Flexibility do now- bodyworks


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Flexibility do now- bodyworks

  1. 1. 3/5/13Flexibility:The muscles’ ability to move CLOa joint through a full range I will verbally identify to aof motion. partner 3 exercises that will help increase my flexibility.• Do Now: list at least 3 examples of Agenda exercises/activities that 1. Warm-up help improve your 2. Student lead game flexibility. 3. Cooldown
  2. 2. Answers 3/5/13 Flexibility exercises include:• Active (Dynamic) Stretches- • Before a workout • High kicks, hen pecks, knee hugs• Static Stretches- • After a workout • Toe touch, hen peck, figure 4• Yoga- Flexibility/Muscular Endurance workout • Includes both active and static stretches
  3. 3. 3/6 OR 3/7 CLOFlexibility: Teaching group: I can demonstrate exercises,The muscles’ ability to explain correct technique andmove a joint through a verbally correct mistakes as they occur.full range of motion. Whole class: I will verbally describe to a partner 3 benefits of good flexibility.• Do Now: What benefits could 1. Warm-up Agenda increased flexibility 2. Student lead circuit give you in your daily 3. Workout sheet #2 due life? 4. Cooldown – word wall selection
  4. 4. Answers 3/6 OR 3/7The potential benefits of flexibility include: • Reduced risk of injury • Increased stability • Enhanced sports performance • Reduced stress • Increased mood • Improve posture
  5. 5. 3/8/13Flexibility: CLO I will describe in writing 2The muscles’ ability to benefits of performing amove a joint through a proper warm-up beforefull range of motion. exercise. Agenda• Do Now: Why is it 1. Warm-up important to warm-up 2. Bootcamp workout before sport or 3. Cool down exercise?
  6. 6. Answers 3/8/13• Prepare the body for activity• Reduced risk of injury• Increased stability• Enhanced sports performance• Improve posture
  7. 7. 3/11/13Flexibility:The muscles’ ability to move CLOa joint through a full range I can verbally explain to aof motion. partner the parts of a warm- up using complete sentences.• Do Now:• What are the 2 parts of a proper warm-up? Agenda• What order should they 1. Warm-up be performed in? 2. Individual workouts 3. Cooldown
  8. 8. Answers 3/11/13A Proper warm-up consists of: • Low intensity cardio (increase heart rate) followed by dynamic stretches
  9. 9. 3/15/13 CLOFlexibility: I will verballyThe muscles’ ability to move a describe to a partner 2joint through a full range ofmotion. benefits of performing a proper cool down after exercise.• Do Now: Why is it important to cool-down after sport or Agenda exercise? 1. Warm-up 2. Abs 3. Yoga
  10. 10. Answers 3/15/13• Maintain and/or increase current flexibility level• Reduces muscle soreness• Allows heart rate to return to a normal rate• Enhance future sports performance
  11. 11. 3/18/13Flexibility: CLO I will verbally explain toThe muscles’ ability to move a partner the parts of aa joint through a full range cooldown using fullof motion. sentences.• Do Now: Agenda• What are the 2 parts of a 1. Warm-up proper cool down? 2. Individual workout # 3• What order should they 3. Cool down be performed in? Homework: Download Run Keeper App
  12. 12. Answers 3/18/13A Proper warm-up consists of: • Low intensity cardio (decrease heart rate) followed by static stretches
  13. 13. 3/19/13Flexibility: CLOThe muscles’ ability to move a Teaching group:joint through a full range of I can verbally explain the rules to my game and answermotion. questions as they arise. Whole class: I will verbally describe to a partner the FITT• Do Now: What do you think recommendations for flexibility the FITT principle recommendations are for Agenda flexibility? 1. Warm-up 2. Student lead game Homework: 3. Cooldown Download - Run Keeper App
  14. 14. Answers 3/19/13• Frequency = 3-7 days per week• Intensity= slight discomfort• Time = 5-20 minutes per day• Type = static or dynamic stretches
  15. 15. 3/20 OR 3/21Quiz Today CLO I will demonstrate my understanding of Flexibility, warm-ups and cool downs on a clicker• Do Now: Take out your quiz. “Do Nows” to review Agenda 1. Flexibility Quiz 2. Student lead circuit 3. Cooldown