Cardiovascular endurance do now Bodyworks
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Cardiovascular endurance do now Bodyworks Cardiovascular endurance do now Bodyworks Document Transcript

  • 1/8/13 1Welcome Back! CLO I understand theDo Now: procedures and rules forGet a folder and write this class.your name on the tab. AgendaLast, First 1. Folders 2. Procedures 3. Locks
  • 1/9 OR 1/10 2Cardiovascular Endurance• Definition: The ability of the CLO heart and lungs to exercise I will rate my current for an extended period of level of fitness using my time. fitness test results.Do now: AgendaWhat do you think are somepotential benefits of 1. Warm-upmaintaining a healthy 2. Fitness Testingcardiovascular endurance 3. cooldownlevel?
  • Answers 1/9 OR 1/10 3• Potential benefits of maintaining a healthy level of cardio include: – Prevent diseases (heart disease, type 2 diabetes, some types of cancer) – Improves some health conditions (asthma, diabetes, arthritis) – Increased function of heart and lungs – Decreased stress levels – Improves mood – Weight loss – Look and feel better – Increased energy
  • 1/11/13 4Cardiovascular Endurance• Definition: The ability of CLO the heart and lungs to I can complete a written exercise for an extended assignment on Edmodo period of time. using complete sentences.• Do Now: list at least 5 examples of Agenda exercises/activities that 1. Edmodo in the libraray help improve your 2. Warm-up cardiovascular endurance. 3. Squat & Lunge technique 4. Cooldown
  • Answers 1/11/13 5• Examples of Cardio include: • Running • Jump rope • Dancing • Swimming • Playing sports • Cycling Any rhythmic continuous activity that gets the heart pumping faster and increases the breathing rate.
  • 1/14/13 6• District Pre-test CLO I can show my current• Do Now understanding of fitnessSit and wait for concepts on the districtinstructions Pre-test. Agenda: 1. Take the pre-test 2. Individual workouts
  • 1/15/13 7Cardiovascular Endurance• Definition: The ability of CLO the heart and lungs to I will describe whether or not exercise for an extended today’s activity helped period of time. improve cardiovascular endurance using the word heart rate, after performing• Do now: How many days the following activities. per week do you think you should do Agenda exercises/activities that 1. Warm-up help improve you cardio? 2. Jigsaw Circuit Justify your answer. 3. Push-up Practice 4.. Cooldown
  • Answer 1/15/13 8You should do cardio exercises 3-5 days each week.
  • Do Now• Get a clean piece of paper and write paragraph about one thing you’d like to learn in regards to health and nutrition. Why would you like to know more about this topic? How might more information on this topic change the way you live your life?
  • 1/16 OR 1/17 9Cardiovascular Endurance• Definition: The ability of the heart and lungs to exercise CLO for an extended period of I can verbally identify 3 time. changes that happened in my body during the cardio• Do now: When you are portion of today’s workout. performing cardiovascular endurance exercises, such as Agenda the PACER test, what are 2 1. Warm-up changes you notice in your 2. Fitness Center circuit body during that exercise 3. Individual workout session? (ex. sweating) 4. Cooldown
  • Answer 1/16 OR 1/17 10• Sweating• Increased heart rate• Increased breathing rate• Increased body temp• Tired muscles
  • 1/18/13 11Cardiovascular Endurance• Definition: The ability of the heart and lungs to CLO exercise for an extended I can verbally identify 3 period of time. ways, used in class today, to increase my intensity during a cardio workout.Do now: AgendaList at least 2 ways to increase 1. Warm-upyour intensity level during 2. Intensity activitycardiovascular endurance Fartlecexercises. Geomotion mats Sprints 3. Cool down
  • Answers 1/18/13 12• You could increase your intensity on a cardio workout by: • Increasing time • Increasing speed • Increasing resistance or levels • Increasing the difficulty of the exercise (swimming rather than walking) • Decrease rest time
  • 1/23 OR 1/24 13Maximum Heart Rate (MHR)-highest amount of times yourheart can beat in 60 seconds CLO I can explain to my partnerDo now: how to check my heart rate and determine if I’m in myFind your maximum heart target zone using the wordrate. first, next and last.220- (Age) =MHR Agenda 1. Warm-up 2. Fitness Center Circuit 4. Individual workouts #1 5. Cooldown
  • 1/25/13 14Target Heart Rate Zone (THR)-Optimum heart rate at whichperson should train in order to CLOachieve desired results I can verbally explain to aDo now: Find your target partner what they shouldheart rate zone (THR). do if they are not in their THR zone during exercise.60-85% MHR = THR zone Agenda 1. Warm-up 2. Capture the giant cone 3. Cooldown
  • Answer 1/25/13 15• Find your 10 sec THR zone THR zone = 60-85% of MHR (max heart rate) MHR x .60% = ____________bpm MHR x .85% = ____________bpm THR zone = _______ to ________ bpm 10 sec HR zone= THR zone divided by 6.
  • 1/28/13 16Do now: CLO I can tell a partner why it is important to keep my heartHow many minutes do rate in the THR zone for 20-you think you should 60 minutes during an exercise session.stay in your THR duringa cardio trainingsession? Justify your Agendaanswer. 1. Warm-up 2. Fitness Center Circuit 3. Cooldown
  • Answer 1/28/13 17You should stay in your THR zone for 20-60minutes during each of your cardio training sessions.
  • Review 1/29/13 18F- What is the recommendedfrequency for cardio workouts eachweek? Give the range. CLO I can assess if I am at theI- How can you measure your appropriate intensity level byintensity when doing cardio checking my 10 sec HR duringexercises? my workout.T-How much time is recommended Agendafor you to spend on a cardioworkout? Give the range. 1. Warm-up 2. GameT- List 3 types of cardio exercise that 3. Cooldownyou did this week.
  • Answers for 1/29 19F- What is the recommended frequency • 3-5 daysfor cardio workouts each week? Give therange.I- How can you measure your intensity • 60-85% of MHR= THR zonewhen doing cardio exercises?T-How much time is recommended foryou to spend on a cardio workout? Give • 20-60 minutesthe range.T- List 3 types of cardio exercise that you • Running, swimming, bikingdid this week.
  • Review 1/30 OR 1/31 20 Do Now: Review Questions1) CLOWhat is the MHR (Max HeartRate) of a 50 year old man? I can tell a friend if I am in my2) THR zone during our workoutWhat % of MHR should you be by taking my 10 sec HR andworking at during your cardio recalling my zone.workouts? Give the range.3)What is the THR( target heart Agendarate) zone for a 50 year old 1. Warm-upman? 2. Individual workout OR Bootcamp4) What is the 10 sec THR zone 3. Cooldownfor a 50 year old man?
  • Answers 1/30 OR 1/31 211) 1)What is the MHR (Max Heart Rate) of a 220-50= 170 bpm50 year old man? 2)2) 60 to 85% of MHR= THR zoneWhat % of MHR should you be workingat during your cardio workouts? Givethe range. 3)3) 170x .60= 102 bpmWhat is the THR( target heart rate) zone 170x .85= 145 bpmfor a 50 year old man? THR zone= 102 to 145 bpm4) 4)What is the 10 sec THR zone for a 50 year 102 / 6 = 17 beatsold man? 145/ 6 = 24 beats 10 sec THR Zone= 17 to 24 beats
  • Quiz Today! 2/1/13 CLODo Now: I will demonstrate my knowledge of the FITT• Take out your Principle for cardio on a written quiz. “do nows” and study for Agenda 1. Cardio Quiz the quiz. 2. Individual workout # 1 3. Cool down
  • 9/27/12 CLO I will complete an individualDo Now: workout in the fitness1) Turn in your Do Nows center using my workouton the pink chair. worksheet and my knowledge of exercise technique.2) Tell your partner whatyou think the phrase“Exercise is the best Agendamedicine” means. 1. Warm-up 2. Individual workout #1 3. Cooldown
  • NOT USED Objectives:• Fitness Pre-test Today • I will know: – Pacer – What my current fitness levels – Push-ups are – Sit-ups • This is important because: – Sit and Reach – To set goals and create a workout plan we need a baseline to work from • The words I will practice today are:DO NOW: – Cardiovascular EnduranceWhy is it important to find pre-testscores before starting a fitness program? AgendaHow do you plan to use your scores? 1. Warm-up – Why do you think it is important to test your fitness levels before you start a workout 2. Push-ups/ sit-ups program? 3. Pacer/sit and reach – How do you plan to use your results? 4. Determine current fitness levels
  • Not UsedResting heart rate (RHR)- # of times yourheart beats in 60 seconds while resting • I will know:Do now: Find your resting heart – How to find my resting heartrate. and exercise heart rate• 1. find your pulse with 2 fingers • This is important because: (see pic.) – It will help me to measure my• 2. count for 60 sec intensity• 3. record RHR • The words I will practice today are: – Intensity; heart rate; pulse Agenda 1. Warm-up 2. 3.