thechanges Jeremiah made will effect his exerciseintensity. Specificity is incorrect because he was alreadyusing it before he made the changes. Progression is not the best answer because thereare no numbers given for how he is increasing hissets, reps and weight. Reversibility is incorrect because he hit a plateaubut never regressed. Tedium is not the best answer because we are notgiven his workout routine and the changes madeare better examples of Overload.
  • SPORT Training Principles4/18/13Do Now:Explain in writing yourunderstanding of each trainingprinciple. This could be adefinition or example.Specificity-Progression-Overload-Reversibility-Tedium-CLOI will verbally critique apartner’s diving techniqueby giving 1 piece of positivefeedback and 1 piece ofconstructive feedback.Agenda1. Warm-up- Angel2. Side stroke review- Ms. Rose3. Flip turns- Alonso4. 7 min swim5. Diving Practice/ Critique
  • Answers 4/18/13 Overload Increase difficulty, muscle confusion,change intensity (sets, reps, weight, time, speed) Specificity Train for the needs of the activity (trainactions and muscles used) Progression Train to slowly to improve & makegains Reversibility Use it or lose it, lose gains (injury, stoptraining) Tedium Use Variety, the same thing = same results
  • SPORT Training Principles4/12/13Quiz Today• Do Now: Take out your“Do Nows” to review• Hand in “Do Nows” on thegreen chairCLOI will demonstrate myunderstanding of the SPORTtraining Principles on a clickerquiz.Agenda1. SPORT Quiz2. Individual workout # 33. Cooldown